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It is official. Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are the democratically elected king and queen of the castle. They were voted as the number one couple in the list of “Top 10 Favorite TV Couples – Realistic Shows” compiled by Katie Hart at Breakroom TV.

‘Bones’, the program to which ‘Castle’ is most often compared, has two couples in the top 10 list. Hodgins and Angela are at #10. The leads, Booth and Brennan, managed to come in only at #6. I believe part of the reason for the waning Bones/Booth shipperdom is the crushing disappointment that fans felt when their will they/won’t they relationship took an unexpected turn without any foreshadowing. In the last minute of the season 6 finale, Bones announced that she was pregnant with Booth’s baby. When season 7 started, she was already halfway through her pregnancy and Booth and Bones were in the comfortable-as-an-old pair-of-pajamas stage of their relationship, thus cheating fans of the much anticipated crucial moments of the first declaration and the first kiss.

Kudos to Andrew Marlowe for understanding the delicate balance in the relationship between honest storytelling and fan’s wishes. Once Castle had declared to Beckett that he loved her, there was no going back. Of course, Marlowe and his merry band did all they could to stall the moment so that it did not come to soon or too easily, but at least we accompanied Beckett and Castle on their journey of self-discovery and growth till it culminated in “The Scene” at the end of Always (4×23) that resulted in sighs and squeals that were heard around the world. The payback for keeping fans on hold was sexy, surprisingly sweet, and wholly satisfying, a description that easily applies to Beckett and Castle’s relationship as well.

Of course, the journey for Castle and Beckett is far from over and the next “Big Moment” that fans now anticipate is Beckett’s declaration of love. The journey doesn’t promise to be without pitfalls and obstacles either. There are many possible scenarios for this ranging from Castle and Beckett’s own personality quirks to how Alexis will deal with sharing her father with another woman.

There will no doubt be continued mentions of the “Moonlighting Curse” from those who do not accept the valid explanation for why Moonlighting failed, but take a look over the Top Ten  on Breakroom TV’s list. Of the ten, seven couples are married or in committed relationships and some even have babies. Just because Castle and Beckett are a walking fairytale doesn’t mean Happily Ever After is the end of the fairytale. It just means they are starting a new chapter. Who knows there may even be wedding rings and baby rattles ahead to go with the handcuffs in their future.


  1. nancy says

    I hope the writers take it one step at a time, such as: seeing eachother after the first time together; first morning together; showing up unannounced at the others apartment; flirting at work; hiding the relationship from each member of the cast; work intruding on romance; nagging or annoying habits; time with the parents; first time taking a road trip together; holidays; running into former lovers; first talk about living together; first fight as a couple; discovering things about eachother on the job; etc. My husband and I dated a year before we moved in with eachother; lived together five years before we got married; were married three years before we had our son. I said “I love you” within the first few months we were together and it took him about a year and a half before he said it back. Over sixteen years later, we are still happy and together. There are so many things they can do to make the relationship fun and sexy and “drive them crazy” which is what we love about them.

  2. Toronto says

    Another Toronto voice: I don’t think the Bones problem was the end of the last season (I thought they actually handled it interestingly), but the new season, which has been a hopeless mess. The first episode of the new season was kind of funny and cute, but it went downhill rapidly. The finale (to compare finales) the other day was a complete disaster: poorly written (a complete jumble, things tossed in practically at random), badly thought through, and, in fact, completely implausible as a way of putting “obstacles” in the path of the couple. If Castle and Beckett even remotely head this way, I for one will (virtually) slit my wrists.

  3. Janet M. luvmydautr says

    Again, Andrew Marlowe and his band of writers have not let us down. But then, have they ever! I for one can’t wait for season 5 to see where they take us with Castle & Beckett. It has been a wonderful ride so far and I know it will keep us on the edge of our seat for many seasons to come. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic are amazing, they have played this couple to perfection since season 1. And I am going to love seeing Alexis’ reaction, Molly is a wonderful actress, she will not let us down! As for the rest of the cast, can’t wait to see their reaction. Is it September yet??

  4. videasful says

    Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Castle’s first name was William? I am rooting for Lemon and Jack to be the next couple that should. Why aren’t they on the list?

  5. FMD says

    Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, said in one episode commentary that unresolved sexual tension was the engine that makes television run. Yet this list of couples that the fans chose as their favourites defies this popular belief. Now that Beckett and Castle are essentially a couple the only couples on the list with “the will they won’t they” subtext are the two NCIS couples – Tony and Ziva & Kensi and Deeks. (SPOILER ALERT – And I read somewhere that the next season of NCIS is gearing up to move Tiva forward with them trapped in the elevator at the end of the season finale for a reason).

    Obviously, fans are smarter than what TV executives believe of them. They understand that relationships evolve and change over a period of time. I am glad that Andrew Marlowe respected that. My only concern is that of all the couples in the Top Ten only the two with the UST still continue to have the sexy vibe. The seven others (not counting Beckett and Castle because we haven’t seen them interact The Day After) have a more comfortable, affectionate relationship rather than I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off vibe. I know that that reflects real life, but I will be disappointed if Castle and Beckett lose the simmer too soon. One thing going for them is that they will likely not move in together for the next couple of seasons. I think that living together changes the dynamics of a relationship whether in reel or real life. I am not quite ready to see Beckett and Castle talking about grocery shopping and taking out the trash.

  6. KB12th says

    Hail to the King & Queen of the Castle,As a lowly Peasent I LOVE how Marlowe & Co. are handling this couple.

  7. Phillip says

    To follow up on the earlier postings by Nancy and FMD, I sense that AWM & Co. are as emotionally invested in these characters as the fanbase at large and will allow their relationship to evolve in a way that lets Castle & Beckett be true to themselves without alienating the ‘shippers. (They surely appreciate just how restive the viewers became during all the “Sturm und Drung” of Season 4) A lot will hinge on how quickly and plausibly the writers can tie off the two major loose ends: Kate’s future with the Department and the pervasive threat of Maddox. If Beckett is in fact reinstated as a police officer it’s a given she and Castle will have to establish ground rules early on so as not to draw unwelcome attention from Gates. No PDAs at the precinct or at crime scenes for openers.

    I agree that cohabitation in Season 5 would be pushing the envelope. That doesn’t rule out an occasional weekend together on the Jersey Shore (please, no Snooki!) or a noontime rendezvous at a luxury hotel in Midtown, especially should their assignation coincide with the discovery of a fresh corpse. (How would our hero and heroine explain that one to Gates?) That said I’m still traditional enough to hope for scenes of semi-domesticity, especially around the Holidays. The image of Jim Beckett proposing a toast to Rick & Kate over Thanskgiving dinner comes to mind.

    On a side note, I’ve never followed NCIS that closely, so I’m only now learning there is a Kensi & Deeks fanbase out there. Why do I have a feeling the fanfic crowd is working late into the night creating Caskett/Keeks crossover stories?

  8. Marie says

    I believe that Castle will be successful where other shows have failed. The first reason is that IMO, the writers are of a higher calibar then others. They understand the audience and are not afraid to take C&B to the next level… and they do it in such a manner that it leaves all of us satisfied and wanting more and more! The proof is in the season finale! I think Castle will be more comfortable with the relationship as he’s been in several before and knows the dynamics of what it means to be a couple. Beckett, on the other hand, has never been in love, IMO, & will have to adapt. She is extremely independent and I don’t think she really is where she needs to be as of yet. By her not saying ILU to Castle proves that. I think it’s going to take her sometime to realize that now it’s “we” and not just “I”.

    S5 is going to be incredible. Like previous comments made, I can’t wait to see the morining after (I think AM will keep his promise), the reaction of Martha & Alexis, Alexis will be jealous & I can’t wait to see how Beckett handles that, how C&B are going to handle working togther, the flirting, the sexy scenes, the jealousy when one of Castle’s ex’s come around… the scenarios are endless. I think what I would like to see most of all is the playfulness, the back & forth that we saw so much in S1 & S2… IMO, that is the real meat of Castle!

    Someone mentioned that episode 19th (I think it was 19th) is going to be the 100th episode. IMO, I think AM & the writers are saving Beckett’s ILU to the 100th episode. What does everyone think about this.

    This is the best show on TV & without a doubt, Beckett & Castle are the sexist couple ever! I just can’t wait till S5… Mondays are just not the same without them!

    • Shena says

      Beckett’s ILU on the 100th episode? Makes a lot of sense to me… But then again, Marlowe quite often takes the characters in a direction that we don’t expect.

      Whenever it does happen… EPIC!!!

    • TracyLee55 says

      Hi Marie,
      I agree with all that you say. I have only one question for you. I am a geezer of the boomer generation who is not use to “text language” and do not know certain things. I realize ILY means”I Love You”, and LOL means “Laugh Out Loud” but what in the world does “IMO” stand for? I couldn’t completely appreciate all that you wrote, for that kept stopping me.

      Thank you, or anyone for explaining that to me.

      • Phillip says

        Tracy, don’t feel bad. I’m an Eisenhowere baby and had to google IMO. It’s short for “In My Opinion.” I had to do the same with “&amp.”

        Winding down my work day here in Wisconsin. Officer Rhonda and I had to deal with two extremely hungover young men, one of whom blundered into the wrong (unlocked) apartment and passed out in his spare bedroom. The other somehow made it over a 6′ chainlink fence into a building under construction but was thoughtful enough to leave his billfold behind. Not a bad kid actually, his father owns a pig farm up north of Green Bay, so his Midwestern roots run deep. I’ll probably write him an Unlawful Trespass citation like I did the first young man and leave it at that.

        I found an interesting clip on YouTube entitled “Caskett Kisses: a Comparison.” It analyzes the kiss from “Knockdown” in Season 3 and the STFD kiss from “Always.” Check it out when you get the chance. Hope the weather in Portland is as nice as it is here in Wisconsin.

        • TracyLee55 says

          Thank you Phillip, I now can add that to my “What the heck does that stand for, oh now I know file” (smile).

          You sound like such a compassionat man Phillip in your life and in your job. You could have made it worse for these two young men, but knew youth (and not so much youth) can make some really dumb mistakes, and shouldn’t have to pay for them the rest of their lives.

          The weather here has been.. sometimes sunny, a little drizzly, hovering around 62-65 degrees. It is suppose to be wet most of next week. Typical Oregon- late Spring, early Summer. I rarely watch the weather, because it is going to do what it is going to do (I know profound), and it does not matter what some little guy says on the TV. I just go about my day. If I let rain stop me, especially here in Portland, I would never do anything or go any where.

          Hope you and your family are doing well And as Steve Q says: “Stay Safe”

          • Phillip says

            Tracy, I went through my Wyatt Earp phase like most cops and thankfully grew out of it. With 24 years on my reputation is secure, I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I have the discretion to show leniency where I deem it appropriate. While I am indeed compassionate I’m also realistic. I wear body armor every day. I’ve tasered three people rather than blow out my lower back fighting with them. (I’ve been tasered myself in training–it’s now mandatory for all our new hires–so I’ve never done it on a whim) Rhonda and I handcuffed the first kid while he was still passed out because neither of us wanted to dance with him. We were also in a building that is a notorious “dead zone” for our radios and we couldn’t be sure Disptach would hear us if we called for help.

            OT, found another amusing video on YouTube. It was posted in Jan. 2010 so the poster had only Season 1 and maybe Season 2 footage to work with. It purports to be a theatrical trailer for a quirky little rom-com called “Closure.” The premise of the “movie” is that once upon a time struggling writer Rick Castle and rookie cop Kate Beckett fell in and out of love with each other. Ten years on he’s a bestselling novelist, she’s working Homicide, and he uses his connections to shadow her for the purposes of “research.” The snippets of dialogue are knitted together in such a way that it looks and sounds like a real trailer for a real feature film. It can be found under “Closure Official Castle Trailer.”

  9. Abubakar says

    Castle has proved time and time again that it is one of the best shows ever. Not only the actors should be applauded but evry member of the crew. They did amazing to give us a great show, a great ending and twist to this season.
    Also, hats off to the King and Queen for there amazing performance. Loved it

  10. jv says

    sorry to get off the sbject. heard they were making a big screen movie about our duo. does anybody know if they did make it . if so when is it coming out.

    • Phillip says

      If you were misled by my last posting to Tracy my profound apologies. There is no motion picture in the works. I was describing for her a YouTube clip from January 2010 based on the “What if?” that Castle and Beckett were characters in a feature film with the same basic premise as the television series. An intriguing but totally imaginary concept.

  11. southerngirl says

    Castle writers, cast, and crew give me hope that excellence in scripted television is alive and well. With so much junk to siff through to find quality entertainment, Castle stands as a beacon of light and hope for the future of the medium. It’s a sad commentary that so much of viewing time is devoted to to mindless so-called ‘reality’ shows while we lovers of good story telling languish in our quest for the ‘real thing.