Behind the Scenes with @Castlegrip (Posted September 3 – 7)

After a week off from Castle, Christopher Brow, Castlegrip returned to give us some more behind the scenes information.  This included many pictures of the filming for “Murder He Wrote.”

He joked about bringing his surfboard to the set and that he did bring his swim trunks.  He also said that Andrew Bikichky would be guest operating “A” camera one day.

For more behind the scenes pictures and tweets check out Castlegrip’s twitter @Castlegrip.

“Steph wants to go to 1!”

“Small base camp today.”

“Jay chillin’ in the pool. Waiting to adjust lights”

“Someone likes #moet”


“Grip sailing. Everyone watching a black hawk heli fly by”


“The fellas working the big lights”

“@andrewbikichky on the #giraffe”

“100′ of FUN!”