Behind Castle – Episode 007, Andrew Marlowe

Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe

This month in Behind Castle we talk to the man himself! Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe joins us to talk about about writing Castle, what's coming up in Season 4, the Graphic Novel, Castle Convention and more.

We also bring you the latest in Castle News.


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The TNT Castle Marathon begins at 3pm Eastern on Thursday September 15.

For more information on the Castle Convention check the website at

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Music used in this podcast is by Castle composer Robert Duncan and is used with permission.

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  1. says

    Yay! Finally a podcast with Andrew! Love it! Especially how Andrew talks about that they already are in a relationship, just not in the normal sense.

    Can’t wait for the premiere… and can’t wait to get my Derrick Storm and Heat Rises!

    Love how Twitter is factor of casting! Love how most of the guest stars on Castle have twitter.

    November 12th for Convention? Darn.. Definitely can’t go…

  2. crazy4castle says

    Great interview. I think you captured the questions that fans want to know. I really love how Andrew answers the questions without spoiling too much. He is good at that. I have a very positive view of the coming season and can’t wait.

    Congratulations on getting Andrew and Terri for the convention, as welll as Seamus.

  3. poptart says

    One burning question I have is will Castle Season 4 be released to iTunes after it completes airing on the west coast this year? I remember seeing something suggesting that ABC might put a week delay for both iTunes and Hulu so I’d like to know if now if I’m going to have to wait to see the season opener….I’m hoping not. :)

    Great podcast!

  4. janex says

    Good interview, thank you! What I liked is the episode clips you inserted, which is different from any other Podcast!!

  5. ACF says

    What a fun and interesting interview. I really liked the way AWM talked about balancing all the various input from fans, the marketplace with his own dedication to telling a good story in a meaningful way. It’s a rarity on TV in my opinion, to see commitment to that kind of quality and that commitment flows down through all aspects of this show. We are truly lucky to have this guy at the helm doing his job so well.
    Thanks Admin and thanks Mr. Marlowe for an great interview.

  6. Cherries says

    Great interview. Really good questions and love his answers. Calming yet not too revealing. Thank you admin and AM.
    Enjoyed the bits from the show also. Congrats for landing him and Terri for the convention.

  7. docvap says

    Great interview! I think Admin did a fantastic job of asking the kind of questions that I have been wondering myself. A lot of the discussion in the forums have been centered around a few spoilers that were released and I think Andrew did a fantastic job of addressing those without spoiling anything. It was very interesting to hear about the advertising and marketing aspects of the show and realize that in dealing with a hundred networks, it is no wonder there are still people out there who haven’t heard of Castle, but the word is getting out there.

    I loved the “dirty secret” about Castle and Beckett already being in a relationship, just no in the conventional sense. I think Andrew does a great job of reassuring the fans as to the direction of the show but also helps us realize that timing is important, and there is still so much ground to cover.

    After hearing this podcast, I am even MORE excited for the premier on Monday and I’ve been counting down the days since the finale!

  8. coloneljack says

    This is my favourite podcast that you’ve done (and that’s saying something, considering how much I’ve loved your others!). Andrew is an absolute sweetheart and I am now even more impossibly excited for season 4… and the convention!

    Thanks so much!

  9. ChrisS says

    Great podcast Admin. Loved hearing Andrew Marlowe’s thoughts. Definitely put me at ease knowing his perspective on things going forward.

  10. says

    I loved when Andrew Marlowe said: “dirty little secret” lol and it´s a joy to hear him talk about “Castle”, it felt like he was talking about his baby, so passionate about it! xD

    Looking forward for the next podcasts 😉 Great work wih it!

  11. molly_littlecastle says

    Thank you Beth for the interview/podcast.
    I listened to the free spoiler one, ’cause I don’t like spoilers before I see the episode.
    I will download the other one after Monday night.

    Ha, not handsome as Nathan, huh? hehe Nice one Andrew. :)
    Andrew and Terri made a wonderful show and I hope it goes on for a couple of years at least.

    I’m surprised we’re already up to Season 4!
    Where has the last 2 yrs gone?

    Thanks again Beth.

  12. Exiled says

    Great interview! I loved the bit about how Marlowe draws inspiration from his personal relationship, and about how the witty banter stems from classic screwball comedies like Bringing Up Baby. Those are some of my all time favorite films, and its no wonder it factors into my love for Castle.

  13. Lita says

    Hey there,
    Just wanted to say I really love these podcasts. The behind-the-scenes stuff is really cool. Andrew and Terri’s relationship is such a great example of teamwork in this industry.
    Thanks again for the inside info.

  14. wish4always says

    Thank you for the great podcast Admin. This just highlights the fact that Castle is based on relationships and honest emotion. So many programmes focus on the technology and latest camera angles. Castle is not just about solving murders, but rather ignites a nostalgic hankering for soulful connections between the role players, even if it breaks the characters down to their most vulnerable. This makes it so believable and gets the fans so invested in it. Well done Andrew Marlowe and the phenomenal Castle cast and crew.