Article: What’s Next? Honeymoon & Babies?

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Speculation is rife about what Season 5 of “Castle” will behold with many unanswered questions about the identity of Johanna Beckett’s murderer and the identity of Castle’s dad to what will the relationship of the newly minted couple look like.

Nathan Fillion shared his thoughts in a recent Parade interview in which he said, “I imagine there’s going to be a honeymoon phase, and then a honeymoon’s-over phase, where it’s like, ‘Can you pass me the remote?’ ” He laughs. “And then they’ll be fighting: ‘You watch too much TV.’ ‘You’re always cleaning your gun.’ Typical relationship stuff.” His version starts with Beckett giving come hither looks to transitioning to domestic chores and ratty jammies to arguing when they first wake up.

Stana Katic, as fans are aware, is one of the biggest Caskett shippers out there but she hasn’t spoken up recently about the developments that may happen after the stupendous season 4 finale. We know she quotes the Thin Man series often to say that chemistry need not die if the couple get together. In that series Nick and Nora Charles are married private detectives and have a dog (Did the season 4 episode Embarrassment of Bitches foreshadow this?) so we know in which direction Stana is headed. However, the quote that is the basis for the video is from an interview with Entertainment Tonight in September 2011, when she says what Castle should do is to "Grab her, make out with her and make babies".

The writers of the show have hinted about Beckett's desire for “Castle babies” in Season 2 episode Food to Die For when Beckett’s friend Madison tells her “You’re hot for Castle. You want to make Castle babies. Why couldn’t you just be honest?”

There is a fan made video that suggests Beckett and Castle are going to have not one, but two babies! One of the best things about this video is the way the announcement of the said babies is made. It is in the form of an “entertainment scoop” on a fake website in which Richard Castle’s publicist says that Castle and his Queen are going to welcome doubled pawns, which is a chess move when two pawns of the same color are on the same file, hence twins. In keeping with the Castle lore, the other fake news items on the same page are a reference to Firefly and the Blue Butterfly.

Of the two versions of where the Castle Beckett’s relationship will go I prefer to side with Stana’s optimistic version rather than Nathan’s pessimistic version.

What I find fascinating is that the show’s characters have opposing views to the stars who play them. While Nathan has been cynical, his character Castle is the sentimental one believing in happy endings and siding with star crossed lovers and wishing for extraordinary magic in relationships. He is also the one who declared himself albeit when faced with the chance that he may never get to see her again. He is the one who believes in "always". He is also an amazing father and of the two characters more likely to give fatherhood another go sooner than Beckett.

Beckett may have repressed yearnings for “Castle babies” but in her present state of mind, she has a lot of debris from the fallen wall to take care of before she starts to think about motherhood. She has not even told Castle that she loves him, which she clearly does as has been indicated by the show’s writers time and again throughout the four seasons, but particularly in Season 3 episode Anatomy of a Murder when she tells Castle that she would break him out of prison not knowing that he and his mother had had a conversation earlier in which Martha had told him that breaking someone out of jail at the cost of everything was a sign of true love.

To borrow Stana’s words, right now Beckett is more in the “grab her and make out phase” which will bode well for the TV show as the writers can play up the “honeymoon phase” for another few seasons. This decision will no doubt make both the stars happy, both the characters happy, and needless to say, all “Castle” fans happy.

What are your thoughts on the future of their relationship?


  1. Phillip says

    katillion, I have some trepidation about being the first to post on a new discussion thread. Kind of like not wishing to be the first to leave footprints in newfallen snow. That said those of us who frequent the site appreciate the time and attention you devoted to this.

    I’m inclined to believe Nathan spoke with tongue firmly in cheek, though I’m glad we have Stana’s romanticism to balance out his snark. It does represent an interesting reversal of their on-screen roles. I expect we’ll be well into Season 5 before there’s serious discussion of moving in, much less matrimony and parenthood. It would be nice to see some late night pillow talk, and foot rubs, and John Woo movie nights, and dinner at some secluded little Italian restaurant ending in a chorus of “I know who the killer is!” Can’t wait.

    • katillion says

      Thanks for your comment, Phillip. Just to clarify for readers who may think I want “honeymoon and babies” I really do not. And I don’t think the writers will hasten the relationship too quickly because if it took them 4 seasons to reach this stage it will take them more seasons to notch it up one more level. And that’s the way it should be. I believe that the Castle and Beckett relationship is a byproduct of the chemistry between Nathan and Stana and the immense furore from Caskett shippers. The writers might have continued to maintain a light hearted banter indefinitely if it was up to them. Also, the main crux of the show is murder and mystery and that is what it should remain. I was only basing my comments arising out of the video “Castle and Beckett – What’s Next After Always? Honeymoon and Babies”

      • Phillip says

        Katillion, not to worry. I for one never interpreted your article as an argument for fast-tracking the relationship to point where Castle & Beckett are shopping for baby furniture by the end of Season 5. I hope and trust the writers will be smart enough to pace themselves. Incidentally, I checked out the fan video and found it surprisingly professional from a technical standpoint in addition to being a true labor of love.

      • Beckstle says

        Nice article and it is interesting the difference between the actors and the characters. However, your comment about the writers wanting to keep it as light banner really doesn’t fit. The writers, affectionately known as “Milmar” have always maintained that Castle was a love story – one in part inspired by their own relationship. As writers they are all about solid storytelling.

        I DO understand the cynicism of saying they would have kept it light as long as possible, because every show since Moonlighting has followed that ridiculous pattern. Yet, when you go season by season it’s clear that the drama aspects of the relationship and Beckett’s Mom’s murder were being built in. Marlowe has said on more than one occasion that the the murder/conspiracy storyline was connected to building the Caskett relationship, and that their getting together was not the end of the series. So I don’t think it was ever his intention to have later seasons be as lighthearted as season 1. He’s taken it up a notch each season.

        Now, maybe Nathan thought it would be lighthearted all the time, or the ABC people thought so, but the writers, no. They do have to balance alot of different factors in their writing – like ABC, the fans, Nathan – and that can’t be easy. Still, just from the writing itself, I think they’ve had the relationship idea from day one, including it leading to Always.

  2. aussiecastlefan says

    I think that any relationship whether it is on tv or in real life have their ups and downs and I think the writers should take their time in getting Caskett married and having babies. I think that there is alot more for them to get through and I think maybe it should be Ryan and Jenny having a baby first.

  3. Parry says

    From the latest Nathan interviews like the one with Stan Lee and Jenna Bush, it seems as if he has changed his tune or maybe he was asked to so as not be too negative because he took another tact and said all the right things about all relationships having hurdles and there will be some of those to play around with in the upcoming season. Also I know this may sound like a rant but it twists my knickers the way Nathan refers to Castle and Beckett as hooking up. The man he plays is head over heels over Beckett…it is not casual hooking ups he has with other deep fried twinkies. If I didn’t know better I would say he’s like a boy in kindergarten who pushes the girl he likes because he doesn’t want to be seen as mooshy.

    • says

      I think you’re misinterpreting Nathan, I don’t think he sees the character as just hooking up for a one night thing.

    • katillion says

      Hi Parry, it is true that Nathan is not a Casketteer, to coin a term, like Stana is but I don’t think Nathan has actually refered to Castle and Beckett as “hooking up” in those terms. If at all, it is the media who use that term term when they are asking questions to the cast and they probably just saw the steamy scene because it is one of the most rewindable moments of 2012 season finales and therefore getting the most attention. They may not know about the buildup to it.

      Also, Nathan is an actor and an individual. He does not have to match the emotional ups and downs and desires of his character. In real life he can not even like Beckett if he wants and that should be his right.

      • KittyCatMittens says

        Yeah, you got that right, Nathans opinion on Caskett should not change our state of mind towards the show.Off the stage he’s not Castle and his words ,then, affect the show itself no more then any other viewers opinion.

        Although,sometimes, it is hard for us to keep him and Castle divided in our subconscious, we must remind ourselves that, so we can enjoy the show for what it is.

        Oh and off the record, I never pegged N.F. for a ‘Debbie Downer’ … just saying 😉

      • Parry says

        I didn’t mean “hooking up” as one night stand per se but basically Castle loves Beckett, she comes to him finally, they share intimacy beyond sex and then NF who plays Castle dismisses it like ‘oh yeah, they hooked up”. Its like people calling girlfriends/wives, “the old ball and chain”. IMO (and holding up my right to my opinion) , I think Nathan is disrespectful about what happened. Maybe it is because the writers went against his wishes which he expressed many times about how he saw the relationship progressing (Cheers vs Moonlighting in the ET inetrview) but he doesn’t make it about the culmination of a build up as you call it.

        KittycatMittens has a point about it though…I am a rabid Caskett shipper and get all protective of them

    • BarryWeen says

      The other thing about Nathan Fillion I’ve seen in a majority of his interviews is you can’t really tell how serious he is about the things he says. I do believe most of the time he has tongue firmly planted in cheek.

      But it’s true that Stana is more of a shipper than he is. Stana believes the relationship can progress and realistically evolve and be a great love story which is how creator Andrew Marlowe envisions the show.

      I think Nathan is not opposed to this progression per se just perhaps more cautious about heading into this territory and perhaps on some level he has some fears about the “dreaded moonlighting curse”. A curse which is wrongly applied when on-screen couples get together as what went wrong with Moonlighting had nothing to do with the whole UST and will they/won’t they situation.

      • says

        BarryWeen you are so right. Nathan’s humour often gets missed in interviews, by either the interviewer or the people reading/watching. It’s not always easy to catch it if you don’t know his style.

        I think the thing with Nathan and where he wants things to go with Castle is simply that he doesn’t want to see everything go right for him all the time, he wants the character to be interesting, to have issues to deal with and to sometimes make mistakes and get himself in trouble. I think he’s fine with the relationship, but just not without some challenges along the way, he doesn’t want things to always go right for them every week because that would be boring, and I tend to agree! I don’t want to see them break up (not unless it’s extremely brief maybe once) but i don’t want things to always go right for them either because it’s not only boring but also means you can’t relate to them.

    • Maple says

      I am new to Castle after the Always media blitz so I have been voraciously reading everything I can on this website and others including the comments under fanvideos to catch up four seasons. I can’t help feeling a little sympathetic towards Nathan Fillion. Some Castle fans really take everything he says personally from choosing Inara over Beckett to his reaction about Castle and Beckett getting together. Lighten up, folk! It’s just a TV show.

  4. Honey Apostos says

    I agree. The Castle and Beckett relationship should keep developing at a consistent rate. Jumping forward is only going to ruin things. Working up to a Nick and Nora set up could be interesting. Just when they get really comfortable with it then the writer’s can see that Beckett gets knocked up if they so choose. It could take several seasons to get to that point.
    Ryan and Jenny having a baby would work.
    A pregnancy scare for Lanie and Esposito might throw cold water on the booty calls and help them decide whether they want to resume a romantic relationship or call it quits. Or a similar situation with another couple, a friend of Ryan and Esposito’s ends up a Daddy with his booty call partner which gets everyone thinking about it and talking about babies.
    First and foremost Castle is a mystery and should remain so.

    • says

      Not so fast, Honey. Castle is a love story (states AWM). The murder mystery solving is their foreplay. I believe that the creator and team of writers are very talented storytellers. They’ve held us in suspense for 4 years, but the story isn’t over. It’s just beginning. I’m hoping that we will be shown characters whose relationship has some challenges but these smart, loving people can overcome those issues in healthy and loving ways and not like the immature monsters on reality tv shows.
      Is it September, yet?

  5. dile says

    lets not be in a hurry to move into fantasy land. Even though I was very sympathetic to castle’s plight till now: being close to the one you love and not knowing whether its going to happen or not, but the focus of the next season should be about the mystery of Kate’s mother’s killing. i for one wants to know who the all- powerful schemer is more than i want to see the castle babies, furthermore the show could risk being all about romance and hook ups if much emphasis is plced on caskett and explaney. I would want a twist to the story, at the very beginning of the next season, which is completely and widely not expected by the viewers. Like the season starting post caskett break up, in which case we have to relive the relationship as the season unfolds, or something thats unexpected.

    Maybe, I’m averse to seeing a happy casskett union because I’m in love with kate and I cant stand castle loving her too…………….lol

  6. terilou8 says

    Castle has shown to be a romantic and I think Beckett has been shown at times to want to be a romantic. When Ryan and Jenny got engaged, Kate almost cried and said it was “so intimate.”. When Castle asked her once how do you know you are in love, Kate said,”All the songs make sense.”. Beckett has a hard outer core, but I think she is ready to melt when it comes to romance. I am most looking forward to that component of Beckett’s “wall coming down.”.

  7. Morrison says

    If you check out ABC’s “” site, on his bucket list #50 reads, “Get married and make it last.” Just sayin…

  8. Castanati says

    I have no doubt that Stana is correct in her assessment about where Beckett is… but lets get real about these two characters. Kate is not letting Rick go… it has taken her too long to realize he’s the one, for “always.” The problem is the level of commitment that Kate is ready for by Season 5 end – will if the writers go there – will be an engagement just the way Kate imagine it! No, ball parks, no posted bill board signs… but Castle going to Kate’s father, asking for her hand, ordering Chinese food from her favorite restaurant, and asking her by candle light. She wants and intimate experience and Castle (Rick) is ready to give her what she wants; the question becomes will she say “yes” or “I need more time to figure me out – Castle!” Nevertheless, it will happen and the sand dune of her transitioning into her true self will only postpone the “yes.” I think we can all count on the “I do’s.” This show will run at least to an 8 or 10th Season, it has the writers and talent to go the distance, and so does Castle and Kate’s love. I look forward to “Season 5.”

  9. Toronto says

    Just as long as they aren’t watching “Bones” for inspiration. A more mishandled version of the life after it would be hard to find. You look at that and go: right, no babies ever. Whole episodes devoted to which rich house in which suburb of Washington they would agree on. Day care concerns. All very important in life (if you are among the 1%), all very snooze TV. And then a ridiculous finale.

    I would rather have Caskett shoot each other in a double suicide.

    • BarryWeen says

      I still watch Bones, but I’ve come to the viewpoint that the way Hart Hanson handled how they got together was handled badly. He threw way too many obstacles in their pathway that the obstacles started becoming artificial.

      As we see in Castle, their relationship grow organically, the progression felt natural, etc. because Andrew Marlowe realized that that is the best way for them to become a couple and also because he always envisioned Castle as a love story wrapped inside a procedural. And as he stated several times there’s a certain point where the will they/won’t they question has to be answered or everything becomes unrealistic and plus you lose the fans.

      With Bones, I felt that the first few seasons even into the fifth they actually were showing growth in Brennan but everything that happened after the 100th episode just showed regression. There were episodes where the way Brennan was acting was like the Brennan we first met in season one. Then the whole team splitting up, the introduction of Hannah, all that stuff in the 6th season, was just pointless.

      I know getting them together in the 6th season was influenced by Emily’s pregnancy, but what I think that actually did was force Hanson to get them together which is probably why it just seemed artificial in ways plus I know them showing everything off-screen really “annoyed” (the nice word I use) fandom. The other weird thing is that they made the secondary couple, Hodgins and Angela, more exciting than the primary couple of Booth and Brennan. In the end, HH just dragged out/waited too long to get those two together.

      Contrast that with the Caskett relationship and Always and we have night and day. And we know that even though they are together now, they are still who they are, she’s Beckett and he’s Castle and they will still have what makes them exciting to watch together because the core of who they are hasn’t changed by being together. The only thing that has changed is that they’ve taken the next logical step in their relationship. Like others have stated, it will be exciting to watch the upcoming seaosn 5 to see all the fallout and fun.

      • Castanati says


        I agree! Castle is a much different fabric, and the level of the product is much more sophisticated then Bones. I actually stopped watching the show about third season in, where I am counting the days until Castle returns. The writing is both gifted and imaginative, with one of best ensemble cast that I seen in at least the last 15 years – not counting PBS; add to that the brilliance of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic with their raw chemistry and you have a home run! Great analysis!!!

  10. says

    Last night I was watching Reemington Steel she (Laura) is a P.I and highers a man she has no Idia who he realy is and hires him to be reemington steel, after 2 years still not knowing his name she tells him how she knows they both want to be together. the way they work together comes closer to the castle and beckett story I think. love it cant wait for season 5 and I think Ryan and Jenny should have a baby first.

  11. Castanati says

    Hi, Michela Says:

    Of course Ryan and Jenni will have a baby first. Secondary characters almost always express the emotions and desires of the primary characters. I am very familiar with the TV show Reemington Steel, and while I think you can find elements of Castle in a few early 80’s and very, very early 90’s shows, Marlowe is definitely channeling the greats of the late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – such as My Girl Friday, Grant/ Gable (Carol Lombar) and Russell, Newman and Woodward, Tracy and Hepburn; there is an elegance to Castle that takes you back to the great cinematic romances, with all their complexities. I think somewhere near the end of the shows run, we will hopefully see the show end with a retro-scene of Dr. Alexis with her little sister (Johanna), telling the story of how there parents came together. As Kate and Castle walk in – and Alexis tells them what they’ve been up too… [there’s more to the scene] then episode fades to black.

    • MLibraryGal says

      Castanati, let me just say “Wow!” Your premise for a future final Castle show is perfect. I certainly hope this gets leaked to Marlowe & Co. and put in the “future idea” notes pile. I also agree with your references to the show being a throwback to the classic movies. Castle’s noire episode, The Blue Butterfly, was like an ode to those wonderful old movies. The intelligent, witty banter amongst all the main characters is very reminiscent of that era. Even the film work is more cinematic than most TV programing these days. However, they are clearly grounded in the here and now given the composition of that witty banter and the many little subtle references to other shows the actors have been part of. I really enjoy that balance they consistently maintain.

      P.S. Didn’t mean to butt in but I was just so taken with “Dr. Alexis”!

      • Castanati says

        Hi, MLibraryGal,

        Thanks for your insightful comments. You are correct in your assessment of the filming placement and intent – as film quality vs. tv made series. The quality is excellent and the interplay between character’s is both charming and thought provoking. Let me just say, that if I was writing the final episode this is where I would go. Because it would tie the meaning and the intentionality of Kate and Castle’s journey together, it also gives us a final glimpse into the lives of all of the characters and where they ended up, and allows us to spend sometime with the youngest and newest Caskett (Johanna). Moreover, why and how the two people who walk through the door became the persons we see at the series end; as the episode ends the run of what will be one of TV’s greatest series for many film students (who will study it), and movie buffs for generations who will come to value its timelessness and brilliant cinematic quality.

      • Castanati says

        Hi. MLibraryGal,

        I left out an important piece of that retro-scene… but I will share it with you. There is a little boy that runs ahead of them through the door his name is Alexander (because Alexander, saved Beckett’s life), Johanna’s twin brother! He jumps in (Dr.) Alexis arms, and Alexis kisses him and tickles him as he laughs. I wrote out this scene over a year ago – actually at the end of Season 2 and then the early part of Season 3; just playing around – I now realize, just how much I seem to be channeling Marlowe and the writers, and how much of what I have written has actually come to pass in quite a few episodes, which makes this a lot more fun for me as a fan.

        BL Castanati

  12. MLibraryGal says

    Castanati, thank you for sharing that as well. What a beautiful picture you paint. That would make a very satisfying ending to what will hopefully be that epic series you referred to.
    My only concern, and it has been for a while, is the disparity in their ages and, in particular, Kate’s age and that she wouldn’t want to put off childbearing too long but she also will want to be in a place in her career where she can be home on a more regular basis. She has a lot of good memories of her mom and things they did together that she’ll want to be able to recreate with her child or children. It’s clear that she would remain a cop and that Rick would be “Mr. Mom” something he’s already proven that he’s very good at. However, I’m not sure they want to put if off too long or risk the actors themselves getting a little to old for such a lifestyle change. Does that make sense or am I over thinking it? (And yes, I think that I now have officially too much free time:))

    • katillion says

      MLibraryGal, you have no idea about the things I think about because I have too much time on my hands this summer now that school is out…I have started debating their breakfast menus! Pancakes or scarambled eggs, and whether Castle ever got around to replacing her coffee filter. Or maybe he should just get her a coffee machine like he did at the 12th as he is going to spend just as much time there as he does at the precinct. :-)

      Castanati, I named the twins as well but my take was Roy and Johanna. We are now officially Castle obsessed.

      • Phillip says

        katillion, I’m just as guilty. I added some new software on my laptop and used it to download some of my favorite “Castle” snippets from YouTube. I was able to locate the scene from “Knockdown” where Martha confronts her son about putting himself in harm’s way for the sake of “research,” then rips him a new one when he has the temerity to ask her, “Mother, where is this coming from?” It was for me a watershed moment in the series. Why they didn’t just hand Susan Sullivan an Emmy is beyond me. I also downloaded the scene where Beckett poses as a Russian hooker to rescue Rick from the den of thieves he’s wandered into. The look on Ryan’s face as she bails out of the surveillance van is priceless. And what more needs to be said about Stana?

    • Castanati says

      Hey, My MLibraryGal and Katillion:

      Guys this is how I relax… I spend my day’s inside the heads of other people! So, communicating about my favorite show is fun, while also feeding the writer in me (non-academic).

      Katillion: I like your names as well… and that would be a possibility, because of what Roy Montgomery meant to both of them.

      MLibraryGal: Marlowe is a woman’s writer in other words he gets women – he lives in a house with I think 3, his wife and step-daughters! So, I think we can expect Kate to surprise us somewhere in Season 6 or 7 maybe. As for Kate’s age… women are now having their first child at 40 something, but I don’t think we have to wait long. I do see her in someway following in her mother’s foot steps… how this takes place I haven’t figured out yet.

      I know Marlowe is channeling the film greats, but there are some modern twist that could happen between Kate and Castle, like an early nuptial piece. He is such a Mr. Mom! I have no doubt that Kate will either become a Captain (more paper work) or that lawyer. Once again, her plan was to follow in her mother’s foot-steps, and she (Kate dreamed of) wanted to argue a case before the Supreme Court! It could still happen there are lots of great direction this show could take… remember Hepburn and Tracy were judges in one of their movies and married; Castle does have a law degree – mentioned very briefly in an episode – he became a successful crime/ mystery novelist instead.

      Until Next Time: See You In Castle Land

  13. ToniP says

    I think there is a lot of room for the writers to throw valid challenges to the relationship up to keep it going, but make is tough. There is danger to Castle and his family…Beckett has enemies that are out to get her, and one easy way to draw her out is to kidnap Castle or a family member. To save his family, Castle may have to step back from Kate. I don’t know how this would play out, but see it as a potential plot.

  14. Dustyroselee says

    Now, that Kate and Castle by our summation are officially a couple, what’s really next? Considering that Marlowe has done a brilliant job, along with his team to channel several of the film greats – well into the central characters of Kate and Castle, this a film for tv – it can hardly be compared to Bones, and/ or Grays Anatomy; it’s in a class by it’s self and ABC would be wise to pay attention to that fact. It’s pass time for us to return to quality tv, and insightful roles, with fantastic writers – ABC should count it’s “lucky stars” that it has landed, such a wonderful film show!!!!

    Wet Paint asked: The question about the number of series episodes (seasons) for Castle? If Stana doesn’t jump ship; I will give the show 10 “great and memorable” seasons without question and 15 if everyone stays the course!

    As for Season 5, there I think will be lots of romance, humor, mystery. In addition, what will Kate do in the immediate future outside of the 12th? What will the morning after conversation say, about the level of emotional commitment – Kate’s weak spot in the past. Will she or won’t she greet Castle the morning after with an “I love you” -Castle? Who will find out first, about their relationship? We know that the investigation of her mother’s death will take center stage – again, becoming the the hurricane in both their lives – by mid season, as Castle figures outs Kate’s mother’s system, and who the real players are and Mr. X. The moments between them as they both step back into the 12th will be interesting as well… since Castle now becomes a real partner for Kate, in and out of the 12th. Lastly, Castle’s role will have to become more committed as part of the team, does this mean that Castle will train to become a real “police consultant,” (Nathan’s body could use the workout!!!!) especially with Gates as captain, if he plans to stay close to Kate… Remember, the mayor’s term will be coming to a close soon, so Castle has to change his tactic, if he is going to continue to watch Kate’s back!

    • Beckstle says

      Nathan recently commented that he sees Castles going for 6 or 7 seasons, because he’d want the show to go out strong and not watered down. I’d say 7 or 8, but only because I’m factoring in a story arc about Castle’s father happening, which needs time to be developed. Aside from that, I pretty much agree with him. Just as I don’t like when a show pushes a will they/won’t they storyline beyond belief, I’d rather have a solidly told story with a shorter run than one that stretches out and loses it’s core. A number of people have mentioned the show wrapping with Kate giving birth, and I kind of think that would be a good place to stop. Like getting married they could continue on, but the birth of a child would require major changes to the them being able to work together. It might even change Kate’s job. The process of coming to a decision of having a kid, and having them look at all the changes necessary would be interesting and fun. Once the kid is born it’s a whole different show, and it also completes the whole story of how they got together – a great
      ending for a love story!

      • dustyroselee says

        Well, good for you! I’m a person who sees the glass half full, not half empty – Nathan is not let us say… a very positive guy, he’s the opposite of his character Castle. I grew up in the era when you had fantastic writers like today’s Marlowe – with TV shows that were just as sound and great at the conclusion of a 10th season as they were in the very first season! Kids and Marriages has not changed many of the great shows that Marlowe channels his characters through… but then again, I have lived long enough to have faith in great creative, and artistry.

        Therefore, I will keep my glass filled with high expectations… for those who have created and will continues to create an exciting piece of cinematic art!!!!!

  15. CastleKatesSong says

    Will true love conquer all? Will Kate and her prince Castle find happiness at the 12th and outside of the 12th? There’s no question that the answer will be “yes,” watching them get there – will be loads of fun and frustrating!

    Kate has a lot more Nikki Heat in her then Castle may have thought, the hands on, hands off moments are going to be very interesting, if not down right provocative at times _ so, get your ice water ready! What will the more inclusive Kate be like, for herself and for Castle? Will Castle’s character now become more man up (manly)? Will Gates open up beyond the story of her family of police officers, and what does she really think of Castle, and why? Will Kate move in this season with Castle or Kate just spend most of her time at Castle’s? Will there be an engagement surprise, or hint at one – as a forth coming event for the audiences, say around Valentine’s Day. Will Kate finally let Castle drive?!! What will be their first social event as a couple – will they land in the 12th decked out at the same time? What will be the first blended family event for them as a couple? How will Alexis react when she finally figures out – in between chemistry and physics classes, that Kate and her dad are a real item?

    Will Kate meet Alexis’s new boyfriend before dad, and if so how will Castle react; he has been pretty selfish with his sharing of Alexis – remember Alexis has always sought Kate out, for advise. Martha has been in Kate’s corner from the beginning, and her “fairy god-mother” on one occasion, but she may tell Kate, “That her son is a good man, and that if she’s not serious to let him go!” Lots and lots of interesting events will happen this season, including maybe who Mr. X is, as Castle solves the mysteries behind Kate’s mom’s – Johanna’s filing system – revealing Mr. X, and the introduction of the relationship between Mr. Smith and Castle’s dad, I think is more of possibility then we all may realize!!!!

    Lots of questions…. 12.5 weeks and counting, come on Season 5!

    • Beckstle says

      I liked most of this post. Loved the questions about Gates, the wondering about Alexis, I’m definitely looking forward to sexy Beckett – ice cubes and all! However, I have to say I’m against the whole Castle “manning up” idea, because I
      it’s not like saying “grow up” – which is about maturity. “Man-up” is about machismo – being the tough guy, the one in control. In other words, like every other male lead on television.

      What is really cool and different about Castle is the character really is a “type B” metrosexual guy and Beckett is a “type A” sexy NYC badass. Hence in 47 seconds, Castle doesn’t confront Kate about what he heard, he assumes the worst and…does what he did. Likewise, in Always, once Beckett realizes she’s been way past ready to be with Castle ( I love that. “all I could think about is you.” the mind in effect caught up with the heart.) she doesn’t WAIT. She ACTS – knowing Castle could very well reject her. Beckett & Castle are Ying & Yang. Yin-Yin is a panda.

      Furthermore, I’d hate going to that other TV flip. Smart, strong, badass woman becomes a weepy, can’t handle anything without her man around character. In otherwords she suddenly must be yang and her man ying. The BEST line I’ve ever heard to illustrate this is from BONES (of course, LOL!) Brennan is in the jungle when a snake appears. Unfazed, she remarks to Daisy, “I find it interesting that I’m only afraid of snakes when Booth is around.” (The line was thrown in to cover a continuity issue, since in previous episodes Brennan had professed to hate snakes and made Booth carry her through a room with non-posionous snakes in it. I won’t comment further on THAT.) So I REALLY hope that Castle will still be Castle, and not some suddenly amped up badass. More mature, yes, more “manly” – no.

    • Beckstle says

      @dustyroselee The discussion was around the term “manly” to which the author replied that she meant it as what I wrote about. I wrote about Castle as the metrosexual yang type. The guy who DOES scream when he sees a rat. A smart, witty, heart on his sleeve romantic. Castle is not a tough,” go beat up the bad guy” kind of character. Is he strong? Yes! Not just physically, but emotionally as well. He is not however a Slaughter type, or even an Esposito. He’s a type B.

      Now, that may not be what you like, want more of, or think Castle is. However, that is apparently what the author says she meant by “manly” since she says what I wrote is what she meant. :)

  16. Morrison says

    Just an observation about Gates after watching “Cuffed.” At least twice she stated that “2 of her people were missing.” Clearly, she’s beginning to value (albeit, slowly) Castle’ s role as part of the team. I think season 5 will reveal Gates’ true personality. Marlowe is not going to replace Montgomery with anyone who won’t add to the rich mosaic of this cast.

    • katillion says

      Since 5×01 is going to take up from where 4×23 left off (with the screen version of Page 105 hopefully :-) it will just be the day after Beckett resigned so it would be great for the Gates Castle relationship if she indirectly asked him to help bring Beckett back to the 12th precinct.

      • katillion says

        I am soooo excited… (SPOILER ALERT)…….from what TV Guide out tomorrow is saying they are going to do a Page 105 in the season premiere!!!

        • Beckstle says

          *SPOILER ALERT* Yep! Also sounds like some real conversation about them is gonna happen – maybe even the “I love you” from Beckett. That would be REALLY surprising since I thought they were going to hold out on that from her for a while. Now it seems like they might not. Either way, I’m even MORE excited for the premiere! (I didn’t think I could GET more excited! :D)

  17. dustyroselee says

    What Beckett will do – that I think will surprise audiences and have them singing a resounding “yes”, between their tears and settle the “I Love You,” Castle missing at the end of episode 23, Season 5. Here goes… We have all been wonder an hypothesizing who would find out about Castle and Beckett first! I re-analyzed some things I picked up on – that are part of Beckett’s psyche… and here’s what I think will happen. After the opening scenes romance, and think Beckett will invite Castle to meet the one person that she would share the love of her life with first – her mother! I think Beckett is going to say… more then “I love you,” to Castle, at her mother’s grave. So, if I am right! Get your tissues ready!

    Other then that Beckett’s going to be Beckett and Castle’s going to be Castle, even with the romance, the closeness, and the challenges that their romance is about to face on all sides. I do believe that Gates will want and say, what she expects from Castle this season – if he is going to continue to be Beckett’s partner. I am looking forward to Kate’s growth, and Castle secret side that he – just as much as Kate has kept hidden; well maybe he showed a little more of his true self then she did, but there will be changes, good ones. These characters have the ability to last, and take us with them on the journey… maybe to the “I do’s.” Moreover, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, maybe being engaged – I would like for it to be a secret – though… no body, knows they are expect us viewers, as they try to keep the lid on just how serious their commitment is… I still think Castle can go the full 10 seasons, it has the writing talent and actors on board for it to happen.

    Just a thought on the 5 x 01 Season Starter!!!!

    • Beckstle says

      If there is honestly 10 seasons worth of story to tell I’m all for it. However, if it’s about stretching out storylines, stalling, or becoming like “the Perils of Penelope” in order to make it two 10 then no. The Xfiles ran 9 seasons. If CC hadn’t been so dead again Mulder & Scully getting together (and Fox not pushing to just keep it on as long as possible) a much tighter, well told story could have been done in 7. Instead…well, if you watched the Xfiles you know. About half-way through season six it becomes clear the show is screwed. I think this is what Nathan’s talking about. Fox shows are actually great examples of what I DON’T want to happen to Castle: X-files, House, and Bones. There’s always a point where the story needs to move forward, and a point where the story itself is coming to it’s natural end. All of those series either
      tried to stall itself in the same place, or push itself past it’s natural ending, (or both) the result being that the last 2-3 years of those series really tarnish what was golden about them in the first place.

      So whether Castle runs 7 seasons or 10 isn’t really my concern – I just wouldn’t want the show to water down the story in order to keep the series on the air for a longer period. I trust Marlowe will do the best he can not to do so, but it’s not all in his hands. ABC owns the show.

  18. BLCASTANATI says


    Moving beyond the next morning with Castle and Beckett, through to who will really be the first to find out about their relationship. I went back and looked at all the psychological tension with Beckett over her mother’s death, and the PTSD therapy scenes, as she shares, – “It drove, me, defined me, made me who I am… but now I want more.” That more is Castle, and I think Castle will go with Kate to her mother’s grave… I think there’s a deep story line here – that will convey her love for Castle, along with the possibility of an “I love you – Castle.” Words that most of us have been waiting for Kate to return emotionally. I maybe wrong, but I really think this is a strong possibility, passed all of our hypothesizing. If it does play out like this, it is because they – Marlowe and crew – realize that this could quickly become “the search for the one armed man!” It needs to be resolved [the piece over who killed Kate’s mother?] – so, new challenges, struggles, heartaches, disappointments, and risk can emerge – beyond their relationship .

    I don’t believe in curses or that romance a marriage and child are death nails for great TV shows. When they historically have proven to do the opposite; but then I … haven’t grown up looking for the quick fix, instead I embrace complexities, romance, the mess that love creates, the intrigue of a great mystery, and the “happy ending” or “tearful ending” when it’s time for it; not when TV executive’s put out stuff, to create viewer panic – pushing the conclusion of great shows, before their time.

    I am grateful for the episode(s) on PTSD… THANK YOU, SO MUCH – MARLOWE, Javi and Stana

    Signed: BL Castanati for my wife a PTSD Survivor

    • Beckstle says

      TV executives seem to 1 of 2 things – either cut a show before it’s had a chance to develop an audience or string a show out as long as possible, forcing writers to come up with ridiculous storylines and stalls to fill the time. I can’t think of a show that was forced to go short when it had a solid storyline and good ratings.

      I’m not against marriage or babies, or a 10 season show – if the writers and cast feel that the story is there and it’s told with character and story integrity. I think that’s what Nathan means when he says he’d like to go out strong. What I’d hate is Castle becoming like a prime-time soap opera, or worse . I don’t see Marlowe doing this to Castle, but ABC did that to Lois & Clark in the 90’s. They completely derailed the original storylines that were from the comic and forced the whole “Lois Clones, Lex Luthor” storylines on the show. Hopefully that won’t happen and they’ve learned from that fiasco. My hope for Castle is that however long it takes for Marlowe to tell his story he gets the seasons to tell it.

      • BLCASTANATI says

        Dear Beckstle,

        I think a great deal – with this series does depend on the quality of writers and Marlowe and his team have assembled some of the best anywhere… and there is a real commitment to quality. The other piece comes with the quality of actors, they are all “A” listers in their own right. Lastly, the fans! If fans continue to protect and fight for the quality of Castle to be maintained, it will happen… and Marlowe will get his 10 seasons, and produced one of the most successful series in a long time. And we all can be proud of our part in that happening!

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        BL Castanati

  19. Beckstle says

    I trust Marlowe to be true to his characters and stories. He’ll know when the right time is to start wrapping the show. Just like he knew this was the right time to bring Castle and Beckett together. Earlier wouldn’t have been nearly as meaningful or satisfying, even though some fans really wanted it in seasons 2-3.
    I know with the fan support he will have all the time he needs to tell the full story he’s envisioned. Assuming that it is his decision when the series does end, (A LONG TIME from now) I hope fans will support him in that as well. Castle is an amazing story and Marlowe, as the writer/creator is the one who knows just when it will be time for Castle’s “…and they lived happily ever after.”

  20. CastleKatesSong says

    It seems from what I am reading that there will be 2 new characters! No, surprise!

    BL Castanati – called it when he wrote that in order for someone to have access to special forces, that they would have to be someone who might be an Army Forces chairman, or higher. This guy’s insight is good!

    So, how do you bring down a Senator and a Vice President, is the question; and who will be wounded this time… it won’t be Kate! My money, says, that Castle has to take one for the team. If this is so… then it creates a space for Alexis and Kate to bond over the crisis, it also creates additional emotional tension, that we see Kate, telling Castle – who may be in a coma, just how long he has been part of her life, and that she can’t lose him now! I think this scripting is possible. Season 5 – is bound to keep us all on the edge of our seats, but this is what great writing is suppose to do, I have no doubt that it will have us all commenting and wondering what’s next?

    As for Kate’s career… I think we are going to see Kate at some point and time move into a new position… she could even become and FBI agent or second in command under Gates, her character could even move into a role between – the D.A.’s office as a special crimes investigator, whatever the case… I have no doubt that Kate Beckett will keep us engaged and occupied with intriguing cases of murder and mayhem; thanks in no part to Marlowe – his team, and some very gifted actors.

  21. Marie says

    I read somewhere that C&B will be, “feeling each other out to see how real their relationship is”, that’s why I think it’s going t take quite a wihile (maybe towards the end of the season) before Beckett can say, “I love you.” AM knows how important that step is to the Caskett’s so he’s not going to throw that out there too soon. I thinka lot needs to happen before those three litte words are said! That is going to be the ultimate step for Beckett, but before she take that set she’ll need to trust Castle compleely and will need to feel completely “safe.”

    Beckett has never been really in love (IMO) before and it scares her. She is by nature a controlling person an it’s going to be difficult for her to let go of that control and come to accept that is now its, “we” and not “I”. Remember that Beckett still has doubts about Castle’s prior marriages. I think that has to be discussed in order to give Beckett closure on that part of Castle’s life. I believe Castle recognizes this and is not going to pressure her. I think he will continue to prove himself to her. This is the woman he loves and worships, he’s waited for her for 4 years and and I’m sure (IMO) that he will continue waiting until she is fully ready to say, ILU. I also think that they’ll to talk about the “secrets” they kept from each other.

    There is going to be much excitement in S5. C&B have taken an enormous step (for lBecket more then Castle) and it’s going to take some tiime for them to adjust and be completlely comfortable with one another. I am so looking forward to seeing the “little steps they’ll take” to make the relationship work. I want to see how they adjust to one another, the compromises they make, the trust they build on. I look forward to the bantering… whenever I watch previous episodes, I realize how much I miss that. That doesn’t have to stop because they are together; as a matter of fact, there are more opportunites to make that back-and-forth happen.

  22. Marie says

    My apology for the errors in spelling above. I didn’t proof it before submitting it.

  23. Stone Play says


    I think an engagement on the secret might be nice for a while… or at least have Castle ask Kate to test the temperature (maybe he did know he was even going to ask, but it comes out) see what Kate will say. After all the woman did just ask for jewelry for her birthday – in Probable Cause. I think Castle could handle Kate saying, “not quite yet! He’s more of a big boy then we give him credit as being.” Come-On-Man ask her! Note – I did not say marry her for you folks who think the show will last forever.

    I love Castle, but ABC is known for doing silly things to great shows.