Article: A Perfect Tapestry

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I have been an ardent castle fan for two years now and castle is an integral part of my life. I have often wondered what is about this show that has such an effect.

Trueheart’s write ups perhaps do the maximum justice to the soul of the show. Castle is an experience unlike any other and though if you ask anyone what part of the show appeals to them the most while most may say the Castle-Beckett chemistry, I really can’t choose. Will castle really be the same without Alexis’s relationship whit her dad or perhaps Martha…. No and that’s where the answer lies.

The thing that sets castle apart is that it’s a perfect tapestry where all the components simple fit together to form what we see as the perfect picture.

But however I think it is the excellent writing that forms the backbone of this show. I am yet to come across another show where in some lines just stay etched in your mind or rather in your heart even after you have watched it. The reason behind this could be that they are so true and the fact that we can relate to them in our lives.

One such instance was in the episode “To Live and Die in LA” , the letter Royce writes to Kate and in the end he says “Risking our hearts is why we are alive. The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder if only….”. This has stayed with me and the only reason it has because its so true at so may levels.

I have always found the dialogues between Alexis and castle always sincere never too pompous or dramatic just right. And as far as the banter between Castle and Beckett is concerned … it has been hilarious, flirtatious and downright enjoyable.

In fact specially in seasons one and two when the general mood of the show was light as compared to the later seasons it was a delight to watch the both of them.
I hope the next season is light and fun as compared to season four. The summer break is almost killing me and I simply can’t wait any longer for season five to begin! Cheers!


  1. Marie says

    Thank you for a very nice article. I also want to see the “playfullness” of S1, 2 and part of 3. That’s why I fell in love with Castle. It’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed S4, because I have… especially “Always”, but S1,S2 & S3 were special. There is just a certain magic between them. They are so in sync with one another, and I love the way Beckett keeps up with Castle’s sense of humor. She doesn’t back down when he comes at her with so crazy comment… she stands her ground and throws it back at him… she challenges him and I think that’s one of the things he loves about her. There are so many fun moments in those 3 seasons. I really hope tha AM keeps his promise (I don’t doubt he will) & brings up some of that “magic” in S5. I think the possibilities are endless now that they are together. It’s not going to be smooth sailings, and I don’t want it to be. I think Castle is going to adapt to the relationship quicker, but Beckett, she’s never been in a real committment and I think that scares her a lot. Also, I don’t think she’s completely comfortable with Castle’s past marriages. I don’t doubt she loves him, but I think that she doesn’t completely trust him yet. It’s going to be a great season 5… can’t wait!

    • TracyLee55 says

      I agree Marie,

      I want to see the playfulness return. And I do believe it will, there are so many stories to be had with them now as a coulple. How they handle it, who they tell (although, everyone who knows them will see it right away especially Lanie and the Boys).

      I also agree how Kate gives it right back to Rick. She is never offended at his flirting, or sexual enuendo, she plays on it, lobs it back at him and see if he can return the serve. (that’s my lame tennis (a sport I love, can’t play it, but love to watch it) analogy ;-} ).
      Rick does love her for that, and that she be tough, tender, caring, and funny too.

      I hope they do have and show the conversation as to what happened in Rick’s marriages, and also what does draw him to write Murder mysteries (as in 3XK to RicK: “You are drawn to death, why is that”). I also want to see more Kate and Alexis moments. Where now that Kate truly is an intimate part of her dad’s life, I would think Alexis wants to get to know Kate better and the same for Kate. And there is always the wonderful Martha.

      I believe she will say the ILY to Rick when it is right for her, and it will come at a time that neither Rick or the audience expects it. That would be more AWM style.

      • Phillip says

        Hey, Tracey…come visit us at the “Transitions & Transformation” thread if you get a chance. Steve Q is back from attending his youngest (30) son’s wedding. We’ve been discussing Joe Wambaugh novels, and in his last post Steve sounded concerned that we hadn’t heard from you lately. I mentioned to MLibrarygal that I enjoyed an especially well-written example of Castle fanfic. She was quite taken with it, as were southerngirl and HomebakedLife. Both were nice enough to reassure me there is nothing odd about a 57 year old cop with a wife and four kids trying to make it through a long summer drought by reading what amounts to “Castle: the Lost Episodes.”

        Zulma, one of our newer hires assigned to midnights, complained of abdominal pain as she was unloading her squad this morning. She waved away our expressions of concern, insisting she could drive home on her own, but before it was over I had her loaded in the passenger seat of my Crown Vic and was driving her to the house she shares with her parents. Laurie, one of our two sergeants on days, followed in Zulma’s little Chevy Aveo. She got lost on the drive out and couldn’t answer me on the radio because she couldn’t find the “car to car” channel on her new handheld radio. On the trip back uptown, I nearly rear-ended a motorist because I was unwisely chose to reboot my in-car computer without pulling over first. Moments later a wasp came through the side window and stung Laurie in her right thigh. Thankfullly no allergic reaction. Sgt. Cindy, our acting shift commander, later sent me a text message on my computer asking if I needed to take a stress day. I so love working with these people. Won’t miss the circus when I finally retire, but I will miss the clowns.

        • MLibraryGal says

          Wow! I’m not sure anyone could write fiction and come close to the very real day you had. Hope all are recovered and it’s so very good to hear about supervisors that have a heart.

          Between you and Steve Q, I’m going to have to go check out some Joseph Wambaugh novels. Maybe that will help with making my male characters more well rounded. I really appreciate everyone’s contributions in these threads. There are always so many different, mind stretching ways to look at the same experience. Thanks!

          • Phillip says

            I consider myself fortunate to have two supervisors like Cindy and Laurie. Both are devoted moms (adoptive in Laurie’s case) and this carries over to how they look out for the welfare of their platoons–as does any good sergeant whether in the military or law enforcement–rather than score points with the command staff in hopes of one day promoting to lieutenant.

            As to Joseph Wambaugh…I hesitate to recommend his early novels–The New Centurions, The Blue Knight, The Choirboys–only because they are set in the 60s and 70s and you may be stunned at the sexism and racism prevalent then. This is not reflective of Wambaugh’s personal attitudes; he simply and honestly relates what it was like back in the day. New Centurions and Blue Knight were written while he was still on the LAPD, and his portrayal of the organization is in general positive, even reverent at times. Choirboys, published after he took early retirement, is brutal in its depiction of a command structure (lieutenants, captains, deputy chiefs) as dysfunctional as any other mammoth bureaucracy. Even more dispiriting is how his street cops try to cope with the horrors they are exposed to on a daily basis by cavorting drunkenly with hookers in an off-duty ritual known as “choir practice.” The ending is as bleak as anything Wambaugh has ever written.

            I would steer you to the current “Hollywood Station” series, in which the women cops are as fully realized as the male officers in his earlier works and LAPD as a whole is much more reflective of the polygot metropolis it serves. An underlying theme of these books is how LAPD, in the aftermath of Rodney King and the Rampart Division scandal, can no longer carry out its mission to “protect and serve” because it has been effectively neutered by the guardians of political correctness who consider

  2. Lindsay says

    Thank you for this insightful and well- written article. I was constantly blogging and speculating Castle all the way from last September through the finale in May, and now that we’re in hiatus, I’ve been going through some serious withdrawals. This article was the perfect antidote!

    I have to say that I completely agree with you. I’m very much looking forward to AWM bringing back some of the lightness and flirty banter from seasons 1-3 as we head into season 5. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy season 4, because I believe on the whole it was very well written and planned out. There were a few stumbles (Heartbreak Hotel, Pandora, and Linchpin) and even those episodes weren’t as bad as I had originally though when I watched them through again. The thing that bothered me most about S4 was actually the fans’ responses to everything. There was a lot of AWM bashing on the blogs this time around, and it really bothered me that so many loyal fans could turn their back so quickly on this amazing show. I think the main reason that so many fans were/are unhappy with S4 is because we were all waiting for months for the “secrets” to be addressed, and people became impatient, resulting in their inability to enjoy the “filler” episodes of the season. I hope those fans have a renewed faith in Marlowe after the fantastic, incredible, blow- your- socks- off finale we received in May. This guy really does know what he’s doing.

    Personally, my only real complaint about season 4 is the way Alexis’ character was written. I was glad that she broke up with Ashley and I hoped that her story lines would be better after that, but I felt that they became weaker as the season went on. Alexis in the morgue, for instance, didn’t sit well with me; it just didn’t feel natural for her character. Nevertheless, Alexis redeemed herself for me with that unforgettable graduation speech. She set the perfect tone for the finale, and my only hope is that the writers will continue that with her into season 5.

    I am looking forward to seeing what fresh stories (and gruesome murders) this new writing team comes up with for season 5. :) I’m counting down the days until the premiere and hopefully, a good, long “morning after” scene!

  3. MLibraryGal says

    Thanks, krittikachak, for your article, especially the reminder of that wonderful letter from Royce. It was a letter of redemption, of gentle observation, and of love. Royce loved Kate in his way and that was a driving force behind her willingness to break the rules. We see Kate break the rules whenever it comes down to someone she loves getting hurt. With Capt. Montgomery at the airport hanger, with Espisito when he was trying to defend his former partner, with Ryan when he was trying to break the case involving his missing handgun, and with Rick so many times I’ve lost count. It will be interesting to see how her relationship will evolve with her new captain. We’ve already seen Kate take some mental steps back in her assessment of Captain Gates, to see her as more human and not the enemy. Given M and company’s track record of making every major character multifaceted, I suspect that we will get to see new sides of Capt. Gates as well. She too will become part of that tapestry you referenced in your article. But will she be able to break the rules on occasion too?
    I also appreciated your comments about Alexis. I love her character. She’s such a rock in her dad’s life. But she gets to be just a multifaceted as everyone else. I’m going to differ with Lindsay just a little and note that the morgue internship isn’t so far fetched at all when you remember that there have been plenty of moments where it’s clear that her dad’s occupation has involved Alexis learning about some gruesome things along the way, like references to experiments Rick had done to see if you could kill someone in a particular way. Also, there was the scene in a Season 3 episode where Alexis is measuring spatter patterns by smashing tomatoes and clearly enjoying it. She also chose to do an earlier internship at the police station, I think in Season 2. So there have been little hints all along that she is “bent” that way like her dad is, just in a more methodical, hands on way. Maybe the discomfort you feel (I admit I felt it too until I remembered all those little scenes over the years!) is a reflection of Rick’s discomfort. I know I identify pretty strongly with his character and with Kate’s which is why I love watching the show. I think it’s pretty cool that M and company can create such realistic characters that we feel what they feel. I so look forward to seeing what kind of ride they take us on in Season 5.

  4. krittikachak says

    Thanks all for your comments. Its really nice of you all to appreciate my writing :) Its good to hear that all of you agree with the part that we all want “playfulness” of castle to return a little. And the fact that has been irking me the most since the season finale is the general mindset of people that “Oh now that the lead pair has got together, it wont be that much fun anymore”… I feel like screaming and telling them that “Hey ! At least give Andrew Marlowe and team a chance….” I don’t care about what they say, but I think the castle team wont disappoint us and will come back with a bigger and better season with all the required elements that makes castle what it is – Murder, Mystery, Relationships, Romance, Friendship and Fun…. its just like an intoxicating cocktail and its addictive like hell !

  5. Phillip says

    MLibraryGal: I accidentally cut short my previous post to you. That last sentence should have concluded “who consider the police, at best, a necessary evil.” Most of the Hollywood Station series should be available in softcover at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon. You’d have to visit secondhand bookshops to find Wambaugh’s older works.

    • MLibraryGal says

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll look for it at our Public Library. We’ve got an extensive Mystery section so I’m sure they’ll have them. The only question will be whether they have all of them, but don’t get me started:)

      This will be a follow up to your post on the other Transition thread about your book being more in the mystery/sci-fi category. I think that there will be more and more books that are genre mash-ups. Younger readers, ie. teens to 30’s, are much more comfortable mixing genres. Even people in their 40’s to 60’s are more flexible in their reading habits due to our exposure to such a wide variety of TV programing and books available in the 1960’s and up. There have been best selling authors like J. D. Robb, Laurel K. Hamilton and Stephanie Myers(spelling?) that have been crossing genres for years now. That door has been opened and more and more popular authors are moving through it. Your combination isn’t as common but I think that the reading environment is more than ready for it. Those of us on these threads represent just a tiny sampling of the huge numbers of people that enjoy Castle and other well written TV shows. I’m betting that a substantial number of those people also enjoy well written books that engage their brains and their emotions. In the end that’s all that matters. What you’ve shown us so far already qualifies, so please have fun playing in a slightly altered world with your intriguing characters. That way we’ll get to play there too some day. It can happen!

      • Phillip says

        “Castle” has dabbled in the realm of SF (sorry, I cannot abide the term “sci-fi”) before with the “Close Encounters” episode, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them boldly go there in Season 5. Love to see Lyle Lovett reprise his role as Agent Westfield. Or perhaps some ambitious fanfic author could be persuaded to mash genres. What if Kate and Javi were back on the Job but in uniform and riding a sector car on midnights? What if a man wearing a fedora and double breasted suit stumbled into their headlight beams on some deserted side street? And refused to believe Beckett is a police officer (“C’mon, a broad in uniform?”) then ends up being planted face first into the pavement by Esposito. (“She’s not a broad, Skippy, she’s my partner.”) And once they get him cuffed and stuffed they check his billfold and find paper money dated 1939 but looking like it was printed yesterday. And he’s carrying a detective shield issued to a legendary NYC cop who vanished without a trace when Fiorello LaGuardia was mayor? Who ya gonna call? Beckett’s new boyfriend, of course.

        Just a thought…

        TracyLee, I’ve leafed through some of the J.D. Robb paperbacks and may even buy one someday. Eve Dallas intrigues me, but I’m not sure I can deal with Rourke. (I take it he has no first name) He apparently controls a significant portion of the global economy in 2050 when he’s not keeping Eve satisifed in bed. I’m sort of partial to Andrew Marlowe’s arrested adolescent crime novelist and my still-waters-run-deep detective.

        We’ve started a new ritual where we meet for coffee in a different place each morning. Downtown Madison abounds in charmingly scruffy little coffee houses with worn linoleum floors and mismatched furniture. We visited one called Mother Fool’s the other morning. The barista had facial piercings, tattoos, and appeared less than enchanted to see three gals and one guy in midnight blue polyester stoll in. Others are proving more receptive. We’re calling it the Tactically Aware Coffeehouse Tour. The “Tactically Aware” part stems from a reluctance to coffee up at the same place every day. We haven’t forgotten the horror show that took place up the coast from you in suburban Seattle.

        • MLibraryGal says

          I love the premise you’ve spun. If you keep this up, you’ll be writing Castle fanfic! As for the “In Death” series, it’s an acquired taste but Robb (Roberts) does delve deep into the psychology of murderers and the police officers that stand for the victims. In Eve and Rourke’s case, their both broken people who’ve made something of their lives but on opposite sides of the law. Eve was rescued by the police as a very young child while Rourke’s experience with the Dublin, Ireland police as a child was considerably rougher since he’d been stealing to stay alive. Throughout the series we learn more and more about their earlier lives and what led them to where they are as adults. The things that have happened to them are much worse than what M and co. did to Kate and Rick’s characters but there are a lot of similarities. I’m with TracyLee in thinking that M & co. probably have some familiarity with the series.

          On a completely different note, have you read any of Laurie King’s mysteries? In particular her Kate Martinelli series. Kate is a San Fran cop who just happens to be a lesbian. She’s in a committed relationship and the story revolves mostly around her police work and, to a smaller extent, her personal life. I highly recommend the series. I think there are only a half dozen or so books in the series. Laurie King also writes the better known Sherlock Holmes series with titles like The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and A Monstrous Regiment of Women. That’s also a great series that I can recommend.

          From a SF perspective, have you read any of David Weber’s Honor Harrington books? This series is a wonderful military/space opera with great character development and fantastic world building that let’s him address the foibles of the human condition, the variety of ways humans settle disagreements and choose to play politics. His main character, Honor Harrington is very inspiring and a joy to read about. I can highly recommend this series for his treatment of female characters.

          P.S. Love the coffee house tours idea. What happened in Seattle?

          • Phillip says

            MLibraryGal, sorry if I sounded dismissive of the “In Death” series. Now that you’ve sketched out the characters of Eve Dallas and Rourke in greater detail I realize that I may have prejudged them based on a few snippets from the books. It’s one thing to offer an opinion, but an uninformed opinion is something else. My apologies to J.D. Robb for letting my snark show.

            I am unfamiliar with the Kate Martinelli series but have read one or two Honor Harrington books. Found myself somewhat in awe of David Weber’s talent for universe building. The political skulduggery and betrayal, the intricate battle sequences, the strong and resourceful heroine…what’s not to like? Might I recommend to you “The Risen Empire” and “The Killing of Worlds” by Scott Westerfeld, the first two volumes in what I hope is a trilogy. Space opera for the 21st Century and old-fashioned romance, a winning combination.

            In the event you didn’t catch my last post, Dmarx has Chapter 6 of “Every New Day” posted. Castle has another Serious Talk with Martha and Beckett takes a somewhat dreaded phone call (finally!) from Lanie while Rick brings her coffee in bed and then, in the tradition of Malcolm Reynolds, fixes to misbehave.

            The “up in Seattle” reference was directed more at TracyLee. Late in November of 2009 four uniform officers with the Lakewood (WA) police were shot to death while catching up on e-mails in a coffee shop founded, I believe, by a retired cop.
            Their names were Mark Renninger, Ronald Owen, Tina Griswold and Greg Richard. The killer had a history of psychiatric disorders and a serious grudge against the police. He was fatally shot by a Seattle PD officer a few nights later. One more sobering reminder there are people out there who wish us ill simply because we’re cops. I’m sure Katherine Beckett can relate.

        • TracyLee55 says

          Hi Phillip

          I will try to keep this a little shorter as I need to get to bed. Not another “0-Darkhundred” day tomorrow (as today was, and 3 more to follow this week…sigh), but I am winding down a bit. I do not sleep well, has been going on most of my life, and so once in awhile have to take a sleep aid, and try to keep those few and very, very far in between. I would rather suffer though my usual 3- 4 hrs sleep a night then get addicted to that stuff. Wow, went really “Off Topic” there eh?.

          So on to “On Topic”.. sorta… I did not really give the In Death series a chance. And if my fellow “Trueheart’s Castledom” dwellers read this…. sorry. The writing was good, very good, and did get me hooked…. but just a little too sexually graphic for me. I am not a prude, but I was not comfortable with it. For those who thought it not a big deal.. fine, just not me. I don’t mind sexual innuendo , or some sex scenes (for goodness sake, I loved the “Always” doorway scene and liked it. But I do not need to see people actually having or simulating or reading graphically about sex. Yes the Christian old Lady is out. But… I do not believe in censorship, not telling someone else what to read or watch……. Whew.. Sorry had another “Rant” there.

          I have a male neighbor who is in his late 30’s or early 40’s I think, Jim, (who loves Castle and Firefly too), and he protective of me. When I tell him of a movie or book, he always says “No Tracy, they are not for you”. I don’t like sexual violence, but especially against women. But I wanted to check out series “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”. I heard great things about it and Jim said “No. The rape scene in the movie was bad enough, but in the book it goes on for pages.” Now I do have a choice to continue, but Jim and I have a protective partner ship, and he like my gateway, in letting me know if this is something I should read. He is a self admitted “geek” and comic book and castle/SF nut. But he knows my tastes and faith. He tells me the truth about a book, and then leaves it for me to decide. He is a good watchful younger brother in that way.

          I am intrigued by your reference of books by Scott Westerfield, Will check them out.

          Yeah the Seattle killings of the officers was horrendous. I did not know any of them personally, but had friends who live in the Seattle area that did. I now think of them when I go a local Starbucks or coffee shop, ( I try to buy local and not corporate… that’s another rant, I will hold off on for now). But when I see several of the the cops gathered around a small table or sitting outside, just laughing, going about their day, or planning it. Smiling at me and nodding hello as pass by, it goes through my mind. Many times because my name badge is on me, as I am on my way to work, the officers see I work for the trauma hospital, where their brothers and sisters in arms go if hurt, they always give me a special smile. Our Trauma Medical Center is the one the President will go to if something happens while visiting our city. So we are always on the alert. But I love it.

          Last week a 19 old kid, missed a curve on his motor cycle, and he became a donor. He had his whole life ahead of him, but 2 dumb decisions, not to wear a helmet and drive around Terwilliger Curves at 85 MPH in the rain. He went from graduating HS and taking his HS present out for a spin, to laying on a gurney 15 feet from me as I went through his bloody wallet trying to find a contact for the RN or Chaplain, and counting bloody money and securing his class ring, and pics from his friends. Looking as the Trauma Docs tried to put back a head together, that could not be put back. Then as I heard the wailing down the hall, knew his family had arrive. So I know what you as a police officer has to do. And then to have to be wary of simply getting a cup of coffee too.

          That is why I pray for you Phillip.
          Well I did go on a tad longer than meant to. So now I must be off to bed. A co worker and fellow Castle Freak lent me Derrick Storm Graphic novel (the first one, and it is autographed ot. So I need to read it and get back to her in it;s pristine condition. Also, the sleep and pain med is kicking in things are getting fuzzy, so cut me a little slack, spell and grammar wise, to tired to check it. (should have had a beer with it…. Just Kidding, I can be crazy, not that crazy!

          • Phillip says

            Hey TracyLee…I worked Traffic Investigations for 4 years, one year longer than I should have now that I reflect on it. Kari and our kids enjoyed having me home on weekends and holidays, it was nice having my own unmarked to tool around in, and my own cubicle, but in the end I couldn’t wait to reclaim my first, best destiny as a beat cop. Too much blood and heartache. I’m totally in accord with you that motorcycle wrecks are in a category of their own. (Sigh) That said, we should probably declare a moratorium on sharing grim stories from our respective career fields on the thread. I wouldn’t want everyone else reading this to get depressed.

            You raised some interesting points as to how graphic we need or want our love scenes to be. I’m content in the knowledge that Castle & Beckett are on track for a long and happy life of total commitment to one another; I’d rather see them cuddling in the afterglow than imagine the salacious details of what preceded it. I think that on some level I feel a need to be both protective of them and respectful of their privacy. Dmarx has done a skillful job thus far of describing Rick & Kate’s very real passion for each other while leaving much to the reader’s imagination. BTW I love the idea floated on the “Honeymoon & Babies” thread of Alexis someday sharing with her little half-sister Johanna how their parents came to meet and marry.

            I’m equally protective of my own character Greg & Jillian, which is why writing love scenes for them forces me to push my boundaries. I care for them the same way I care for “Caskett,” so it’s important they be portrayed making love as opposed to simply Doing It. I’m glad your friend Jim steered you away from the Stieg Larsson books, which based on my admittedly limited knowledge make Mickey Spillane look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I won’t read anything depicting the physical or sexual abuse of a woman or girl, which is why I was uncomfortable seeing James Patterson as a member of Castle’s inner circle. But that’s a topic for another rant.

      • Phillip says

        Good news, Dmarx has Chapter 6 of “Every New Day” posted. More heart-to-heart between Castle and Martha and a phone call from Lanie.

        • southerngirl says

          Phillip, thanks again for letting us know about Dmarx’s fanfic! I’ve now read all her stuff and she is great – I like ‘Every New Day’ and especially lover her ‘Spiral Bound’ – can’t wait for new chapters for both of them. Do you have any other recommendations for fanfic authors? Because there are >8,000 stories to choose from, it’s pretty daunting to discover who is good and who is good and who isn’t.

          • MLibraryGal says

            Hi all,
            I just finished “Spiral Bound” along with ch. 6 of “Every New Day” so I too am waiting to see what comes next. I suspect that I really should have paced myself, especially with “Spiral Bound” but Dmarx sucks you right in.
            I think I’m finally ready to visit my Hulu account and start re-watching Season 4 of Castle. Now that I’m on summer break, I’ve been putting it off while I get various chores out of the way so that I can reward myself with it, one episode at a time, like the very special treat that it is.

          • Phillip says

            Southerngirl, I wish I had a recommendation for you, but trying to seperate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, is not merely daunting but overwhelming. I stumbled upon Dmarx only through a Google search on a particular phrase I wished to used in my own writing.

            I have dim memories from the 70s, when the Internet was literally science fiction, of ardent Trekkies creating poems, short stories, novellas, even multi-volume epic novels set in the Roddenberry universe. They would laboriously type it all up, Microsoft Word and laptops being science fiction as well, and self-publish. Paramount could have easily sicced its intellectual property lawyers on them, but the prevailing attitude was that anything that portrayed Star Trek in a positive light and kept the franchise on life support (this was before the first feature film in 1979) should not be discouraged. It’s said the cease and desist letters went out only when Roddenberry learned of the “slash” fanfic stories depicting Kirk and Spock as lovers.

            (Sigh) I am so dating myself.

            I assume AWM takes the same indulgent attitude toward Castle fanfic. Be very interesting to hear his thoughts on the subject.

  6. Phillip says

    Southerngirl & MLibraryGal, I had a nice surprise when I opened my e-mail this morning: a brief note from Dmarx acknowledging my review of “Spiral Bound” and thanking me for my support, as they used to say on the old Bartles & Jaymes commercials. (Dating myself again) I wrote her back thanking her for being respectful of Castle & Beckett, expressing my hope for a “Girls Only” night out now that Lanie is back in the loop, and suggesting from a cop’s perspective that Castle purchase Beckett a backup piece to supplement her duty weapon. She may need a secondary Glock going into Season 5.

    • MLibraryGal says

      That’s exactly what Rick would think of for Kate but can you actually do that given the gun laws in NYC? Maybe a gift certificate from her favorite gun store. It’s going to be fun to see if Dmarx incorporates your suggestions. I hope she does.

  7. says

    Hello to you guys,
    Finally got over to the new thread and think I have something worthwhile to post. Along the subject of a “Perfect Tapestry” I discovered this you tube video about thirty minutes ago.
    I hope that Admin. will allow me to share it with you. If I can only get the address down correctly, it is about 3 minutes and 13 seconds in duration and the song in the background is done by the “Civil Wars” a duo of John Paul and vocals by Joy williams. Perhaps some of you have seen it so I hope this is not redundant. Phillip stated earlier that to sift thru the wheat vs. the chaff is daunting but this was more of a stumbling effort by yours truly. The site is Hope this works if not perhaps utilize Google and look under the heading “Pause the tragic ending”. This to me was a skillful yet haunting video and song. If anyone can get thru the whole thing without a tear or two welling up in the eyes, let me know.
    Like the backup GLOCK idea. Something I wish we could discuss but would be probably wayyyy off topic.

    Steve Q.

    • Phillip says

      Steve, I clicked on the link you provided and was…oh God, blown away. I’ve no idea who Pause the Tragic Ending is, but he/she is a phenomenal talent. Sometimes black and white really is superior to color. He/she had the video posted five days after “Always” first aired, so he/she must have worked straight through with no sleep.

      To be honest, I’d never heard of The Civil Wars before today, but then I’d never heard of Trading Yesterday before someone used their song “Shattered” in a Castle video based on the “Cops and Robbers” episode. I ordered their CD “More than This” from their website and it’s now one of my favorites. I’ll have to visit The Exclusive Company in Madison–hey, it’s in my beat–and buy whatever Civil Wars CDs they have on sale. Either that or order from Amazon.

      The video is going straight into the hard drive on my laptop. That sidelong look Kate gives Rick will delivering the eulogy at Roy Montgomer’s funeral always leaves me with a hollow feeling in my chest because her words “for us there is only the battle” are so unknowingly prescient. Thank you again for sharing.

      • says


        Until discovering (stumbling onto) that video, I had never heard of the duo, Civil Wars either. The female vocalist Joy Williams’ voice reminds me somewhat of Emmy Lou Harris,in it’s pure, and how could I describe it, a crystalline qualiity. The black and white rendition and the fading in and out visuals to me were mesmerizing. As far as the Avengers are concerned and the Emma Peel vs. Katherine Beckett jumpsuit discussion, what is there to say ?? I cannot dwell on such a thought as it could cause some unwanted heart palpitations. Also back to reality, Miss Katic is young enough to be my daughter, so please no more questions along these lines, O.K. ?? Also would like to figure out a way to venture into more GLOCK discussions (which I am pro GLOCK) somehow but have not figured it out yet. Also placed this video on my computer hard drive.
        (Emma Peel’s replacement ,Linda Thorson , forgot her character name, was also quite fetching Yes ??)
        Take Care, Be Safe,

        • Phillip says

          Steve, I share your dilemma in that I’m 57 and Stana is 34, so I too could be her dad. Come to that Scarlett Johansson is only 27. Being an old married guy (21 years and counting) with two strikingly pretty teenage daughters in the bargain, I’m better off confining my jumpsuited heroine fantasies to her Ladyship Dame Diana, who is ten years my senior. Besides, I always have my beautiful and gallant Brit Jillian Kensett to fall back on.

          I researched The Civil Wars online today, discovering in the process they’re often mistaken for a couple but reallly aren’t. Joy’s amazingly pure voice does indeed remind one of Emmy Lou. Listening to the lyrics from “I Always Will” (“You only know what I want you to”) I found the song a perfect counterpoint to Season 4 of “Castle,” which was all about keeping secrets.

          • southerngirl says

            Phillip and Steve – just caught this post when I was posting my response to Steve about Harry Bosch etc. I also researched The Civil Wars and can’t believe I didn’t know about this pair. I was surprised that they had actually won a couple of awards and been nominated for both Grammys and CMT awards. I happened upon another Castle YouTube using Poison and Wine but it was made before ‘Always’ and wasn’t nearly as good as this one and Phillip you’re so right about Joy’s voice. She is fantastic and the duo is excellent in how well their voices blend – really haunting. It almost as if the song was written for the Castle and Beckett relationship. I loved the music AJM chose for their big scene in the finale but this song is even better!

            By the way Phillip, I researched Lady Diana and guess what she’s 73 way too old for you!!! She was fabulous as Emma Peel though. Do you know if any of the old Avengers shows are available for purchase or streaming??

  8. MLibraryGal says

    Phillip and TracyLee,
    In reference to the discussion concerning graphic sex and violence in books and films, there are authors who use both gratuitously and then there are authors who see it as maintaining their story’s integrity. Robb (Roberts) maintains a very tight ship when she writes. There is nothing extraneous in her story telling. Everything she includes propels the story along and/or gives us more insights into the characters’ psyches. In being true to both her story and her characters she doesn’t shy away from reality, she doesn’t let the curtain drop to protect us, because her story is living in every detail whether it be violence, humor, pathos, sex or comraderie. Every detail counts in her story so she gives us all of it.
    David Weber’s Honor Harrington character and Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake character both share the trait that they don’t look away from someone else’s pain because that would be a form of dishonor, that they will see something to the end come hell or high water or die trying to protect the ones they love or are sworn to protect. In turn, both of these authors honor their characters by not turning away from the hard things, from the ugly things.
    Steig Larsson(spelling?) was an advocate for women, who believed shining a light on the abuse of women in his country’s culture was an important way to bring it to an end. All three of his books were centered around the injustices wrought against not just his female protagonist but also to countless other women whom society had “thrown” away in one way or another. It’s my understanding that he wrestled with whether to include the rape scene, but came down on the side of being true to his subject, to his story which was ultimately about the exploitation of women. He wanted his readers to fully understand the brutality that women routinely experienced in his country and around the world. It is very hard to read much less to watch on the screen, but the author felt strongly that it was vital to the purpose of his story telling.
    In the end, we read what we’re comfortable reading but it’s good to know that there are authors brave enough to explore the darker areas of our psyches, who are brave enough to not just tell us there is passion but to show it to us in all its messy glory.
    From the various descriptions of the Derrick Storm novels, I suspect they too would be pretty graphic, if they existed. AWM has talked about people asking for the books in bookstores which is why he commissioned the creation of the Derrick Storm graphic novels. They may be graphic novels, but they aren’t particularly graphic, yet!

    • Phillip says

      Hope I didn’t sound preachy in the last post. Here again I rendered judgment on an author with no knowledge of his/her body of work beyond a few excerpts on I recall reading a profile of Larsson in the New York Times magazine (la-de-dah). Much of the article had to do with the infighting over his estate, but it also portrayed him as a crusader committed to exposing injustice, much like his protagonist Blomkvist.

      The question of “how explicit do we want to be?” is one I wrestled with this past week as I wrote a love scene for Greg & Jillian. I endeavored as always to strike a balance between passion and playfulness. (In my homage to Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee they call each other “Steed” and “Mrs. Peel”) Greg tends to be boyishly shy with her in bed, which she finds both endearing and annoying. Being a take-charge gal on the street, Jill often has to take charge when the lights go down and the clothes come off. I’m very fond of Jillian, never mind that she exists only in my mind and (as yet) the hard drive of my computer, so it’s important to me that lovemaking is as pleasurable for her as for Stallard.

      As for the backup Glock…if Beckett doesn’t return to policing, I assume Castle has enough suction with City Hall to wangle a carry permit for her. My expectation is that Kate will be back on the Job come September, but I’d still like to see her pack a second gun. Sure came in handy for Tommy Lee Jones in “The Fugutive.”

      Good news, some new discussion threads. I was especially intrigued by one that draws parallels between “Castle” and (interesting coincidence) “The Avengers.” Okay, who would I rather see in a black jumpsuit, Diana or Stana? Decisions, decisions… Steve, what are your thoughts?

      • MLibraryGal says

        After I went to bed last night, I realized that I should have opened that last post with a disclaimer, or maybe apology would be a better word. For Phillip, TracyLee and Steve Q if you read it, I didn’t mean to be preachy either and in some ways the post was meant for a wider audience. The three of you already see (or have seen) the ugly parts of the world behind the curtain. So reading about it in your very precious spare time may be too much the bus man’s holiday. Kind of like when Espisito questions Beckett (I think in the very first episode) about why on earth she reads this stuff, ie. Derrick Storm, when she sees it all day, every day. Not him, he gets off work, he wants to go home and kick back, watch a little TV and not be reminded of his work. Right up front in the series, we’re given an insight into two very different cops and two very different ways to cope with the stress of the job. Both are very good at their job, but M & co. go the extra mile to make sure that we understand that people become cops for a variety of reasons, are motivated in a variety of ways and handle the stress differently. More importantly, we learn very early that Beckett is all about the job even in her off hours. Of course as the series progresses, we get a more nuanced view of each of their lives.
        All of this to say that the rest of us, those that are not involved in work that pulls the curtain back on the ugly in life, have a harder time understanding how the horrific things in life came about without storytellers willing to pull the curtain back for us, whether it be journalists, authors or screen writers. In a weird way, this also pertains to pulling the curtain back on passion. I fully agree with Phillip that you feel protective of your characters and want to give them the privacy of making love off screen, so to speak, but you also want to be honest and true to the storytelling of that love, which means letting the reader see it and feel it in their bones too. Such a delicate balance, so hard to do.
        P.S. Phillip, the more I hear about your characters, the more I want to learn. Wonderful.

  9. southerngirl says

    Phillip, MLibrarygirl, Steve, Traceylee – wow you guys are all write such interesting comments and it’s good to know that we all feel Marlowe et al have given us such a great love story and dynamic characters to discuss. Steve, the YouTube video was awesome and I too loved that it was in black and white. As a complete fan of old classic movies, I so enjoy how much lighting and shadows add to the story telling of these films.

    I also agree that gratuitous sex and violence add little other than shock value and really enjoy books, TV shows, and movies that incorporate these things only as development of the fiber of the story. It such a fine line and talented authors seem to balance this with relative ease. A current favorite author of mine is Catherine Coulter and her FBI series. A new one is being released this summer and I can’t wait.

    I also love Michael Connelly (loved the Castle episodes he and other authors have been in)! Because he was a crime reporter in Los Angeles prior to writing his books, he truly has a knack for nitty gritty reality. My favorite character of Connelly’s is Mickey Haller rather than Harry Bosch so I may in a minority there.

    Phillip, I too am an Avengers fan but until you mentioned it, I hadn’t thought of the parallels between Beckett and Mrs. Peel. But of course they are there, strong kick-ass heroines who are still completely feminine and sexy.

    I’m wondering whether Dmarx has considered writing books…. So excited to see a new chapter of Spiral Bound!

    • says

      Hi Southerngirl,

      I tend to gravitate toward the Harry Bosch novels , perhaps because of my background, but also in that he is a flawed character much like Castle and Beckett but in a different way. I have read probably two Connolly books about Mickey Haller and they are not bad. To each his own. Bosch seems to mirror, in some ways, Jesse Stone in the Robert B. Parker novels. I was totally into the Stone novels until I started watching the made for T.V. movies with Tom Selleck. Afterward I had a difficult time getting into the books because I was always picturing Selleck in the book, not a bad thing, but the stacatto repartee in the books did not come across as effectively as in the movies. Selleck has nailed that role down to a tee. I think the late Robert Parker would be proud of his efforts brought onto the small screen. Also the strong supporting cast in the T.V. movies i.e. Stephen Mchattie, William Devane as Dr. Dix former cop ,recovering alcoholic, and now Stone’s psychiatrist, excellent. Stone asks “I’m paying you $150 an hour , right?” Dix says” actually it’s $175″. Quite a departure from Dr. Burke/Worf !!
      Another author I am very fond of is John Sanford and his “Prey” series of novels now up to 22 books. I have read 21 and have number 22 on reserve. The character Lucas Davenport mirrors our own Kate Beckett in that as Kate said in one epsiode “I hunt!!”. Davenport is a hunter and has the true “warrior” mindset yet still has a close family at home ( later novels).
      Check them out and see if you agree.
      Best Regards,
      Steve Q.

      • southerngirl says

        Hi Steve,
        Thanks for the suggestions. I do plan to check out Harry Bosch and was also thinking of reading some Parker. Did you see the article a couple of weeks ago about Nathan Fillion in Parade Magazine? Nathan stated that Parker was one of his favorite authors and that he liked the Spencer series. He also said that if they brought Spencer for Hire back, he’d like to play him. I think he’d be good but for those of us who can remember Robert Urich, it would be hard not to compare the two of them. If you missed the article, here’s a link to it:
        Back to Michael Connelly, I met him last fall at a book signing here is south Alabama when The Drop was first released. My husband has read and enjoyed it but I haven’t yet. I want to read the series in order and that’s what’s been holding me back. I know a little about the character because Bosch appears in a couple of the Haller books. By the way, Michael Connelly was super nice and said that appearing in the Castle episodes has given him more name recognition than all his >20 plus books! I thought it was interesting too that he said that Stephen Cannell was a great mentor to him and as a fan of the Rockford Files, I thought that was special. Nathan Fillion would probably be able to do Rockford justice too!

  10. says

    Greetings to my fellow Castle fans,

    I would like to categorize this post under both a “Tapestry and everything Castle”. While on the way to my local library to pick up John Sanford’s 22nd “Prey” series novel, I was listening with true enjoyment to another of my favorite female singers of ballads from the 80s , Miss Carly Simon.
    On her greatest hits CD one of her less familiar songs was entitled ” Do the Walls Come Down”.
    Listening to this wonderful arrangement my mind quickly shifted and visualized our two favorite people, Castle and Beckett. After arriving home I went to the Google website and typed in You Tube , Carly Simon, “Do the Walls Come Down”. This song was from her 1987 album “Coming Around” and the You Tube presentation was a series of still photos from Martha’s Vineyard. ( I guess it could not be the Hamptons, too much to ask). The You Tube date was May 19th, 2010. One phrase that was particularlly poignant to me ( from Castle’s viewpoint), “Is it easier for you to say you never loved me anyway, or do you hide me in your trunk like a stowaway”? I only wish I had the computer knowledge and skills to put Castle scenes to this wonderful ballad. Perhaps someone who reads this post will think it is worthwhile to do so. (This newly found “romantic” side of me seems to be surfacing more and more, Hopeless or what?) If you venture over to this You Tube ballad , let me know what you think??
    Until next time,
    Steve Q.

    • Phillip says

      Steve, Ms. Simon has long been a fave of mine, but I’m unfamiliar with this particular ballad. I will look it up on YouTube later this evening. In keeping with the current discussion of classic crime movies over on the “Avengers” thread, I wondered if you’d ever listened to Carly’s “Film Noir” CD released a few years back. This was her tribute to all the moody, black & white thrillers in which a flawed hero navigates morally uncertain terrain. They usually include a scene in some smoky nightclub where a “thrush” is on stage singing plaintive love songs at two in the morning. That’s where Carly comes in.

      The album includes her especially evocative cover of “Laura” in addition to a duo with James Taylor. (I always skip over the duo with John Travolta, who I just can’t deal with any more than I can deal with Tom Cruise)

      • southerngirl says

        Steve and Phillip, I was just listening to Do the Walls Come Down and love it. But like you both, I’m a Carly fan so that wasn’t surprising. I guess b/c of her You’re so Vain song, this one also made me wonder to whom she was singing. Was it James Taylor? She’s never admitted to that and usually in interviews remains coy about it. In researching the Carly song, I saw a couple of Joni Collins YouTubes and just had to listen to Send in the Clowns. I had forgotten how absolutely haunting that melody is! It too reminds me of our star-crossed dynamic duo. I must admit though that The Civil Wars Poison and Wine is amazing and so is the YouTube with the Castle and Beckett love story in black and white pictures.

        Steve, I wish I knew how to make a video with Do the Walls Come Down but don’t have the skills for that either. I hope someone will do one for us.

        Phillip, I’m going to check out the Carly’s Film Noir cd – sounds terrific.

      • TracyLee55 says

        Hi Steve and Phillip,

        I too am a Carly Simon Fan. And I have that CD somewhere. And that particular song: “Do The Walls Come Down” is also a favorite. I had forgotten about it though until you mentioned it Steve and suggested it for a Castle video. So I went to YouTube and type in “Castle, Do the Walls Come Down” and viola…… a video came up. It was put up by a Castle fan called “blazinghorse 11″ and it was posted April 06, 2012. Here is the link:

        Or just type in: Castle, Do the Walls come down.

        On the thread that I am a part of “Trueheart’s Castledom” (Which was inspired by another wonderful Article writer…Trueheart and who is our Matriarch so to speak) we post numerous videos and call the “Movie Night”. Anyway, that’s how I find great Castle videos- Just type in Castle, and then the song or the artist and several things pop up. Most with the artist and song you are looking for, some times other artist singing the song you want. So that is how I do it, perhaps someone else does it another way.

        Do the Walls Come Down will be a great video, to update now that we know that indeed, Detective Beckett’s walls are coming down. I agree Steve, there are some wonderful talented people out there who have amazing skills who put these videos together.

        I love how you say the romantic is coming out in you Steve, it was always there methinks, and has shown it self before. Your wife is a lucky woman, as I am sure you are a lucky man. I read in another article “What is Love” a comment you made being married 42 years. Congratulations! As I stated in a comment of mine in the same article my grandparents were married 67 years and my parents 36 years, before my father passed.

        Phillip, you and Steve seem very dedicated to your families and especially your wives. It is wonderful to hear. Especially since both of you have and had very stressful and dangerous jobs. My hat is off to you both. In that article “What is Love” my comment stated what I felt Love truly is and should be and the commitment it requires, (I went on a little bit longer than I meant to, but I was on a roll ;-} ), so it looks like you both sum up what I was saying.

        • southerngirl says

          TraceyLee, thanks for the link to the video. It’s really good but I too wish it could be edited and updated now that the Kate’s walls have come down. From reading these posts, I think all of us are romantics at heart and that’s what draws us in as Castle fans. My husband and I have been married 27 years. We married a little later in life – he was widowed with 2 small kids and I had an early marriage that didn’t work and only lasted 2 years – the experience was devastating and it took a long time to trust someone again. To complete the story, I adopted the children and together we raised them. Now, the younger one has given us 2 precious grandchildren and I am so blessed. Again, I loved what you said about what love is!!

        • says

          Hi Tracy Lee,

          You are too kind in your words for me and I thank you. When Kate Beckett said words to the effect Love is beating the odds, I guess I fall more into the Han Solo camp of Star Wars when he was manuevering thru the asteroid field ( not unlike marriage at times , yes??) when he told C3PO “never tell me the odds”!!

          I can say that for my wife and I the music continues to this day, never stopped, and the lyrics have always made sense and rang true.

          Best Regards,
          Steve Q.

        • Phillip says

          TracyLee, I had an illuminating conversation today with an RN/BSN at University Hospital here in Madison. She has been physically assaulted by deranged patients three times in her career, whereas her husband, a guard at the federal prison up in Oxford, has been assaulted exactly zero times.

          We had this conversation in the control room of the CT suite while waiting for the injured homicide suspect we’d arrested 90 minutes earlier to undergo his CAT scan. I want to stress that I did not arrest him personally; he was taken into custody by my sisters in blue Rhonda and Emily after showing up in the ER waiting area. My friend and ardent ‘shipper Cindy and I were delayed getting there because we first had to get our squad car out of the adjacent ramp and the attendant/cashier had trouble figuring out how to cycle open the gate sans payment. A true “Castle” moment. Another three seconds and I’m reasonably sure Cindy would have rammed right through the gate. We arrived in time to help load the sobbing handcuffed suspect into a wheelchair and whisk him from the waiting area into an exam cubicle. I could see a dad waiting for his sick little girl to be seen recording everything we did on his phone cam. Probably on YouTube by now.

          • TracyLee55 says

            Phillip, I have never been assaulted by a patient, threatened a few times yes. In the ED I have had pts bleed on me, spit at me, call me a bitch and one came very close to throwing up on me, (kind of an “Exorcist” moment recalling it just now) and I am only the Admitting person, so I can imagine what the RNs go through. I do know when we (Admitting Staff) have to go into a Psych Pt’s room for a signature (that if they are able to sign anything) we have to be very careful how we word things, or look at the pt.

            I smiled at the picture of the attendant trying to open the gate and Cindy (in a very “Kate” like moment), saying “Screw this” and ramming the door. As far as the YouTube vid, you’re probably right. I am at the point, where I trust no one no matter where I am. And as a Police Officer you are doubly aware how every move you make is watched (and probably recorded). We live in strange times eh?

            That’s why I am so amazed when people try to get away with stuff. Do they not know almost everything you do outside your home is either recorded or taped? That can be a good thing, and a bad thing. But it is our world now, and unfortunately, not a lot we can do about it.

            Be Safe my friend.

      • says

        Phillip, I am unfamiliar with that CD but will certainly start searching and listening.
        In response to Southerngirl’s question about the Carly song “You’re So Vain” ,also on the greatest hits live CD, the rumor at that time is that it was directed toward Warren Beatty when they were allegedly an item and I emphasize allegedly. However it would probably make some sense. Beatty is who I place in the same category as Cruise and Travolta, to coin your phrase “can’t deal with either”. Beatty’s alleged tour de force movie as you probably know was Bonnie and Clyde with Faye Dunaway. All I can say is thank God it had a happy ending. Miss Simon, along with Emmy Lou Harris,Joni Mitchell , Joni Collins and the lady we spoke of yesterday Joy Williams have that wonderful and distinctive voice in their clarity, range and unique vocal presentations of their work. They have that haunting quality that will not let you go. Hope you find the Carly Simon song as
        wonderful as I did, but everyone has their own taste. We shall see.

        Steve Q.

        • southerngirl says

          Steve, I agree with you about those 3 actors! By the way, I called her Joni Collins but of course her name was Judy and I do love Joni Mitchell too. I think you’re right about it maybe being Shirley’s baby brother, Warren, the song was describing. Because it was years later when she and James Taylor divorced. Just as an aside, Charlie Sheen probably thinks the song is directed at him. Actors like these 4 are very very vain!!

  11. says

    Phillip, Tracy Lee, Mlibrarygal, Southern Gal and other interested parties,

    Spiral Bound Chapter 30 is now posted. Just finished reading it.

    Take Care all,
    Steve Q.

    • southerngirl says

      Thanks Steve, I read it too – can’t wait for more and more chapters….Happy 4th!

    • MLibraryGal says

      Hi all,
      Happy 4th! Hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday. I’m just hoping our neighbors who’ve been setting off spectacular illegal fireworks for years, hold off until we finally get some rain. Luckily our home insurance is all paid up!

      Phillip, thanks for the heads up about Ch. 30. Read it and can’t wait for more. As I write this I’m listening to Poison & Wine, thanks Steve Q. for sharing the link to such a beautiful song and a memorable video. I’ve added the song to my playlist which is made up, almost exclusively, of Castle songs. I’m forever in debt to the person who picks songs and music for Castle. So many amazing songs and artists!

      Speaking of amazing artists, I think it’s pretty cool that we all enjoy some of the same ones like Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins. I’m sure it’s a testament to our good taste! Steve Q, thanks for the recommendation for the Carly Simon song “Do the Walls Come Down”. I listened to it and found it to be really different from many of her other songs. I’ll have to listen to it again to decide if I like it.

      Southerngirl, I think you’re right. We all seem to have a big romantic streak. I too have been married for a long time to the perfect spouse for me, 25 years next year. He understands my “OCD” and enjoys watching too, despite this being something pretty new. In all our years together, I’ve never had such a fascination for a TV show and neither has he. The closest would have been years ago with X-Files but our kids were little then and we were lucky to get to watch the show every week, much less anything else. He travels almost every week of the year so he teases me that he has to make sure and make his Monday night check-in call before Castle comes on or he’ll be in trouble. There’s more truth to that than I care to admit. While he isn’t very good about flowers, he is good about bringing me chocolate from lots of different places. Since I run the house, take care of the kids and work full time during the school year, I think we’re about even. He’s very lucky that I love chocolate!

      TracyLee, I was very intrigued by your reference to the “Trueheart’s Castledom” thread. You all had mentioned it before but I didn’t think it was still in use. Now it sounds like it’s still an active thread. I’d love to read more of Trueheart’s writings (she rocks!) and check out the video links. How do we get to it? I’ve poked around with no luck. I’m still a newbie to this and haven’t learned the secret password, so to speak. Your help would be appreciated.

      Stay safe out there and keep the water hoses handy!

      • says

        Hi MLibrary Gal,

        Happy Fourth to you also. Re: the Carly Simon tune,Do the Walls Come Down, I agree that it is quite a departure from her normal catalog. I first heard the song on a CD that my wife had purchased a long while back and hadn’t ever heard the song until we were on our return trip back from the Midwest and our son’s wedding. When I heard it for the second time about 1 week later I tried to visualize it from Richard Castle’s perspective and it seemd to me that it rang true to his and Kate’s situation .

        Long before You Tube (dating myself yet again) I always enjoyed certain television shows with great,or what I thought was great, music interspersed in a creative way with ongoing scenes of the program.The Miami Vice series in the 70s comes to my mind immediately. Creator Michael Mann deemed it a combination of Cops and MTV.
        Starring Don Johnson (Sonny Crockett) Phillip Michael Thomas (Ricardo Tubbs) and the brilliant Edward James Olmos, as the brooding and somewhat mysterious, Lt. Martin Castillo the series really set a trend before the computer, e-mail and you tube phenomenon .( They actually wrote up police reports using a number 2 pencil and manual typewriters). Many future stars appeared in this series including Ving Rhames, Jimmy Smits, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Fahey ,who blew up Crockett’s Ferrari with a LAW rocket in a later season episode. Music by Glenn Fry, Phil Collins, U2 and Peter Gabriel were some of the background songs that made this a memorable series to me. Great line from our current TV show, Castle says to Kate “There were no bad episodes of Miami Vice”!! Ah but I digress, as I have often said, to each his/her own as far a music and other observations are concerned. That is why this site is so great IMO.

        Best regards,
        Steve Q.

        • Phillip says

          Steve, if you were a loyal viewer of “Miami Vice” you surely remember that Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts both made guest appearances when they were relative unknowns. Neeson played Sean Carune, a charismatic and supposedly reformed IRA operative who seduced Gina Calabrese in the season 3 premiere. I can’t remember the name of Julia Roberts’ character, but she was a drug lord’s mistress who ended up in the sheets with Sonny Crockett, this after he suffered a head injury and believed himself to be his drug-dealing alter ego Sonny Burnett.

          Interesting that you should bring up Edward James Olmos, who I concur was absolutely riveting in the role of Castillo. I even made him a boyhood role model for Greg Stallard, the hero of my book, the other being James (“I don’t believe in the No Win scenario”) Kirk.

          • MLibraryGal says

            Hi all,
            Dmarx just put up Ch. 7 of her “Every New Day” book. Woot!

            You guys rock. I had not thought of Miami Vice since hearing that line by Castle. I thought, hmm, maybe I should revisit it. Now, thanks to you two, I will definitely have to revisit. Great music and a wee bit o’ Liam Neeson, huh, definitely have to check that out.

            Off to read Ch. 7. Have fun!

          • says


            I guess another senior moment on my part. How could I forget Neeson and especially Julia Roberts. I have the dvd complete set for season one and two. As the series progressed, as in many series, I suppose the writers seemed to struggle for gripping and good story lines and plots. Hopefully this will not be the situation for Castle as I feel there are many new areas and plots to develop over several seasons. Marlowe and Co. seem very capable in this regard. Back to Miami Vice, another good story line in my opinion was Crockett’s eventual marriage to the gorgeous Shena Easton. Over a number of episodes which culminated in her murder, Crockett tracked the shooter to some non extradition island, I believe, and dispensed his own brand of justice to the deserving “career
            dirtbag”. I could never determine in the end of that episode if Crockett planted a gun or the guy really had one at the ready?? Take care. Looking forward to future discussions. Off now to read Chap. 7 of another new day.


      • Phillip says

        MlibraryGal, your Chapter 7 review for “Every New Day” posted just after mine. I forgot to log in first so I appear as “Guest,” but you probably know me well enough by now to recognize my writing.

        Two or three reviews before ours was a rather crass and churlish comment by someone styling himself “tvJas,” asserting that Kate Beckett is too self-absorbed to care for anyone other than herself and was content to leave Lanie, Ryan and Espo dangling. He (has to be a “he”) then concludes that Dmarx “portrayed her accurately.” I’m not sure which television series this guy has been watching the past four years, but I doubt it’s “Castle.”

        • says

          This discussion is now a bit off topic – can I recommend that you continue over on our forums where you’re welcome to start a new topic on this or anything else you’d like to discuss, if it’s not Castle related stick it in the off-topic section. We prefer to keep the comments on articles on topic for a number of practical reasons. Thanks

          • Phillip says

            Admin, I too am guilty as charged. My apologies. Will confine any further OT to discussion to the forums. I even went ahead and registered. Steve, henceforth my user name will be Phillip 07. (My badge number as it happens)

      • TracyLee55 says

        Hi MLibraryGal,

        Yes, check out Trueheart’s Castledom. We are very much up and running, as I said below, we are only a little over 2 months old and because we are a tad chatty we are over 200 pages. But please DO NOT be intimidated by that! You sure don’t have to go and read all 200 pages to get to know us. Just jump right in. And when you have the time, just peruse the past pages. There you will see the videos and the links.

        We not only dish on Castle, but share each others lives, and other stuff. And Peggy (Trueheart, drops by when she can, and gives us her pearls of wisdom, she is really cool, and yes your are correct…. She Rocks!

    • TracyLee55 says

      I have been a little slow on the fanfic. I have Spiral Bound ready to go and read, but still haven’t yet. I will soon, when I have a little time off. As I will pg 7 of Every New Day.

  12. Phillip says

    Steve, “Score” and “Golden Triangle,” the two part episode from late in Season One of “Vice” bears rewatching for Edward James Olmos alone. It is the first time Castillo betrays any emotion (he actually smiles at one point!), the first time he takes Crockett and Tubbs into his confidence, the first glimpse we have into his tragic past.

    Here is what my hero Stallard has to say on the subject of Castillo, this after he kisses Jill and she remarks that she approves of his unshaven “Sonny Crockett look.” (They happen to be marooned on a private island in the middle of the Caribbean)

    “No point in telling her I never cared for the posturing and preening of Crockett and Tubbs, that I followed Miami Vice with near religious fervor in my formative years out of fascination with the character of Lt. Castillo. Here was a man whose unswerving commitment to doing the Right Thing had and would continue to cost him dearly, who wearily acknowledged the inequities of the world yet insisted that certain minimal standards be respected, certain lines not be crossed. As a teenage boy grieving the loss of a sister and dissolution of his parents’ marriage, I found Castillo’s quiet nobility and stoicsm in the fact of his private pain admirable. Truth is I still did.”

  13. says

    This discussion is now a bit off topic – can I recommend that you continue over on our forums where you’re welcome to start a new topic on this or anything else you’d like to discuss, if it’s not Castle related stick it in the off-topic section. We prefer to keep the comments on articles on topic for a number of practical reasons. Thanks

      • TracyLee55 says

        Boy does it Steve Q! That’s why Admin put up with us for so long and gently guided us toward the off topic, and then Anitasubtext started our “Trueheart’s Castledom”. So you can do that to. We at Castledom are about 215 pages now and we only started a little over 2 months ago. We are a chatty bunch Admittedly. But we talk mostly Castle, but we also share each others lives, interests and other stuff.

  14. TracyLee55 says

    Phillip or now as you stated Phillip 07, we can start a thread on the Off Topic on the Forums.

    • southerngirl says

      Hey guys – just went to the Off Topic on the Forums. Do we have to re-sign up for it. It appeared that I was already signed in as southerngirl. I did see Phillip 07 as a new member.

      • TracyLee55 says

        How did you find that Phillip is a new member. I went to Off Topic and Social Chatter. So where did you see Phillip? Is there a new member list? Even though I am on Trueheart’s Castledom, I have absolutely no idea how you find new members. I saw “Introduce Yourself”, but the last post was a long time a go.

        • southerngirl says

          I went to Off Topic, Trueheart’s Castledom , then to page the last page 215 and at the very bottom of that page, there’s a section: Newest members and Phillip 07 was list there.

          • TracyLee55 says

            Thanks Admin, as I was writing to southergirl, I’ve seen that, right in front of me. Sometimes it is literally right in front of you eh?

  15. TracyLee55 says

    Thank you southerngirl!

    Good Lord, you would think I would know that. And silly me, I have seen that, and did not think of it when you said you saw Phillip. There is classic “Forest for the Trees” scenario ;-}.

    I don’t think you have to resign up for it. Just your User and PW. I hope you, Phillip, Steve, MLibraryGal, and anyone else joins us. All the threads are wonderful, but I am partial to Trueheart’s.