BTS: The Castle crew

We know a lot about Castle's actors. We see them in pictures, videos and interviews all the time and we are used to their faces. But what we don’t see is the hundreds of people behind the scenes who are actually producing the series what we know as “Castle”. Without the hard work of every one of these people Castle would not be the great show that it is and they deserve to be recognized.

When you go to the IMDb page of Castle and you look all the names who have been in one way or another connected to making of the show - there are hundreds of names there. We owe them all a big thanks, because they are all the reason we have the show in the first place.

This article consists only of people introduced to fans through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Firstly, we should all be familiar with Andrew W. Marlowe @AndrewWMarlowe . As the showrunner and creator of Castle, Andrew keeps a watchful eye on all things (writing, filming, editing, music, post-production, novels etc) to ensure there is a sense of consistency and to keep the characters true to themselves. In addition to the day to day running of the show Andrew has written many amazing episodes including the pilot episode "Flowers For Your Grave", "Cuffed", "Always", "Hunt" and more.

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Rob Bowman (Director of "Flowers for your Grave", “After the Storm”, “Murder He Wrote”, “Hunt” and many more) is an executive producer and director on Castle and together with Andrew, he has kept the show running since day 1. Rob frequently directs the episodes Andrew Marlowe writes. In Rob’s own words (from Castle Con 2012), Andrew usually writes something really difficult to his scripts so Rob will always have a puzzle to solve while figuring out the direction of the episode. Rob says that Andrew does that for just pure fun to see him squirm. To daate, Rob has solved every puzzle that Andrew has thrown his way.


6Terri Edda Miller @TerriEdda has worked as a Producer and writer on Castle since season 2. She has written the episodes “Poof! You’re dead”, “Pretty Dead”, “Cuffed”, “Always” and “The Lives of Others”.

As a producer Terri has contributed to almost half (51) of the episodes to date.

Terri was one of the first from the Castle team to actively reach out to fans, frequently responding to fan questions on Twitter giving them a sense of value and letting them knowing the Castle team care about their opinions.

Because Terri is married to Andrew Marlowe you can often spot them in photos together (see below) and fans have been enjoying their Castle-Beckett like banter on Twitter.

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Bill Roe has been working on Castle since 2009, primarily as Director of Photography but he has taken on the role of Director and together with John Terlesky is one of the most called back directors on Castle, he has directed over 15 Castle episodes including “Target”, “Undead Again”, “The Limey”.

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Some of the less known crew members include Editors Marta Evry @venice4change and Warren Bowman @warrenbowman,  (not related to the "other" Castle Bowmans: Rob, Chuck & Stephen).  Both Marta and Warren work as editors in Castle and they are also married to each other. Marta is a very avid tweeter, so many of you may know her from there. Marta has edited the episodes including “Always, “Undead Again”, “Cops & Robbers”, “Cuffed”, “Rise” and more. Warren’s episodes include “Murder, He Wrote”; “The Limey”; “The Blue Butterfly”, “Heroes and Villans” and more.

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Jonathan Frakes @jonathansfrakes is a guest director who has visited the Castle set for at three episodes “Kill The Messenger”, “The Final Frontier” and “The Fast and the Furriest”. He also made a cameo appearance in "The Final Frontier" as Richard Castle’s "biggest fan".

 24 25 26 27 28 29

Every episode of Castle is usually filmed with 2 cameras (A and B cameras). Depending on the episode, they can rent more cameras with the crews, but most of the time, there are 2 cameras around. Lets meet the men behind the cameras.

A-camera crew consists of cameraman Steph, his first assistant camera - SuperDave and dollygrip Chris @castlegrip. Steph took over the work of Mark (A-camera cameraman) who worked for Castle until the end of 4th season.

Meet Steph:

30 31 32

Meet SuperDave:

34 35 37

Meet Christopher:

38 39 40

Meet Mark (former A-camera cameraman):

41 42 43

The B-camera crew consists of our favourite cameraman Andrew (@AndrewBikichky), first assistant camera Chris and dollygrip Pete.

Meet Andrew:

44 45 46

Meet Chris:

47 48

Meet Pete:

49 50 51

If you didn't understand how the crew works, here's something that may help you:


Kate Sargeant is a writer on Castle and we know her as @LilAngelK8. Kate has written 3 episodes for Castle, the most recent one being “The Final Frontier”. "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice" was the first episode Kate wrote for any TV show, she wrote the episode while she was on staff as a writer's assistant in season 2 and she became a writer in season 3.

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Meta Valentic works in production staff in Castle and we all know her as @MetaV on twitter. Sometimes she posts amazing behind the scenes pictures of Castle and communicates with Castle fans.

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Around the camera, there is electrical and lighting department at work, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Let's meet the crew!

Jono (the chief lightning technician):

58 59

Best boy grip Joe:

60 61

Key grip Tony:

62 63 64

Grip Gor:

65 66 67

Grip Graeme:

68 6970

Here are videos of Grips working or in their free time:

Meet the non-camera crew, working behind the scenes of Castle.

Castle costume designer Luke Reichle (@RedCarpetLuke):

 71 72 73

Castle's first assistant director Rich Sickler:

74 75

Associate producer Lisa Schomas (@lisaschomas):

78 79 80

First Assistant Director Rich Sickler:


Music supervisor Tricia Halloran and script supervisor (Queen of continuity) Tricia Ronten:

 82 83

Nathan Fillion's stunt double Paul Scott and frequent actor in Castle playing uniformed officer L. T. Tolliver @Oftenbob.

85 86

Production sound mixer Ron Cogswell, sound utility Ben and boom operators John and Howie.

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Prop guy Steve and Camera AC Tyler (known from the bloopers):

91 92

Post production team Stephen Bowman, Mark, Bart and Justin:

93 94 95 96

The people shown in this article are only minority of the people who work for Castle. The crew and the energy behind our favourite show is way bigger than we imagine. I hope this article made you understand the scope of the work that is put in to producing the show like Castle and how much it really takes. We are forever thankful for cast and crew members that actively communicate with the fans in twitter and post awesome those awesome BTS pictures, used in this article.

Finally, here are some group pictures of Castle crew's everyday works:

Check out JR, Dan, Richie, Romy & Drew, badass PA staff!

Check out JR, Dan, Richie, Romy & Drew, badass PA staff!

A few of the #castle women behind the scenes

A few of the #castle women behind the scenes

A-camera under the stairs in the 12th (Chris, Rob and Steph).

A-camera under the stairs (Chris, Rob and Steph).

Grip brothers ready to unload a truck.

Grip brothers ready to unload a truck.

Castle's grips.

Castle's grips.

Friday in the park. It's great being outside (B-camera).

Friday in the park. It's great being outside (B-camera).

A-camera crew in Season 4.

A-camera crew in Season 4, resting under the umbrella.

 B-camera crew.

B-camera crew.

Warren Bowman, Rob Bowman and Andrew Marlowe.

Warren Bowman, Rob Bowman and Andrew Marlowe.

Camera crew (Both A and B cameras in one picture).

Camera crew (Both A and B cameras in one picture).

Camera crew rolling poses.

Camera crew rolling poses.

Griptrix has been taken over by camera crew.

Griptrix has been taken over by camera crew.

Camera crew shooting "Always" (Mark, Chris, Andy, Pete).

Camera crew "Always" (Mark, Chris, Andy, Pete).

Bill Roe, Marta Evry, Luke Reichle.

Bill Roe, Marta Evry, Luke Reichle.

James Patterson, Stephen Cannell, Rob Bowman and Nathan Fillion.

James Patterson, Stephen Cannell, Rob Bowman and Nathan Fillion.

James Patterson, Andrew Marlowe, Stephen Cannell.

James Patterson, Andrew Marlowe, Stephen Cannell.

James Patterson, Andrew Marlowe, Stephen Cannell

James Patterson, Andrew Marlowe, Stephen Cannell

Castle writers with People's Choice award!

Castle writers with People's Choice award!

"Have u ever seen 7 grips fly?" Overheard on #Castle set!

"Have u ever seen 7 grips fly?" Overheard on #Castle set!


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    Thank you for doing this and taking the time to tout the efforts of all hands involved in this production. Together they manage to put on one of the best produced and acted scripted shows on network television and they all deserve recognition.

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    This is great, thanks! I admire all the people who are working so hard behind the scenes to create this amazing show :)

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    This is lovely, and a good reminder that people who work in the entertainment field really are artists, not only the actors but the crew as well.

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    This was so fun and interesting to hear about all the crew members. They are the unsung heroes that make Castle the great show it is. Without them, things would not look or sound as good. They deserves some accolades now and then. Hooray for the Castle are appreciated.

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