Article: What makes Castle extraordinary?

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Every now and then I still meet people who have never heard of Castle. I wonder how that is even possible. I keep telling them that they have to look it up. And then I try to explain what makes the Show so special. To me Castle is the best show on TV right now.

When I started watching Castle the first thing that drew me in was the great chemistry between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Their portrays of Castle and Beckett feel so real, so vivid and honest. He’s the successful Writer who is looking for a Muse and she is a Detective and his Muse who is looking for closure. In my opinion something that makes this Show so special is the way Andrew Marlowe handled the relationship between those two. Both are so in sync that it is beautiful to watch. He’s the safety net for her while she brings out the best in him. Over four Seasons Andrew Marlowe had Castle and Beckett develop a deep understanding for each other which assures me that a relationship between those two will work out just fine. That deep understanding they have for each other will help keep their relationship exciting. I personally can’t wait to see how adorable they are together.

Something else I think is very special about this show is the friendship between Ryan and Esposito. Their bromance is incredible fun to watch. Their bickering never fails to make me smile. They always have each other’s back. Until recently. After all Ryan only meant good. In the end Ryan was right. Every friendship has it’s up and downs. If the people are still standing by your side when the downs are over, you know you can really count on them.

I also love the way the relationship between Castle and Alexis is written. Alexis is always so insightful although she’s still so young. And she helped Castle countless times to solve a case. Molly Quinn and Nathan Fillion have an incredible chemistry on screen. You’d believe them anything. It’s so beautiful to watch how Alexis is growing up and finding her own way in life. And painful to see how Castle realizes that he can’t do anything about it. His little girl is not a little girl anymore. And then there is Martha who is always making me smile and who is very smart when also a little bit crazy in her own way. Her relationship with Castle and Alexis is great. Three generations under one roof always guarantees fun and conflict.

And then there are the rare scenes between Beckett and Lanie that I literally live for. It’s always nice to see a glimpse of their friendship. However, I think we haven’t seen enough of their friendship yet. We still don’t know how deep their friendship is. I’m hoping we get to see more of those scenes in the next season.

What I think makes Castle extraordinary is the way Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the cast and crew care about the characters. They take care that the characters are vivid, that we can relate to them. That we want to cry with them, that we want to comfort them or that we want to scream at them. Almost every Episode contains something to make us smile. Every Episode gets to touch our hearts. Andrew didn’t rush Castle and Beckett into something, he let them unfold. He had Castle and Beckett change and grow together. Andrew and the rest of the writers know how to deliver good and vivid dialog and mix it with a good deal of storytelling and action. The Actors know exactly what they do. They know how to deliver the lines to make the characters come alive. They all have incredible chemistry with each other and they can make us feel what they do. That’s a rare gift.

I don’t know about you but after seeing “Always” the Season 4 Finale I know I can trust Andrew. I will gladly hand him my heart and trust him not to stomp onto it. I know everyone on Castle handles the characters with respect. And what I also know is that they all do care about their fans. Castle is a story not only about love but also about friendship, the constant change and struggle in life. Life usually doesn’t go the way we plan it. But it’s okay. It teaches us that change is not by all means a bad thing. Castle is extraordinary because we can all relate to it one-way or the other.

What do you think makes Castle extraordinary?


  1. musiclover says

    I agree with you nicbeh, I love the relationships on this show and the chemistry between Nathan and Stana as well as the other actors as a whole. I cannot wait to see Castle season 5. I can’t wait to see Castle and Beckett be together and how everyone else will find out and how they will react. I also can’t wait to see where the premiere picks up with Ryan and Esposito and if Esposito is still mad at Ryan for telling Gates about the case.

  2. Shena says

    Nicbeh, you are so right! Every character is given equal care in their development. Although the show is called “Castle”, it is really about the entire Castle family — inside and outside of the 12th.

    You wrote: “I will gladly hand [Marlowe] my heart and trust him not to stomp onto it.” I feel the exact same way. I have never been so emotionally invested in a television show — I know that they are just characters, but I like to think they are real people with real faults and real relationships. Marlowe has presented something that is very true and honest. This is why I have fallen in love with every aspect of “Castle”.

  3. Honey Apostos says

    The show is written in a way that is smart but it is still funny too. They dont rely on gruesome visuals to keep your attention. It is also well acted. When I first started watching, I wondered why hadn’t seen these actors more on prime time television. I hope ABC knows the treasure it has with Castle.
    Castle is the kind of man most women want, with Kate he has to work for it. Hard. It is reassuring to see with all the beer guzzling couch warming men out there. I would not be surprised if men tried describing themselves as “Castle like” to get a date. Castle wouldn’t be Cast;le without Nathan to play him.
    I wish Nathan a lot of wonderful dates. There are enough women out here professing their undying love after all.

  4. SafeWordApples says

    I’m constantly planning plans for my future. I think that I know how I want my life to look like. I know I want to study in Harvard university, become a pathologist, and after finishing my degree in medicine, I want to work at Philadelphia’s Medical Center. I’ve been thinking about all those stuff while reading the finale sentences in your article: “Life usually doesn’t go the way we plan it. But it’s okay. It teaches us that change is not by all means a bad thing.” And then it occurred to me, that it might not happen. That my dreams might not come true, or at least won’t happen exactly as I plan. And for the first time, it didn’t bother me at all. Castle is the reason why I started to be interested in medicine and pathology, and it’s also probably the reason why I’m not scared if something may go wrong, or that my plans may fall down the drain. And your article helped me realize this. And I can’t be more grateful. You helped me understand that I need to let go a little bit and focus on what’s happening now, not the future. I guess all I need to care about for now is finishing school with straight A’s. Then we’ll see..

    • says

      Thanks a lot. Your reply really made my day. I hope all your dreams come true. And if you become a pathologist I should keep in touch with you cuz Im writing a lot of crime related stuff and can always use someone with knowledge. 😉 But yes concentrate on the here and now and Im sure you’ll do awesome.

  5. Rachel Berg says

    I agree completely with nicbeh. I love Castle all of it the cast and their relationships are just so wonderful to watch and hearthwarming and the writing is superb. I just love to see the relationship grow between Castle and Beckett and Ryan and Esposito and of course
    Castle and Alexis and his mother. I love it all. So looking foward to season 5 I know it will be worth waiting for all summer it will be great as we all expect.