Behind the Scenes with Lisa Schomas @lisaschomas (Posted October – December 2012)

Lisa Schomas is an associate producer for Castle and has given a few behind the scenes looks at season 5, during the months of October, November, and December. In October, she tweeted about Castle being selected as Barnes and Noble’s mystery author of the month. In November, there were several tweets about “The Final Frontier” and the special Nebula-9 shirts that were available.

There were also tweets about working with Jon Huertas on Esposito’s singing debut, People’s Choice Awards votes, as well as a look at the next Derrick Storm series.

For more behind the scenes tweets follow Lisa Schomas on twitter.

"Look for the Dharma suit & RC's awesome#StormSeason in tonight's episode! Org Tic Tac's & FH just make me happy!"

“Look for the Dharma suit & RC’s awesome#StormSeason in tonight’s episode! Org Tic Tac’s & FH just make me happy!”