SPOILER: Another Guest Star Returns

We've been quietly sitting on this one since the end of October but as it has now been leaked via other sources we'll go ahead and let you in on the news you may or may not have heard...

Michael Dorn will return to Castle for the first time this season as Doctor Burke, Beckett's shrink in the episode being filmed this week, no specifics on this episode are available at this time.


  1. mandy says

    I think by the time Dr. Burke shows up, the problem of the ex-wife will be dealt with. My guess is it will be a new problem.

  2. Rosa says

    This is great. I love hearing their conversations. We always learn more about Beckett in each session. I would like to see this come up in the “Significant Others” ep. I think this ep is going to be a real challenge (again) for Beckett and she may look to Dr. Burke for some guidance. Also, I like the part in the promo where she tells Castle, “you are not the man I thought you were!” It’s going to be great… what a great topic ! I just hope it doesn’t make Beckett change her perception of Castle.