Article: Transitions and Transformation

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Season finales are notorious for delivering epic changes to beloved characters or cataclysmic plot events that rock even the most solid foundations leaving the audience gasping in shock or delight until the next season. Castle is no exception to this rule but Andrew Marlowe and his other scribes masterfully shave away at the expected and create magic year after year.


Shooting Beckett last year was shocking and epic but it created the impetus for the raw and emotional journey that would ensue. I have to admit I was a bit stunned by the one-eighty Castle took this year turning toward serious drama instead of the quirky silliness we knew and loved. After seeing “Always” and comparing it with how season three ended, I understand and applaud the move. This was brilliant storytelling at its finest and I can’t give enough kudos to the amazing cast and the writers here.

When the Pandora’s Box of Beckett’s mother’s murder was opened, I’m not sure anyone realized just how much trouble this would cause. Castle never intended this but he is responsible and that propels him into protective mode. Beckett is lost when it comes to her mother’s murder and when Castle compares it to falling down the rabbit hole, he is dead on target.

All season we waited for these secrets to come out. And waited. When they did, the world we knew spun on its axis again.

Castle did his part. He kept Beckett off task and gave her time to heal. Business as usual — Castle being Castle and it was enough to keep Beckett focused on life instead of in the past. He made a good choice. Beckett made an easy choice. She wasn’t ready to deal with Castle’s confession, you could see it everything from her clothes to her hair that she was closing off. It was easier to pretend and her lie was more damaging.

A lot of people have discussed “Always” already and I certainly don’t want to bore anyone with a rehash. But some things deserve extra attention and they are a part of the transformation of Beckett and Castle and the new transitions waiting for them next year.

The mark of fantastic writing and characterization is to take characters out of their comfort zone. Thank you, Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller for ripping of the protective coating that surrounded those two characters and giving Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic an opportunity to rock the house. The performances were stellar and revealed just how skilled the actors are that it takes your breath away.

The scene where Castle unloads on Beckett is probably one of my favorites of the episode. Nathan strips the layers off of his fun-loving, goofy, hot geek and leaves Castle vibrating in anger, disbelief and the realization that Kate is unreachable at that instant. Barbed wire, reinforced walls go up even though the pair stands only feet apart. No matter how hard Castle shoves, willing to leave himself open to all attack, the wall stays firmly in place. He has nothing left to bargain with because she rejected each attempt.

The only indication that Beckett hears him is the slight flinch Stana does as the deliberate barb is launched. Beckett’s betrayal runs deeper and she knows this but she has already committed to the battle. It’s irrational and damaging but it is the easy path.

Admitting she is in love with Castle is hard and this is part of Beckett’s transformation. She has to be willing to engage in life and leave the past and all that baggage behind her. Dangling off the rooftop, we see just how close she is to permanently losing herself down the symbolic rabbit hole until finally, Beckett makes a good choice.

Beckett’s transformation rattles everything she has known. She once asked Castle who she was without the badge. Now, we are going to find out. Is she really a cop? I think she is and I think we’ll see it but for now, she has abandoned what she knows and what is easy for Castle.
I know a lot of people were waiting for those three little words. But when she comes to Castle, she needed more. The apology was a paramount. Castle reaction guarded and for the first time closed toward her which forced Beckett to go “all in” and open up completely. Stana was perfect here with such a lovely expression that it made your heart ache.

The morning after is coming and I can’t wait. These two will have to finalize their transition into a couple and lay some interesting ground rules. They are both such strong characters and now they know they can bend and not break. It’s going to be fun watching them figure this out.


  1. raodexi says

    very nice review and insight! i love the risks the Castle crew have taken as well and i’m excited for the palette they have laid out to paint season 5 with. :) the only thing i differ on is your point of Beckett’s betrayal running deeper or being the easy way out. i think it’s really hard to compare the two as both betrayals carried a lot of weight. though she told a deliberate lie in saying that she didn’t remember his ‘i love you’, imagine if she told him she knew but she didn’t want to discuss it or deal with it at the moment. we would have no season 4 because Castle probably would have felt awkward staying around. besides the fact that she was in a relationship at the time which only makes for more awkwardness, she had just been shot/faced near death, lost a mentor who had betrayed her by keeping his involvement in her mom’s case from her, and had just opened another can of worms with how deep the whole conspiracy goes. though it was a great moment when Castle finally said the three words it wasn’t exactly the best timing. i always thought it was weird he expected well received response. Her saying she didn’t remember wasn’t just about taking the easy way out. i believe she was trying to protect him and his feelings just as much as he was trying to protect her with his secret. at that time she knew she loved him too so it wasn’t about reciprocating as Castle feared when he discovered her truth, but more the fact that she wasn’t ready to deal with it. if she told him she remembered they would have had to deal with it in some way and at that time it would have been more damaging than positive. so essentially she got shot with 2 bullets that day. one real that put a hole in her chest and one from Castle’s confession that shot to her core as well. it put her in a very vulnerable position. i do agree that the “apology was paramount”. :) after he told her he loved her and pleaded against her risking her life for something that was too big for her to fight it was a bigger slap in the face for her to ignore him then after he had just poured his heart out. though aside from blinding herself to the actual danger and obstinately pushing forward, it would be very difficult for one to simply turn away from wanting justice for her mom and the others just because the bad guys are bad. granted she really needs a much bigger army. but when she goes to him it was more important at that moment that she said i’m sorry than saying i love you. she had faced the real danger and knows that Castle was right in wanting to protect her, she knows the pain that would have been caused had she died and the pain that was caused by turning from him and taking that risk. besides we got a very passionate kissing scene and a ‘i just want you’. the writers have to save that other big milestone for later. :)

    • HomebakedLife says

      I really liked your “Two Bullets” theory. Thanks for all the input! :) I can hardly wait for Season 5.

    • Micro says

      Kudos to Homebakedlife on a great synopsis. Spot on!

      I must disagree with raodexi on one point. I think the two secrets were very comparable. They may seem totally different at first glance, but the symmetry lies in the underlying metaphor. That is, the right to choose.

      Beckett told Rick that he had no right to make choices on her life…”It’s MY life, you don’t get to decide” (I thought the very way she said it made it sound like Rick was a complete nobody in her life). Well Ms. Beckett, you can’t suck and blow at the same time. By not admitting you heard Rick’s confession of love, YOU denied HIM the right to choose whether he would wait for you, or move on! Kate almost trivialized her lie when Castle brought it up during their argument…”I can’t believe you’re bring this up right now after you just told me that you betrayed me”. She absolutely doesn’t get it at this point. She doesn’t see what she did as a betrayal. So, yes, the “I’m sorry” was definitely required, but what exactly was she sorry FOR….getting his carpet wet? Other than saying she realized how much she wanted Rick, she still hasn’t nailed down the details of what she is apologizing for. But then, they’re together again, so really cares, right?

      • Baycab says

        My theory is Kate was saying how sorry she was for getting the carpet wet between her clothes and tears and her being late for their double feature movie date. It appears that Rick was completely understanding after she finished explaining. I’ll also bet they did have time for a double feature that evening.

          • Baycab says

            With so much at stake, cards on the table, both “all in”, ready to let the chips fall where they will, neither bluffing, I’ll wager neither are “afraid of a little action”. As both appear to have great hands, I doubt one or the other will fold saying it’s just not my night.

            Sorry, recently watched Castle and Beckett Flirty Poker on You Tube.

        • Lindsay says

          I have to disagree with Micro and Baycab on Beckett’s apology. It was only three simple words; yet they were so powerfully spoken. Stana did an excellent job conveying exactly what Beckett meant in her words. She’s sorry for everything- for lying to Castle, making him wait for her, and choosing her mother’s murder over him (more than once). Castle and Beckett have such a deep bond of friendship and mutual understanding that she did not need to specifically address each thing that she’s sorry for. Castle gets it. He knows she’s sorry, and that’s all that matters to him.

          Beckett is a flawed character in that she’s not very open with her feelings, as we’ve seen for 4 seasons, but that’s exactly what makes her so lovable. The fact that she’s a tough cop at work, but kind of sucks at relationships in her personal life is a wonderful balance for her character. However, as the show moves on, the characters should grow with it, and we have certainly seen that with Kate. Season 1 Kate would not have gone to Castle’s loft that night- she would have run as far away from him as possible. Season 4 was exactly what she (and we viewers) needed to realize that her simple “I’m so sorry.” Was a very big step for her personally, and for her relationship with Castle. Castle himself understands how big that is for her, and he accepts her apology, knowing that it’s the best she can do for now.

          We can assume that Castle and Beckett will have a long talk later on about both of their betrayals and the obstacle they must overcome as a new couple, but for now, the “Im so sorry,” is all we need.

          • MLibraryGal says

            Lindsay, thank you. I think that was a perfect description of what was intended in that scene when Kate said she was sorry. By the way, I’m pretty sure Baycab was being facetious about the wet carpet, but I confess that it went through my mind too as I watched the episode. Too many years doing the “mom” thing!

          • Micro says

            Good point Lindsay. You may be correct on that one. “I’m sorry” is enough for now when you consider what a huge step forward this is for Beckett. She has never apologized for anything before. But then, she still isn’t showing all her cards either. Castle put it all out there for her, even dropped the “I love you” two more times, only to watch it all bounce off her armor and be trampled by her as she marched off to fight her private war.

            So when Beckett showed up at his loft, the “I’m sorry” was absolutely needed but even Castle didn’t think that was enough at first. He physically pushed her away and asked her bluntly “what happened?”. In other words, what has changed from a few hours ago when you ripped my heart out? Was she only there because she got her ass soundly kicked by Maddox, or was there something more?

            Only after she looked him in the eye and explained the reason for her epiphany, did he realized the magnitude of what she was “really” saying. This was a genuine, heart-felt apology from someone who never apologizes. He realized too that this is the most open she has ever been with him…ever. So I’m sure at that point, he viewed the “I’m sorry” as a decisive victory and was willing to let it go at that….for now. I guess they have to leave something for Season 5, right?

  2. Phillip says

    Don’t know if anyone out there visits the Castle fanfic sites, but I came across a story entitled “Every New Day” that is now five chapters and counting. The author, who goes by the name “Dmarx,” addresses a reality that has been overlooked in all the post “Always” rhapsodizing; having been batted around like a tether ball by Maddox, Beckett will be one hurtin’ cowgirl on the Morning After. Castle’s reaction when he first sees her bruised and battered body in the full light of day is one of shock mingled with grief and not a little anger (at Maddox, needless to say). Chapter One includes a shower scene in which Rick expresses the depth of his love for Kate by…shampooing her hair. I’m serious. It’s one of the most sweetly sensuous romantic interludes this 57 year old has ever read. Love to see the script writers incorporate something similar at the outset of Season 5.

  3. MLibraryGal says

    Phillip, thank you for the recommendation to read the fanfic. I’ll be doing that next chance I get. I also want to thank you for bringing up the whole “bruised and battered” problem for Kate and Rick. Generally, Marlowe and company honor the results of what would happen to real people in various situations such as Espisito getting very banged up in the Steampunk episode a couple of seasons ago, the small references to Kate’s still healing body after she was shot., the wonderful scene of Kate wrapping Rick’s hand after he hurt it punching out the hit man, etc. While not perfect, Marlowe and company do regularly try to depict the real world results of physical actions, so it will be interesting to see if they accurately address the fact that she just survived a major beating and the stress of dangling off a building. No matter how fit you are, you’re going to feel that kind of abuse. I certainly hope they will honor it for the added depth of story telling it allows and to keep us mentally in that very tight time frame Marlowe created for the finale.
    P.S. I’m a first time contributor but I’ve been reading all these amazing posts for a while. I appreciate any feedback you all may have.

    • Phillip says

      Welcome aboard! Over the past seveal weeks I’ve devoted much of my down time to chatting with Tracy, a trauma unit nurse out in Portland OR, and Steve, a retired cop who I believe shares my Midwestern roots. I myself am a career police officer 21 years into my one and only marriage, with two amazing daughters in the same age bracket as Alexis and two energetic younger sons. I can’t explain my “Caskett” obsession beyond the fact they are two complicated and imperfect people who triumph against all odds. Who can resist a story like that?

      Google “Every New Day: a Castle Fanfic,” and that should direct you to the site. I’d be interested in getting your take on it, especially the shower scene. Dmarx also explores the potentially thorny issue of Kate and Alexis and devotes part of one chapter to Beckett touching base with Dr. Worf. Sorry, Dr. Burke. There’s also a hilarious scene where Martha walks in on Castle & Beckett mackin’ on each other like teenagers while they’re supposed to be making lunch.

      I’m of two minds on the subject of fanfic. Over the years I’ve come across sites devoted to series ranging from “Ironside” and “Adam 12” to the late, lamented “Sports Night” and more recently “Lie to Me” and “The Chicago Code.” Much of it would never make it past the slush pile at a publishing house, but some is so well-crafted it raises the question “Why aren’t these people creating their own characters?” (That’s what I’m trying to do in my off-duty hours) So when I find a story like this one, in which the author is honest enough to admit the Morning After comes with a price, I consider it worthy of recognition. Read it and let me know what you think.

      • MLibraryGal says

        Thanks, Philip. I did find the Fanfic site you referenced and was up way too late last night reading the 5 chapters that were posted. Wow! It really sucked me in. I thoroughly enjoy a good story and I’m willing to overlook little editing issues, especially in this medium, but I did notice that there were moments when it had a screen play feel. Other than that, it was very readable.

        I agree with you about the shower scene. Dmarx very carefully honors the characteristics of Kate, Rick, Alexis and Martha as laid out over the past 4 seasons by Marlowe and company. This includes the thoughtfulness that is a hallmark of Rick’s character and the “show no weakness” code of Kate’s character. The shower scene was a great example of that and was a treat to read. Dmarx even includes a very brief explanation of why Kate was feeling very little pain until that moment. Since I had just written a similar scene for one of my characters a few days ago, I was pleased to see it. Congruence is a beautiful thing.

        As I’ve been writing my book, I’ve been paying close attention to how other writers handle dialog and explanatory material. Dmarx seemes to maintain a nice balance between them and keeps up a fairly smooth flow of story telling with no jarring breaks. I appreciate that. I have been taking my characters through a major fight scene with the damages that come from that and into the cleanup afterwards. Maintaining that balance is difficult. So many little details. Are they incorporated in the dialog or as explanation? Do you leave them in or out? Or do you just hint at them. Watching Castle episodes over and over has helped me appreciate how even just the slightest illuminating remark can deliver a whole bushel load of information. Now if I could just master that!

        Overall though, it was well worth reading. I’m going to be waiting for Ch. 6. If Dmarx keeps this up over the summer, it will help fill in to “no new Castle” times. Thanks again for the introduction.

        • Phillip says

          I would like to hear more about your book when time permits. As it happens I’m plowing ahead on one of my own. I got so tired of cop protagonists who are burnout cases that I created one who, aside from a recent no-fault divorce, is reasonably happy and well-adjusted. What I’m finding to be my biggest challenge is creating credible and nuanced women characters. It’s been a learning experience if nothing else.

      • southerngirl says

        Yes, thanks Phillip. I too went to the fan fiction site and read Dmarx’s 5 chapters. I was totally drawn into the story and felt almost as though I had watched additional episodes. This certainly validates that Dmarx was true to the characters created and developed by the Marlowe team. I too hope there are additional chapters to follow so that we fans can make it through the summer until season 5 begins.

        This past season was my first to watch as a ‘can’t-wait-until-Monday-night’ Castle fan. Until TNT aired episodes last summer I had not even heard of the show. (As an aside, I still can’t understand why ABC doesn’t do more to promote this show!) I became an instant fan and bought the first 3 seasons from Amazon – streaming. I’ve already re-watched the first three seasons and getting ready to watch season 4 again.

        MLibrarygal is so right that even seemingly off-hand or casual remarks offer loads of insights and new information when we re-watch episodes. For me, the transformation of the characters – really all of them – occurs throughout each season and each one season overlaps with the next. This is yet further proof of the genius of the Marlowes in writing a show with multi-dimensional characters rather than just a weekly mystery show. I don’t mean to take away from the mystery line of the show or of the police procedural aspect of it because the cases are fun and for the most part realistic and help to shape the characters.

        • Phillip says

          I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed her (I assume Dmarx is a “her”) fanfic. I think of the five chapters she’s written thus far as “Castle: the Lost Episodes.” The only thing that doesn’t ring true is Lanie being MIA. It stands to reason that once she learned of Beckett’s near death and resignation she would have been texting nonstop until Kate answered her phone. Either that or she’d track Kate down in person if for no other reason than to check her well-being. Maybe Dmarx will bring Lanie back in the fold in her next installment. Okay, how pathetic is it that I’m reading and critiquing Castle fanfic to get me through the summer?

          • MLibraryGal says

            Phillip, you are most definitely not pathetic, in fact, you may end up being the catalyst for Dmarx getting enough attention that he or she catches a break. You never know. Besides, we all need some good carry over material. The summers between the first 3 seasons of Castle had a running Castle story that you could access on “Rick Castle’s” twitter account, complete with pictures. I spent both of those summers, routinely checking the Rick Castle twitter page for whatever new tidbits they put out on his adventures in Martha’s Vineyard. Okay, that might have been a bit pathetic, but it definitely helped cement my love of all things Castle. So, there you go.

            By the way, good call on Lanie. You’re so right. She’d have been frantically calling Kate, but she would also have been trying to get hold of Esposito since he got put on leave. It’s possible that Dmarx was trying to keep the character count down to a more workable number. Or to give Kate and Rick that precious, much needed break from the real world that had battered both of them. Or, Kate’s cell phone got so wet in the rain that it doesn’t work anymore! It will be fun to see what Dmarx comes up with to explain the lack of Lanie.

            In reference to your June 17th post, I’m thinking about your female character quandary. I’ll get back to you with some ideas if you want some.
            Night guys.

          • HomebakedLife says

            I totally agree with you, Phillip. Lainie would be hunting Beckett down especially after she heard about the suspensions, etc.

            And no, you aren’t pathetic. A good writer always digs obsessively at their characters. Being able to be god and psychiatrist is what makes writing fun.

      • TracyLee55 says

        First Hi HomebakedLife, great article and insights. I look forward to more articles from you.

        Hi Phillip, and welcome MLibraryGal,

        Phillip got your message on the tapestry thread article. So now over here. I have read chapter 1 of Dmarx’s fanfic, and after I post here will read the rest. I did not know there was more so thanks for the info. I do want to make one correction when your referred to me. I do work at a major Trauma Hospital, but I am not a nurse. I work in the Maid Admitting and ED (Emergency Dept.) Admitting depts. So yes, I get to see some…. uh… shall we say interesting things and people. Especially when Life Flight our Air Ambulance delivers patients to our doors. Now enough of that.

        I did love in the fanfic (again, have just read 1 chap, & another one she wrote similar, about Kate being in a lot of pain & discomfort. And agree w/MLibraryGirl that AWM will honor that, it is realistic and should be addressed. You cannot go through the beating Kate to, especially the way he lifted her up by her neck and the stress of hanging off a building and then the being thrown around a few times, and it not show.

        Phillip I have been reading the comments, while coming back to type this comment. You are not pathetic. None of us are. This “TV Show” is so well written, acted, produced and scored that the characters do come to life for us and yes we get invested in them. We may be “Shippers” to the world, but we are aware the are fictional charcters. But we have come to love and care for them which is the purpose of any good writer. Whethet it be TV Show, a movie, a play, or a novel, or even a good story in a magazine. Every writer want their readers to become involved. Especially if it becomes serialized. I have great regard and respect for the fanfic writers, they are dedicated and talented, and have a great deal of courage to put out their “babies” for the world to see and critique.

        I admire that you want to get your female (s) character correct. So yes, ask other women, especially your fellow female officers if what you are writing rings true. Even your wife and daughter can give amazing insight. And want to thank you for mentioning Lanie, she is an intrigal part of the crew. I hope they give her an episode in S5. Ryan and Espo have each had one, and she deserves one to. Heck, Iron Gates deserves one, we need to know what makes her tick.

        • MLibraryGal says

          Hi TracyLee55. It’s a pleasure to meet you, so to speak. I really appreciated your comment about the courage it takes for fanfic, or any writer for that matter, to put their “babies” out for all the world to see. That is so true. It took a long time for me to even tell people I was writing a book, much less show it to someone. I wonder if real writers have that problem even after they’ve gotten published several times. That might make an interesting poker conversation at Rick’s place.

          I second the request for a Lanie show where we learn more about her. I do think she’s been a little shortchanged on the whole multifaceted front. While we don’t see her in every show, she is very important to Kate and the other characters. I too would like to see one for Iron Gates. Along with Kate, I’ve decided there’s more there than we first thought. So many possibilities, so much time to wait for them!

          • TracyLee55 says

            Hi MLibraryGal,

            First you are a “real writer”, as is Phillip and everyone who pours their heart and soul into something on the page. I am a writer also, have a very long way to go, and hope to maybe, someday write an articleon this site. I have a small measure of talent, I think. I am very critical of my own meanderings, but my friends always bug me that I should write more, at least they feed my ego, by insisting I write them letters, not emails mind you, but personal letters with maybe a short story thrown in. Anyway, I love reading other people’s “stuff” as it were. I enjoy reading the insight, imaginings and flavorings people put in their ‘babies”. Our own experinces and enviorments color what we think and feel. Even the hidden things of the heart come out in writing, or drawing, painting, composing music, etc. What ever one’s artistic endeaver may be. We expose a little of who we are, dream to be, when we “release” them on to paper, canvas, instruments. So MLibraryGal, look in that mirror and say everyday” “I am a real writer” and “I will be published one day!” And those writer

            Now, what is your book about? I am curious and really am interested as I am about Phillip’s book. I am always up for a good read. Especially if it sparks that little rutter in my brain and makes me turn to the open seas of my imagination.

        • Phillip says

          TracyLee, thank you for setting me straight on your specific duties at the trauma center. I’m not entirely certain what “maid admitting” refers to, unless “maid” is actually an acronym for something. Which is okay, since cops talk in acronyms and abbreviations a lot.

          I was trying to be funny when I called myself “pathetic.” There are times when my sense of humor is too subtle for my own good. Truth is I would rather be devoted to a series as witty and stylish and life-affirming as “Castle” as opposed to, say, “Breaking Bad,” or “Criminal Minds.” I used to think I was missing out on something because we have only basic cable and I couldn’t watch “Game of Thrones.” Then I read about the numerous scenes of graphic sex and torture (sometimes combined) and concluded I was better off following the exploits of Rick and Kate.

          Would write more, but it’s getting late here in the Republic of Walkerstan (formerly known as Wisconsin) and I have to be up in six hours to go on duty again at 6:45. Hope to talk with you again soon.

          • TracyLee55 says

            Hey Phillip, my pal.

            Ok, I meant to say “Main Admitting”. I work in the Main Admitting and the Emergency Admitting at the Trauman Hospital. In the ED, I get the patient admitted, or have to go through their stuff, with our security or chaplains, while on the other side of the room, the Trauma Docs are working on the patient. You see a lot of blood and guts (literally). So I somtimes mispell because I tend to type fast. I do to use the spell and grammar check before hitting “post”, but do miss sometimes. And unlike the other threads on the forums, you can’t edit, and correct.. so sorry ;-}.

            I knew you were kidding about being pathetic, I call myself that sometimes when I feel I need to get a life, and go on long, long castle marathons. But…… like you I see how people are “addicted” to the reality shows, and can’t get enough of them—Huh? Maybe it’s just me (and I have shared this before on other comments) but how can anyone call me a little “to involved” or “invested” in Castle, but they watch the Bachleor every year, and really believe “this time” someone will get married…. Really? And then are just devestated that it didn’t work out. How many more stupid shows do we need of people lying to one another to get ahead, brawling, drunk, having sex in a shower or getting “wiped out” by slaming them selves into objects (and I swear I have NEVER watched that show, only saw the promos), or eating something discusting for some pittance? Now there is a new show in the Castle time slot, called “Glass House” or something (no did not watch that either), where “You the Viewer” makes them do what ever you want. I am so sick of it. I feel as though the generation coming behind us (you and I are the same age) and behind them, will not know a good drama if it smacks them upside the head. Ok, I’ve had my rant…. sort of.

            I do get encourage when I see young people watch and love Castle. I highly recommend going on YouTube and look up a video call “Our reaction to Always”. Even AWM put it on one of his tweets. It has 4 young teenage girls reacting watching Always and it so adorable. All you hear in the background is the episode, and on camera are the girls. It is a little over 11 mins. long and edited to certain things, but I loved it.

            I also have very basic cable, and I only regret that because: I don’t get Bravo, or A&E and now TNT which is airing reruns of Castle. And I do not have a DVR, just a VCR (yeah I know, but hey it still works.

            Be safe Phillip and hope to talk to you soon. Oh and your little adventure you wrote about on that other thread, cracked me up.

  4. Toronto says

    I think the notion that she is apologizing for getting his carpet wet is hilarious.

    One version of why she says she’s sorry over and over is simply that she didn’t trust him — that he was protecting her in good conscience — in spite of everything they’d been to each other. That she couldn’t let her wall down as he did, and the two of them could work out “the war” together — “he’s off the team”, she says, down to a team of one (with Esposito as backup, to be sure).

    That doesn’t mean she was wrong. I have always thought the whole “can’t tell her” thing was contrived as a plot device. But as long as they have moved past that plot device and into bed, I am not about to complain.

  5. MLibraryGal says

    Slightly belated kudos to HomebakedLife for the wonderful post. I’m routinely impressed with the insights that you and others bring to this forum. That you can mine such insights from 45 minutes of a weekly television show is a testament to Marlowe and company’s great storytelling and to your willingness to think deeply about relationships. Castle gives us so many realistic relationships to examine and so many wonderful fully formed characters. Maybe that’s why we love them so much. Every major character in the series gets to be multifaceted. They get to reveal themselves as real human beings we can recognize as ourselves, our family, our friends and our co-workers. There is always more to them which makes the show so satisfying to watch.
    Thank you all for your willingness to share your Castle explorations. It’s such a treat to visit this sight.

    • HomebakedLife says

      Thanks! I love digging into these characters because there is just so much to play with. I appreciate the kudos and hope to have some more articles soon. 😉

      • MLibraryGal says

        You are welcome and I look forward to your future posts. Have fun in M and Company’s playground! It’s especially fun to play with all the sand “castles”. Sorry couldn’t resist:)

  6. says


    Great post and article. Since I have quite a lot of downtime, retired law enforcement, I found myself absent over the last two weeks from this wonderful website. My wife and I made a parental pilgrimage back to our original and prior home state to attend my youngest son’s wedding(young, he’s 30) in the midwest. He married a wonderful young woman who will soon receive her medical degree as a clinical psychologist. (I am waiting for her to start posing more questions to me after my questions to her i.e. Dr. Worf/Burke.) When I was able to return to our current home in the desert southwest, and get back to the site, I found more wonderful articles from very talented writers. I echo Phillip’s sentiments in “welcome to the fold”. I have shared numerous conversations with Tracy Lee and Phillip and have enjoyed all the give and take. I liked Phillip’s comment that Kate is going to be one hurtin cowgirl in the morning. I recall a Brooks and Dunne CW song entitled “Cowgirls don’t cry” with the words “lesssons of life are going to show you in time it’s gonna hurt every now and then, if you fall get back on again, cowgirls don’t cry” !! I am anticipating a great season five and have told Phillip when his written work is published I will be in line to purchase and read it. I would say the same about your future work also. Take care.

    Best Wishes,
    Steve Q.

    • HomebakedLife says

      Thanks so much, Steve, and no worries on the mix up. Actually, this is my first article and I’m thrilled to be part of such an interesting group. Will certainly give a shout when it comes to a book.

      I figure Kate is going to be feeling a lot come morning – both physical and emotional. I think it will be an interesting experience for her and a lot of fun for us to watch.

  7. says


    I guess I have you mixed up with firsttime visitor MLibraryGal. My apologies, but still a great post and article, and if you decide in the future to write a book or novel, I will definitely be interested in hearing about it and reading same. Keep up the great posts in the meanwhile. Also to MLlibrary Gal, my welcome to you to the Castle fanatic fan club. I’ll try to keep the posters and writers straight in the future. With much time on my hands I would think it should not be that diificult to keep up to speed with something as simple as that. Maybe some “travel lag” affected me!!

    Steve Q.

  8. Phillip says

    Steve, I envy you being a proud father of the groom since my girls (19 and 17) are proving very selective when it comes to dating–which on reflection is probably a good thing–and I expect it will be some time before I’m a father of the bride. Every boy to show an interest in my daughters is weirded out on some level by what I do for a living. (“Your dad hasn’t like…shot anyone, I hope.”)

    I picked up my 86 year old mom from the assisted care facility yesterday and drove her to Barnes & Noble so she could buy the new issue of Southwest Art. I had downloaded a 15% off coupon and applied it to the purchase of “Harbor Nocturne.” How intriguing to learn that Dinko Babich’s mom cooks with Dalmatian olive oil. (“I’ll take TV Heroines for 500, Alex.” “This Canadian born actress traces her roots to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.” “Who is Stana Katic?”)

    Anyway, a great read so far. I would love to work with Nate Weiss and Britney Small and Lee Murillo. Look forward to chatting with you again.

    • says


      Glad to hear you are enjoying the book. I seem to be flying through it and the characters of Hollywood station are pure Wambaugh. I thought the quote from the L.A. times was “spot on” about the Author i.e. “It’s Joseph Wambaugh’s world. Other writers just live in it.”
      Maybe Richard Castle is also a fan of this guy?? Liked your description of Kate as a “hurtin cowgirl” the next morning. Had to bring up the Brooks and Dunn song, couldn’t help myself.
      In the Wambaugh book and prior Hollywood Station novels homage is paid to the “Oracle” even after his untimely demise ( they now touch his photo before going out into the streets). I infer he was their “gray eminence” just as you are or do you share the oracle title with your colleague Dex? Please no untimely demises in either of your future endeavors!!
      Two teenage daughters at an age when new “adventures” probably occur on a daily basis.
      I now have two new daughters (inlaw) my older son of 35 married for two years. My best moment of the current wedding on June 9th, at the reception, my newest “daughter” told her husband, somewhat to his chagrin, “I wanna dance with your Dad, he’s a great dancer” (waltz). My wife and I had taken ballroom dancing lessons prior to the event as a suprise to both my sons. Some flattering remarks for the “old guy”…. Priceless. Hope to chat again soon.

      Take care,

      • Phillip says

        Steve, I started out with “Hollywood Station,” first book in the current Wambaugh series, and so I’m familiar with The Oracle. I thought his finest moment came in the wake of Officer Mag Takara being beaten viciously by an amped out pimp while posing as a hooker. One of the vice cops on her backup team returns the favor, with interest, and is facing criminal prosecution and probable dismissal as a result. The night after, The Oracle has to face a briefing room full of bluecoats seething with rage over what befell their sister in arms. (I was there once and can relate) He proceeds to tell them how their badge is arguably the most beautiful in the world, “envied by some, imitated by others,” then reminds them “you wear the original,” and that no politician or journalist or activist with an agenda can take that away from them. In the next breath he urges them not to lose sight of the fact that doing good police work is fun and sends them out on the street in a much more positive frame of mind. A brief scene, but beautifully written.

        Kinda wish Castle & Beckett had crossed paths with Wambaugh instead of Gene Simmons during their sojourn to L.A. Interesting how his career spans two eras: one in which the idea of a Kate Beckett being on the front lines of policing was inconceivable, and one in which women have been on the Job so long the first generation of trailblazing females is either retired or looking forward to it.

        • says


          I finished Harbor Nocturne two days ago. One of his best IMO. Great passage from the Oracle to his officers in the Hollywood Station novel. One of my most prized and honored possessions is my retired badge and I.D. which I still carry. What’s that saying about “old dogs and new tricks” ?? As astute as Marlowe and Co. are it would not be out of the realm of possibility of Joe Wambaugh showing up for a book signing in New York ( we know it’s filmed in Burbank for gosh sakes) for his recently released novel “Harbor Nocturne”. Castle could show up with his beautiful partner and now the love of his life and have Joe sign a copy for both he and Kate. A poker invitation could possibly ensue. Perhaps my imagination is getting the better of me. I would think Marlowe and Co. are flooded with ideas from loyal viewers, and again the old saying about “cooks and broth”. Still hope springs eternal.

          Still looking for a post from Tracy Lee. Hope all is well.
          Take care Phillip.
          Steve Q.

          • TracyLee55 says

            Hi Steve,

            Thank you for yours and Phillips concern. I have had crazy hours at work, being “On Call” I am a slave to the schedule. I am off the rest of the week, so hopefully can postmore, and I am so glad to hear from you both.

            Now I have never read at Joseph Wambaugh book (I don’t believe it as I type it, but true). So my two and cop buds what book would you recommend to get started? My mother an father read his books all the time, so I don’t know why I did not. Probably because of the age I was at the time. (poor excuse). I love your idea of JW coming to New York and Rick and Kate go to a signing of his book. Or that he joins Rick’s Poker night. Which I miss by the way, and hope they have more of them.

            I am going to get off of here and read that fanfic Phillip recommened. Have only read Chap. 1. And it is 10:40 pm here on the WC (West Coast), but I can sleep in. Phillip I will let you know what I think, and like Steve, when you publish, I will buy. And don’t either of your forget to tell me which JW book to start out on. :-}.

  9. Phillip says

    MLibraryGal: developing my female characters was the easy part; insuring they are fully realized human beings is my concern at the moment. I’ve created two women cops who sort of bookend my hero. I’d sketch them out for you here, but I’m reluctant to take up too much space on this thread discussing my literary pursuits as opposed to “Castle.” If Admin has no objections to our swapping e-mail addresses, I’d be happy to provide you with the “bios” for Tricia and Jillian. (Their given names were inspired in part by Trillian from “Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”)

    I wanted to thank you and HomebakedLife for the “validation” in regards to my reading “Castle” fanfic. HomebakedLife, there’s a great deal of truth in your observation that writers are “gods and psychiatrists.” One closing thought concerning “Every New Day.” I admire how Dmarx effortlessly transitions viewpoints from Rick to Kate and back again. It’s been said Job One for a novelist is to place the reader in “the hearts and minds and guts of other human beings,” and Dmarx succeeds at that.

    • MLibraryGal says

      Phillip, I’d definitely like to hear more about your characters. I’m trying to make my male characters as well defined as my female characters and in the process I realized that a lot of what I read is focused on strong female characters. I definitely need to read more male focused fiction. That and draw on the fact that my entire immediate family is male, so basically I don’t have any excuse! Let’s swap e-mail addresses with the Admin’s blessing and guidance, since I don’t have a clue how we should do it.

      In the spirit of reading more male focused fiction, have you guys been reading the Castle books and graphic novels? Since I started reading them, I’ve had moments while watching the shows when I wonder if this or that might make it into the next book. And vice versa, reading the books and picking up on little things here and there that were in one of the episodes. The cleverness of M and company boggles my little mind sometimes. Talk about “gods and psychiatrists”. M and company definitely qualify. By the way HomebakedLife, I love that comment and want to steal it for a bit of dialog one of these days. Is it your quote or did you get it from someone else? I also like Phillips quote about “hearts and minds”. It’s really perfect. Do you know where that’s from, Phillip?

      I’m off to transcribe pages. I get to stay up late tonight because my work year just ended. 2 elementary libraries closed down for the summer. Yeah! Over 50 and I still get to be excited about school letting out for the summer. Woot!

      • Phillip says

        Sorry for not replying earlier. First off, Steve Q. recommended “Spiral Bound” to me. I’m now three chapters in and hooked. The idea of retracing the evolution of Rick & Kate’s relationship through her “chance” discovery of his secret diary is an inspired one. I love seeing them getting to spend so much quality time together.

        As for my characters…my hero is a detective, Gregory Leland Stallard by name, son of a onetime campus radical turned history professor. His mother paints seascapes and lives with her “gentleman friend” in Virginia Beach. Stallard had a younger sister who died of cystic fibrosis at an early age, which rent his parents’ already foundering marriage asunder. He himself is recently and amicably divorced from an assistant DA. His role models are Martin Castillo, the stoic, principled cop played by Edward James Olmos in the old “Miami Vice” series, and James T. Kirk.

        Stallard partners up with Tricia McAusland, who hails from Viroqua in the driftless area of western Wisconsin south of La Crosse. Trish is a lesbian, out but not in your face about it. I based her in large part on a now retired sergeant named Sue, who helped me work through my rather provincial attitudes concerning gay people. Using Sue as a template for Trish is my way of thanking her for that.

        Tricia is cheerfully cynical, telling Greg at one point “Your one failing as a cop is that you lead with your heart and not your head. You expect the best from people and always come away disappointed. I never expect them to be anything but a-holes and they have yet to let me down.” That said she is unswervingly loyal to Stallard.

        Greg’s love interest is Officer Jillian Marie Kensett, “J.K.” for short, daughter of a ranking executive at British Air and granddaughter of a Royal Marine. She holds a psych degree from Kenyon College and after graduation obtained her citizenship before pursuing a career in policing. J.K. patrols Langdon Street, “Greek Row” for UW Madison, and does not suffer drunken frat rats or fools in general gladly. Her “prissy Brit attitude” grates on people, Tricia in particular. Even Stallard has to admit she is an acquired taste, but he and Jill are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other. In all candor she is somewhat of a fantasy, being five-foot-nine (Stana’s height) and willowy, with enchanting green eyes and a wealth of glossy black hair.

        These are admittedly no more than thumbnails, but I don’t want to take up more of the thread than I already have. Any first impressions would be appreciated.

        • TracyLee55 says

          Phillip or Steve Q- what is “Spiral Bound” is it a graphic novel? From what you wrote, is it about Kate and Rick? I did put Spiral Bound in Amazon and a lot of stuff came up. Could help a gal out? ;-}

          • Phillip says

            Tracy Lee, “Spiral Bound” is an ongoing storyline by Dmarx on the fanfic site. The premise is that Beckett, two years after moving in with Castle, comes across a spiral bound notebook containing his secret diary. He began it shortly after they first met. The diary contains his frank impressions of her as they work homicides together, including a surprising admission that he was secretly relieved when she turned down his first clumsy pass. Had Kate accepted, she would have been no more than another notch on the ol’ headboard, and like as not Castle would never have seen her again following one night of amazing but meaningless sex.

            The diary traces the history of their evolving relationship, one murder case at a time. Kate and Rick end up reading it together, usually in bed with her nested safely and comfortably in his arms. Oh yeah, two years in the passion is still there and they enjoy a healthy sex life. Which is as it should be. I’m only up to Chapter 3, but I’m happily hooked.

            First book in the current Wambaugh series is “Hollywood Station,” followed by “Hollywood Crows,” “Hollywood Moon” and “Hollywood Hills.” The newest title is “Harbor Nocturne.” Heading out on patrol now. Hoping that today I can just cruise, drink coffee, and buy my wife flowers at Farmer’s Market.

      • Phillip says

        Sorry for not replying earlier. First off, Steve Q. recommended “Spiral Bound” to me. I’m now three chapters in and hooked. The idea of retracing the evolution of Rick & Kate’s relationship through her “chance” discovery of his secret diary is an inspired one. I love seeing them getting to spend so much quality time together.

        I would like to read the graphic novel before moving on to the Nikki Heat series. Maybe use my next on-line coupon from Barnes & Noble for that.

        As for my characters…my hero is a detective, Gregory Leland Stallard by name, son of a onetime campus radical turned history professor. His mother paints seascapes and lives with her “gentleman friend” in Virginia Beach. Stallard had a younger sister who died of cystic fibrosis at an early age, which rent his parents’ already foundering marriage asunder. He himself is recently and amicably divorced from an assistant DA. His role models are Martin Castillo, the stoic, principled cop played by Edward James Olmos in the old “Miami Vice” series, and James T. Kirk.

        Stallard partners up with Tricia McAusland, who hails from Viroqua in the driftless area of western Wisconsin south of La Crosse. Trish is a lesbian, out but not in your face about it. I based her in large part on a now retired sergeant named Sue, who helped me work through my rather provincial attitudes concerning gay people. Using Sue as a template for Trish is my way of thanking her for that.

        Tricia is cheerfully cynical, telling Greg at one point “Your one failing as a cop is that you lead with your heart and not your head. You expect the best from people and always come away disappointed. I never expect them to be anything but a-holes and they have yet to let me down.” That said she is unswervingly loyal to Stallard.

        Greg’s love interest is Officer Jillian Marie Kensett, “J.K.” for short, daughter of a ranking executive at British Air and granddaughter of a Royal Marine. She holds a psych degree from Kenyon College and after graduation obtained her citizenship before pursuing a career in policing. J.K. patrols Langdon Street, “Greek Row” for UW Madison, and does not suffer drunken frat rats or fools in general gladly. Her “prissy Brit attitude” grates on people, Tricia in particular. Even Stallard has to admit she is an acquired taste, but he and Jill are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other. In all candor she is somewhat of a fantasy, being five-foot-nine (Stana’s height) and willowy, with enchanting green eyes and a wealth of glossy black hair.

        These are admittedly no more than thumbnails, but I don’t want to take up more of the thread than I already have. Any first impressions would be appreciated.

  10. says

    Tracy Lee,

    Glad all is well with you. Without getting too far off topic from a Castle discussion and perhaps
    having Admin. become concerned about far reaching subjects, I would reccomend what I consider to be Joseph Wambaugh’s landmark work called the “New Centurions”. Written in the 1970s, which I remember very well by the way, Wambaugh was still an officer with the LAPD. The book was illuminating and compelling in that it focused on the lives of the officers in their daily duties, the laughter, stress, and heart wrenching occurrences experienced by these brave individuals. It was more than a cop procedural work and exercise in writing. A non-fiction work by Wambaugh , another early writing , was called “The Onion Field” another very good read. Again, my wish for season five of Castle is that book signing by JW,a former officer, who could offer valuable insight to Kate Beckett as she faces an uncertain future with the NYPD. (She will be back on the job no doubt but the journey could be intriguing and bumpy)!!! Phillip may have other reading suggestions but these were my two starters into the JW series. The quote form the LA times about JW and his latest work was words to the effect “It’s Joseph Wambaugh’s world , other writers just live in it” well said!! Take Care,
    Best Wishes,
    Steve Q.

    • TracyLee55 says

      Thank you Steve, for the recommnedations. I did see “The Onion Field” movie many years ago, and I believe my parents read the book. Both of my parents love JW. So, I will read “New Centurions”. I have a couple of other books I must complete first, and this one will be next.

      I am curious how AWM et all will weave Kate back into the tapestry of the 12th. And how Ryan and Esposito come back again as partners, brothers in arms and friends. Hopefully both respecting the other’s choice.

      Also hope all is well with you.

      • says


        Forgot to mention that after Phillip suggested a visit to the Every New Day Fanfic several days ago I ventured over myself. I went through the five chapters in less than 30 minutes.I can only recall what Michael Corleone said in Godfather 3, “just when I think I am out they pull me back in”!!! When I thought I could hang on until season five I read those five chapters and then hope Dmarx will write chapter 6 etc. etc. Is there any hope for any of us??? Also on another lighter reading note consider the JW Hollywood Station series and as you might guess I have read them all.

        Steve Q.

        • TracyLee55 says

          Thanks Steve, I shall look that series on Amazon. And I agree Dmarx need a chapter 6. Man, is it Sept. yet?

          • TracyLee55 says

            Hey Steve or Phillip, can you tell me how many books in JW Hollywood Station series and what is the title of the first one. Though I suppose I could google the order.

          • says

            Hi Tracy,

            Loved your earlier RANT about network TV. I think in my very first post on this website I described it as a vast wasteland, I still stand by that. As for the JW Hollywood Station series : “Hollywood Station the Novel” from 2006 (can’t believe it was that long ago) ,” Hollywood Moon” from 2009, and his latest “Harbor Nocturne” just released. I think you will love the characters especially the surfer cops, the Oracle and many more. You mentioned great series i.e. NYPD Blue by Stephen Bochco and David Milch, I would also mention the prequel to that great series namely Hill Street Blues also by Bochco. Again a 1970 era TV series which was considered a groundbreaking ensemble production.( I have to stop referring to material from the 70s either written or otherwise). I would put AWM and his writers in the same category as these previously mentioned individuals. Castle can and I believe will stand along side these shows even though it has a “lighter”
            theme from week to week in that it is not totally” dark” for the whole hour. I recall in the old Hill Street series that Capt. Furillo and the beautiful public defender,Joyce Davenport had a secretive ongoing romance unbeknowst to the officers at Hill Street, (Castle season five??). When Furillo started insisting on a more open relationship , at the end of one of the best episodes, Davenport walks into his office and states “you want an open relationship Furillo well”.. i.e. one of the best episode ending kisses since “Always”. My question is how long can Kate and Rick contain themselves and maintain their secret ??? Just sayin…

            Take Care Tracy and keep writing and RANTING,
            Steve Q.

        • TracyLee55 says

          Steve and Phillip, never mind about my “Spiral Bound” inquiry. Good Lord, you just got through saying it was on the fanfic from Dmarx…. Duh? (that’s for me). And I brought it up, sorry, being a little dense there.

  11. MLibraryGal says

    Thanks Steve and Tracy. I was going to ask for the same recommendations about Wambaugh, ie where to start. The Hollywood Station series sounds intriguing. Thanks. Very cool idea about a Wambaugh book signing or as a new poker player. That’s been one of the many treats of the show that we get to meet real writers too. They’ve blurred the lines between the real world and the Castle world in so many delightful ways.

    P.S. I just checked and Chapter 6 is still not up. The number of people waiting for that just keeps growing thanks to Phillip. I hope whoever sees it first will spread the word. Night all.

  12. MLibraryGal says

    So much for going to bed. I just went back to the Dmarx site and noticed that there are several other ongoing works centered around the Castle characters. I just read the first 3 chapters of “Spiral Bound” and really enjoyed the premise of the story. By the way, it takes place 2 years in the future. Have fun!

    • TracyLee55 says

      Dear MLibraryGal:

      Ok, was planning to go to bed, but Nooooooo, ya had to get my Castle hairs tingling. ( I have absolutely no idea what that means). But I do need to get to bed, have to get up very early… what I call (and Steve Q and Phillip will get it, I think)… 0-Darkhundred.

      • Phillip says

        TracyLee, I actually wrote a scene incorporating that phrase. My hero and heroine, Greg Stallard and Jillian (the Brit) Kensett, have been awakened at 5 AM by a call from her father in England, where it is already mid-morning. Greg wonders aloud whether Mr. Kensett appreciates that it’s “oh-dark-hundred” in Wisconsin. Jillian reminds him that “Daddy” served two tours in the SAS, England’s equivalent of the Green Berets, and in her words “considers anyone still in the rack after 4 AM to be a hopeless slacker.”

        As to Joe Wambaugh…I would recommend his first novel “New Centurions” with a cautionary note: the (male) characters are products of their time, meaning some are openly racist and others whore around. (Hope that language is not too graphic for Admin) Avoid “Choirboys” unless you want to be depressed. Your best bet is to read his more recent Hollywood Station series, which is reflective of the polygot makeup of the present day LAPD.

        Off. Sue and I had to deal today with a menage a trois complicated by the fact that one third of the “trois,” a guy named Farahn (he’s Pakastani) pulled a 9mm handgun on our reporting party Brandon. This occurred in the wake of Brandon surprising Farahn in bed with his (Brandon’s) ex, Anna. As if that weren’t awkward enough, they were in flagrante delecto at the time.

        Sue and I were still debriefing Brandon outside his apartment house when he helpfully pointed out to us that Farahn was driving off in his silver Dodge Crossfire. We ended up doing a high-risk stop: red and blue lights, handguns drawn (Sue deployed her rifle) ordering Farahn out at gunpoint. I didn’t realize until I went to clear the vehicle that Anna was in the passenger seat. Pulled her out too, not that I enjoy training my Glock on someone who resembles my daughter, but determined in the end we had no probable cause to arrest her. Farahn went to jail on a weapons charge and we booked Brandon in on domestic disorderly conduct. We might create case law on this one because Farahn is to our knowledge the first Wisconsin resident with a concealed carry permit to be arrested for threatening someone with a pistol.

        Farahn mentioned in passing that he put in an application for our 2013 recruit class. I’m thinking that one’s a non-starter. And no, not all my days are like this.

        • says


          Thanks for expanding on the JW novel New Centurions for Tracy Lee and others with the cautionary warning.
          Although I mentioned that the novel was written in the 70s I should not have assumed that everyone would be aware of the male behavior and their mindset of the time period. Sounds like you had another “routine” day on the job and I don’t wish to be redundant but glad you and your partner came out unscathed. On a “lead” from MLibraryGal I located another set of ongoing works by DMarx entitled “Spiral Bound”.
          The author, and I concur that I think she is female (another assumption??), is extremely talented in her writing. I have read twenty five chapters as of today.It’s worth a look when you have time. Like the concept that it is set in a future time period.Hope to chat again soon.


        • TracyLee55 says

          Hi Phillip,

          As you have said (and I have to things I have seen in the hospital) You can’t make this stuff up. I think that’s why when they have a good TV show on….like Castle or NYPD Blue, ER (most of the time anyway) etc., the viewer does not realize a lot of these stories come from the consultants who have seen this. Glad neither you or nor Sue were hurt in chase or by Brandon or Farahn. Yeah, I think Farahn better think of another career choice.

          • Phillip says

            Tracy, I would so love to watch an old Irish copper like Joseph Wambaugh, who has written with such power and eloquence about the psychological fallout police officers are prone to, counsel Katherine on how being a detective is her first, best destiny. (I stole that phrase from “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”) Steve, that’s a wonderful idea and I can only hope one of the writers reads this thread and incorporates it in a script.

          • MLibraryGal says

            Phillip, you are having way too much fun, and I’m glad you and everyone involved are still in one piece. I will think good thoughts that you and yours remain in one piece.
            I loved your synopsis of your main characters and your little teaser that you just dangled for us. I definitely want to read and learn more. I’ll work on a synopsis for my characters and share as soon as I can. Mine’s a genre mash-up since I like mystery, paranormal, romance and sci-fi. The book is more of the first three than the last.

            TracyLee, thanks for the gentle reminder that we’re all real writers here. I needed to see that. Oh, and I too loved your rant on the dearth of decent TV programing. Reality shows are cheap to produce and for whatever reason have proven wildly popular so success will beget success until American audiences get tired of them. On the plus side, that theoretically leaves more money for the few wonderful, high quality shows that still do get made like our beloved Castle. Hey, it could happen:)

            Steve Q and Phillip, I really like your Wambaugh book signing idea. I will think good thoughts that it leaks through somehow to M and company. Hey, it too could happen:)

  13. TracyLee55 says

    Hi Phillip,

    Thank you to both you and Steve Q for recommending the JW Hollywood Station series. I will check those out. It might be a little bit before I do. I am “On Call” at work, so at the mercy of the schedule and in kind of a “Feast or Famine” way. I was laid off last July 2011 from the Health Corp that owns the Trauma Hospital I work in (along w/5 others in Portland, OR where I live). Was off for 6 months and then re-hired this last February, but could only get On Call. I pray I will get a full time benefited position soon, and believe I will. First time I have been with out any health insurance in close to 30 years, so am somewhat sympathetic to those who don’t have any. So I say this to say: money is a tad tight, and I need to be much more disciplined than I have been. So the books will wait until I can afford them. Didn’t mean to cry “Poor me”, truly, I have a roof over my head, I sleep in a bed not on concrete, and I have food in my cupboard and refrigerator. God has been so good to me. He has provided for me, and has seen and is continually seeing me through some difficult times. And my faith in Him is what keeps me going.

    “Hoping that today I can just cruise, drink coffee, and buy my wife flowers at Farmer’s Market.” I quoted you, because I pray (and did) that you have that kind of day today. Just relax, cruise, and bad guys leave you alone. Then go buy your wife those flowers, and have a wonderful evening with your family. They are blessed to have you as you are to have them.

    Take care Phillip, be safe.

    • TracyLee55 says

      Oh and Admin, did not mean to “Off Topic” again. We may need to open another thread, like a bunch of us did in “Trueheart’s Castldome”. Phillip, Steve and everyone else, please join us there any time. We talk Castle, and a whole lot of other stuff, but a lot of Castle. We have been together 2 months tomorrow, and already have almost 200 pages of posts. But please do not be intimidated by that, you don’t have to read all the back posts to join in the conversation. Just jump it. Like a lot of the other wonderful threads out there, we have women and men from all over the world who visit us, and some stay.

    • says

      Hey Tracy Lee,

      First of all I would say keep your chin up, good things happen to good people! Secondly I would think that Portland would have an excellent library system with more than one branch. Look at this way Tracy if you have State, city, and/or municipal taxes taken out of your paycheck you in effect OWN a piece of that library. If you don’t have a library card go get one, if they don’t have a particular JW book in their house ask them to get it from another branch. Since I have retired I have taken full advantage of the local library where I reside and get many of the new mystery writers’ works by putting my name on a waiting list.
      I have done this with absolutely no embarassment involved simply by my thought process that perhaps it’s time for certain areas of city,state, and Federal gov. to serve me and my family after my thirty years of serving them. Most librarys have an extensive mystery section so go for it!!

      Who knows they may even have a Nikki Heat novel or two already there. Thanks to Phillip out on patrol as we speak for remembering the other Hollywood Station novels. I guess the old gray matter in this head is slipping somewhat, bottom line they were all good, and I do remember reading the entire series. Take care of yourself and we will chat again soon.
      Thanks to Admin. in advance for allowing me to rant somewhat and go somewhat off topic.
      Steve Q.

      • TracyLee55 says

        Thanks Steve,

        We do have libraries and quite a few, though like a lot of states they are subject to budget cuts. Every time a voting measure comes up to keep them open, I always vote “Yes”. And thank you for reminding of the Library. I did not even think of that! We can keep the book, I think 2 or 3 weeks, which will give me plenty of time. I do have a Library card, got one about a year ago after years of not having one (I had one as a kid/teenager). I checked out movies (and TV shows, though not Castle, those I own or download). And they have waiting lists too.

        I agree, you served the government, now you need to let them serve you.

        So I will check them out and order if they do not have. I have to finish a couple of different books I am reading first and some homework on a class I am taking at my church, but the JW Hollywood Station books will be next.

        And to both you and Phillip, I did enjoy Hill Street Blues, too. One of my favorite shows. Not that crazy about the two “Rookie” shows that have been recently shown. (forget their names), have either of you seen them, and what do you think?.

        But I agree, I think Castle, and Kate Beckett along with Esposito, Ryan (as the cops) and Castle will be mentioned in the annals of good “crime drama” in years to come.

  14. says

    MLibrary Gal,

    I think you and I have talked and conversed around each other but not directly. Just saying Hi directly for a change. Tracy Lee , Phillip and I converse on such an ongoing and enjoyable basis that sometimes I neglect to recognize other great posts and ideas from folks such as yourself. I have told Phillip on more than one occasion how I miss the job . I have been retired for almost eight years and as he so succinctly phrased it , I certainly don’t miss the circus but the “clowns” will never be forgotten.
    My statement to Truheart on another thread is that people who have been on the job never really retire, we merely walk away as others continue on. I would be interested in both yours and Phillip’s literary work and will keep my fingers crossed for a publisher who knows great writing when they see it. Continue on with that thought in mind !! By the way a Castle repeat is on tonight at 9:00 P.M. Central .

    Best Regards,
    Steve Q.

    • MLibraryGal says

      Hi Steve Q.
      Thanks for the introduction. I had gathered that you were a retired police officer which is one of the reasons that I enjoy your perspective so much. My grandfather was a small town police officer and then police chief, but had retired by the time I was old enough to really pay attention. Sometimes he would tell stories about various “characters ” that he encountered in his work. Most of his stories would have fit well in Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. My how times have changed!

      Thanks for your good wishes on my book. It truly does mean a lot.

  15. Phillip says

    MLibraryGal, I’m actually relieved to hear your work in progress is a “genre mashup,” in that my story is also a procedural with a science fiction element. I already had the characters sketched and got to wondering one day what would happen if they were unwillingly relocated to an urban environment where the traits that made them good cops–humanity, tolerance, a reluctance to use force unless in defense of their lives–could get them killed. And what if this environment existed in a concurrent reality and they had no way of returning to ours? That’s pretty much my premise. I feel much less self-conscious admitting this now that I know you’re working along the same lines.

    TracyLee, you’re correct, probably time to start a new thread. I oft times wonder if Admin ever looks in on us, so to speak, and asks herself what she’s created.

    • TracyLee55 says

      Have either of you and Steve Q ever heard of the “In Death” Series by JD Robb? (actually Nora Roberts). It takes place I believe in the latter part of the 21st Century. And is about a smart, savvy, gutsy female Detective and a very rich man (billionaire) who falls in love w/her. Sound familiar? The characters are Detective Eve Dallas and Roarke a billionaire Irishman. Trueheart put us on to these in our thread “Trueheart’s Castledom. The books started in 1995 and there are like 35 of them now. A lot of sex in them, (a little to much for me, I am not a prude, but just kind of made me uncomfortable, but I still recommend them. They are well written. I did not finish the first one, I could not for various reasons. But everyone on the site who has read them say they are excellent and that AWM and Terri must have read them, ’cause Castle is similar in so many ways.

    • MLibraryGal says

      That sounds like a really cool plot twist, Phillip. I like it already. TracyLee, nice catch on the “In Death” series. I’ve often thought that Stana Katic would make a perfect Eve Dallas. Their physical descriptions are very similar, plus she’s such a great actress.

      If we’re moving to another thread, please let me know how that works. I’m a total newb at this stuff. Thanks and good night all.

      • TracyLee55 says

        Good night to you too. I have had some trouble sleeping, so took an ambien followed up a bit later w/ a Hydro-codon for a small back issues I have been having.. I rarely take either one, and especially together (I worked in a Pain Clinic, I know how this stuff works).. So admittedly I am feeling a tad woozy, so I think I need to go to bed. I have to be at work at 0-Darkhundred. So need my wits about me. (How do people take this stuff on a regular basis? Feel like a beer too….. Just kiding, now heading to bed, before I type something more bizarre.

        Good Night!

        • Phillip says

          TracyLee, reasonably quiet Saturday and I had time to patrol on foot around Capitol Square and buy my wife a floral arrangement for her (45th) birthday. The high point (literally!) occurred when Off. Cindy and I assisted the State Capitol police with a psychotic homeless woman threatening to jump from the lower observation deck of the Capitol dome. The state cops had dealt with her before, actually looked a little bored, and decided in short order to facilitate an involuntary commitment to Happy Acres outside Oshkosh. She was so broad across the beam they had to chain two sets of handcuffs together so as not to dislocate one or both shoulders.

          Might I suggest we reconvene on the “Tapestry” thread? Only 8 postings there at last count.

          • MLibraryGal says

            Hi all,
            I went on over to the Tapestry thread and followed up on a comment of Phillips. Hopefully, I will see you all there!