Behind the Scenes with Castlegrip (Posted August 20 – August 24)

Castle grip Christopher Brow gave fans a new behind the scenes look of filming without a dolly during the week of August 20.

He included pictures of a rickshaw that is used with a stedi-cam.  The rickshaw can move quickly due to its light weight and is used in scenes like in Always on the rooftop.

He also answered fan questions about food on the set and the scene order of filming.  He said that when on location food for the cast and crew is catered and scene order is often based on the availability of actors and locations, as well as the time it takes to build sets.

For more behind the scenes pictures and tweets check out Castlegrip’s twitter @Castlegrip.

“Working Wally boards”

“Super Dave and yours truly ready for action”

“@nathanfillion might be jealous of our rickshaws”

“Self portrait”

“Probably won’t move all day! “

“Lunch is almost ready…pork shoulder cooked in lard and milk.”

“B-cam hand held”

“Anxiously awaiting lunch call”

“@benstar01 working out next move”

Debbie’s Make Up Chair


“made these cool holders”