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There’s already been speculation on Twitter whether we will see 50 Shades of Castle in Season 5 and considering the penchant for fab writer duo Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller to act out scenes, I wouldn’t put this sexy little tidbit past them. The spin they could put on this especially after “Cuffed” last year would undoubtedly take things in a wild direction. What will challenge the writers is how well they “turn up the heat” and keep Castle and Beckett in the hot zone.

The writers already have a huge “gimme” with the two actors and the boiling hot chemistry they seem to generate without much effort. Stana Katic simmers with a smoky sexuality that played perfectly with Nathan Fillion’s adorably puppy-like antics for four years. Both actors convey volumes in looks, gestures and voice. Their ability to switch it up to serious sensuality gives the writers the opportunity to sizzle, simmer or just boil over at their whim.

Some have expressed concern that once characters get together the fire dies. That does not have to happen. A good example of this is Romance writers that write series characters. Karen Marie Moning writes a series called “Fever” with wicked hot characters that bump and clash with each other and yet are willing to risk everything to stay together. JD Robb aka Nora Roberts and her “In Death” series is a great example of opposites attracting and locking together in a smoldering magnetic hold.

The key to writing and maintaining heat between the two leads is remembering these are still the same people. They will still argue, clash and want their own way. The dynamic has not changed and it is important the writers realize this and use it to their advantage. Even with the flash and fire of a physical relationship, Castle is still filled with fun-loving antics and curiosity and Beckett is still driven and grounded. This won’t change overnight – not even with their hookup.

Castle and Beckett have a volatile relationship for sure. Each comes with baggage and they will definitely meander through obstacles finding the common ground. Figuring out what these two really have will be a driving undercurrent next year. The writers like realism so Castle and Beckett will need to grow as friends and lovers to solidify the relationship. It is almost expected to use a foil like Lainie to help Kate figure out the right moves until she gets her footing.

It would be interesting to give the talented ensemble of writers a summer reading list of romance novels but considering how crafty Andrew Marlowe is, I’m sure he’s already thought of it.


  1. Shutterbug5269 says

    These two are still going to fight and argue and bicker just like they did before. The things that annoyed them both about each other are still going to, but now that they are together they are going to have to work through it.

    They are still going to hurt each other, just that now they have to work through that hurt, get past it, and figure out where they fit together. Just like real couples do.

  2. kat says

    I often think of Eve and Rourke from the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb when I watch Castle. There’s a very similar dynamic going on. They fight, they argue, they are at odds often, but underneath it all there is a deep love and a recognition that they are “it” for each other.

    Love is messy and beautiful and frustrating, and exhiliarating. It’s not always easy, but nothing worth having ever is. So I’m looking forward to seeing Andrew Marlowe and his writers will bring us in Season 5. I have a feeling it’s going to be good.

  3. DSF54 says

    You can also think of the Catherine Coulter FBI Thrillers also. They have quite a sizzle.

  4. Lauren says

    I completely agree with Kat… these two are so much like Eve and Roarke! I can absoloutely picture Beckett as Eve! Can’t wait for the next season and the end of the current(ish) one- the UK’s a bit behind the US!!

    • kat says

      Wouldn’t youjust love to see Stana play Eve in an “In Death” movie? I think she would be perfect. She’s got the moxie, the ability to play her vulnerable side when the dreams come, and she’s around the right age. It would be fabuous.

  5. Elsa Renee Celniker says

    CASTLE: Season Five:

    Opening scene, next morning, Castle watches Becket as she sleeps. She stirs….awakens and says, “Good morning, Castle. Cuffs?”

    Castle: “no. Just us,” (They wrap their arms around each other and kiss. He pauses, still smiling at her) “Beckett, Last night a beautiful woman knocked on my door. When I opened it, she barged in, threw herself at me and kissed me. (Pauses for reaction) Of course I resisted, but she over powered me.”

    Beckett: (Smiling) “A wet beautiful woman?”

    Castle: “I forgot that part.”

    Beckett: “What did you do?”

    Castle: (Smiling) “Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I succumbed.” (They hug and kiss again.)

    Castle: “Kate, it’s taken too long, we almost became victims of bad timing. We almost lost each other. I don’t want to waste any more time, I’m in this for the long haul, (seriously) are you?”

    Beckett: (Teasingly) “…Yes, yes, yes, I will, yes…”

    Castle (confused), “Quoting Ulysses, you’ve read it?”

    Beckett: (shrugging shoulders, nods) “I have, Stanford, you know.”

    Castle: (thoughtfully) “and Parker, Susan Silverman?”

    Beckett: (Quickly) “Spenser?”

    Castle: “Joyce and Parker – You’re full of surprises. (Caresses her) We’ve wasted four years.”

    Beckett: “You were a horny wise cracking nine year old following me around getting in my way. I was looking for an adult.”

    Castle: “Is a horny wise cracking Bar Mitzvah okay?”

    Beckett: (Smiling) “It is.”

    • Jackie says

      Elsa, I can totally picture that scene. My version too starts with Castle watching Beckett sleep. (propped up on his elbow,looking down at her)
      Then Beckett slowly wakes up and looks up at him with that ‘wow,i can’t believe that happened’ smile on her face.
      Castle then says ‘Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming’.
      Castle gets a wide eyed ,surprised look on his face….
      Beckett ( with her hands still under the covers) says ‘ what?…you told me to pinch you.’

      Ok, I won’t quit my day job :)

  6. Jackie says

    Good for you for going back to school!
    This is a great article, and couldn’t agree more with you on the capable hands this show is in.
    Castle is one of the most well written shows i’ve watched. I have no doubt season 5 will awesome!

    • HomebakedLife says

      Thanks, Jackie! I appreciate it. And you’re right, Season 5 will be awesome.

  7. Marie says

    I can’t wait for S5 to see how AM & the writers are going to handle the morning after. I just hope the opening scene is of C&B in bed, looking at each other (shyly), smiling & giving each other a loving kiss. This will be sooooooo cute! AM promised that S5 will begin where S4 ended. I believe he will be true to his words.

    It’s going to be a great S5. There are so many ways to go with the relationship. I wonder how they’ll handle being at work together all day and then being a couple at night! That is way too much togetherness for me. It’ll be fun to see how they interact at work. I think Beckett’s going to be tease… she just loves to make him crazy.

    There’s so much chemistry between these two that I don’t think it’s going to be a problem to keep that going… I hope we get to see warm and caring moments between them. That we see more of Beckett’s wall coming down, until she feels “safe” enough to tell Castle that she loves him. I look forward to seeing how she develops. This is her first real love, IMO, and it’s not going to be easy for her to give of herself unconditionally to Castle. This is not going to be easy for someone as controlling as she is. These are the scenes that will drive this show. These scenes are what we, IMHO, are looking forward to, especially Beckett finally telling Castle that she loves him.

    I would love to see scene’s outside the precinct with all of the characters sharing good times.
    I want to see C&B out on a “first date”, maybe dinner , dancing, and then dessert!! ha! ha!

    Can you tell that I have major OCD?

    • HomebakedLife says

      I hear you on the OCD. I think Season 5’s premiere will be very, very interesting.

      • Phillip 07 says

        Fairly brief but newsy interview with Andrew Marlowe on the site you may wish to check out. [Spoilers removed]

          • Phillip 07 says

            Sorry, Admin…I reasoned that if it was already in the public domain it was not, technically speaking, a “Spoiler.” I shall be more mindful of that next time.

          • says

            Anything that hasn’t aired yet is a spoiler :) Some people really hate to stumble across spoilers without warning so we try to keep those kinds of articles in the Spoiler Zone