Behind the Scenes with @Castlegrip (Posted September 10-14)

September 10 started a new week working on “Murder He Wrote.”  Castlegrip Christopher Brow tweeted many new pictures of filming and answered more fan questions.  He said they still film on film and not digital.

He also included a joke from a fellow crew member and explained more on what grips do.  “Jono the Gaffer just referred to the Grips as “light thieves”. This made me laugh. Because its true.  Electricians make the light and the Grips Cut the light using flags and scrims. Thus stealing the light. We make the light look natural.”

He also tweeted that the ceilings of the sets can hold about 3 crew members and the camera.  The time he has to set up equipment varies because they must also clean up the previous set up.  That day, one set up took about an hour.

For more behind the scenes pictures and tweets check out Castlegrip’s twitter @Castlegrip.

“Starting another day.”

“Tall ship”

“Quiet looking set”


“I love wood paneling. No not really. But I do love a good rig.”

“I have never seen one of these. Live lobsters.”

“Almost done for the day. Last setup”

“Dave with his hand in the brownie.”

“Docked” — Setting up to film on the dock

Christopher Brow

“Ready for camera.”

“My Dolly is starting to get a little crowded. Yes, that’s an iPad. Too much?”