1. says

    i have two books of castle Heat Wave and Naked Heat i love them and i think Richard Castle is my inspiration in becoming a writer. and i am a huge fan of the drama series. i love Nathan Fillion he is amazing playing Richard Castle and the rest of the cast members are amazing.

  2. Judy912 says

    I am so overjoyed that another Richard Castle book made the NY Times Best Seller’s List!! WAY TO GO CASTLE!!

  3. FlavorCountry says

    Sorry, I’d love to reply, but my head just exploded.

    Not my normal reading genre, but they were fun!

  4. jlm says

    I’m on my second reading of the whole series. I love these books! It’s totally the genre that my husband and I read, and so far, the best of all, including Patterson, Kellerman, and Coben. I hope that Deadly Heat isn’t the end of the series, and that there are many more to come. It’s so fun to have such a great read AND be able to visualize the characters.

  5. Leigh says

    All the books have been great! This one has so many ties to the show it makes the read a fun, engaging read. The book he wrote for Derrick Storm, Storm Front, this summer was even better. If you read it, there is a great link to the Nikki Heat books. It, too, is worth the read. That takes Yazz’s comments to a new level with that little addition.

  6. says

    I have loved all the books and marvel at the way they interconnect the books and the show. How many have noted that when X3K talks to Castle just before Castle is being taken to the “Tombs” that the name “J. Rook” is embroidered on his shoulder . . . and my favorite is when Alexis is graduating, the plaque on the front of the lectern says “Marlow” on it.

    I didn’t notice these little niceties until my 300th viewing but the fact that they’re there and the interconnection between the books and the TV show enhance the fun between both of them.

  7. aussiecastlefan says

    Love The Nickki Heat Books… the early ones made me think that the characters were not Rook and Heat But I could see them in my mind as Castle and Beckett…now that they are together I am not sure how I this next book will be in my mind.

  8. jlm says

    On my second read of Deadly Heat, just saw a reference to a character named “Slaughter”. Rook thought he should be swinging his private parts more to show how manly he is. “Headhunters” ??

  9. tycho657 says

    Do we know why they don’t have the audiobook out yet? Every other book has come out at the same time as the print version. It is still not even listed for