ABC Orders Another Additional Epsiode for Season 5

Perhaps those fans who find reason to panic every week when Castle's ratings are released (check the ratings data in our forums, there's actually on reason to worry) you can rest easy as ABC expresses faith in the show ordering an additional episode for season 5.

A regular "full season" is 22 episodes which ABC ordered when they renewed Castle last May. A single additional episode was ordered back in October but now ABC sees fit to add one more.

Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job well done and please accept our thanks for the additional week you must now take off your hard earned vacation time!

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  1. Outstanding! I think they should cut the suspense and order another 2 seasons. :)

    • liltmaclean says:

      I agree no reason not to its the best show ever !!!!

    • Mara McManus says:

      I enjoy reading all of the comments, but unless everyone goes to “ABC TV (dot) com and makes a case to keep the show on TV….you are just talking to each other. I have visited the website and asked the network to please consider renewing the show for another season. I have asked everyone that I know who is a fan to do the same. ABC doesn’t respond to this web page, but may change their current policy if enough people take action.

      • Actually Mara, ABC has a working relationship with this site so they DO watch what goes on here! We also have all the ABC contact details on our contact page and I regularly encourage people to contact them.

  2. alanapaints says:



  4. And with that, we should all phone or email ABC and thank them… and hint at a season 6 renewal as well! :D

    • Already did it, *AND* because *I am* one of those people who worry about the ratings every week (sorry, but too many of my favorite shows with “nothing to worry about” got canceled anyway!) I also left my demographic information with my “Thank you” letting ABC know that while I don’t have a Nielsen box monitoring my every TV move, this 18-49 year old, religiously watches “Castle” *live* every Monday night. I figure letting them know couldn’t hurt and it might even help. I’m not assuming the renewal is a done deal until it actually happens, thank you very much. Something about not counting chickens until they hatch and all that. :-)

  5. Just sent my feedback to ABC thanking them for the extra episodes. This news along with the new book out in September just before the new season begins pretty much guarantees a sixth season. Which I never doubted.

  6. I’m as keen to see more of Castle as all you guys, but first: WE’RE still waiting to see ANY of Series 5 in the UK! Having to ‘make do’ (not a hardship) with enjoyable re-runs of earlier series, but even so, REALLY want to see how things are going ‘first hand’ rather than reading about episodes on web-sites/blogs. Come ON Alibi!!

    • Alibi starts season 5 next month but UK iTunes already has all the episodes

      • Yeah, much appreciated ‘admin’, great to know wait IS nearly over in the Uk; will pester Alibi to advertise their plans better (as am not ‘on’ iTunes). Can’t wait….

  7. Fantastic!!

  8. I have been a fan from the first episode. Actually suffer withdrawal symptoms during the summer. Sooo glad they hamve requested an additional episode. ABC shouldn’t even debate about a season6! PS: THANKS FOR ON DEMAND. Can watch current sows as much as I want.

  9. aussiecastlefan says:

    Fantastic – It is back on Sunday night here in Australia be it is on at 10pm but I dont care its back on that is all that matters.

  10. Love the show but getting tried of the ongoing drama over Beckett’s mother’s death….solve the fricken killings and get back to the fun episodes…..poor Castle was always so entertaining now he’s sad. fustrated and abused….come on….your writers should be able to get on with it

  11. Amazing news !! So proud of them they are the best !!

  12. Woo-hoo! Loved last night’s episode BTW. And the teaser for the next episode left me on the edge of my seat – can’t wait to see it! I agree with Susan S; 2 more seasons please!

  13. Agree, last night show was great! Can’t wait for next episode!
    This is the best show ever!! At least 2 more seasons please!!

  14. I think is an amazing serie it will be have 3 moré seasons at least

  15. Only started watching this past two months but record all episodes and play two or three of them almost every night Love the show.

  16. baconret508 says:

    feb 25 2013 Ralph says: hi everyone I agree too, I like castle so much I have bought all the seasons and I have pre ordered season 5 at as soon as it is releaced. when the do 24 more episodes for season six I am going to buy that on too. ops got to go, Castle is comming on abc it is 10 pm eastern standed time on abc I just got finished watching the marathon of Castle marathon was on usa bye for now save elexis

  17. danny franks sr says:

    castle dad was awesome hope they show castle telling his mom & kate about his dad

  18. I just started watching the show two months ago.I love it,my favorite show,tape every episode.Don’t take it away from us,you have so many who love it!!!

  19. connie womack says:

    I’m a die hard Castle fan. I’m glad and excited to have season 5 extra episodes. But will there be a Season 6? Please, we all <3 Castle and writers and producers. We need to find out more bout Castle's father and bring back James Brolin.