Behind the scenes with Luke Reichle #2: Season 5

With the airing of the Castle season 5 episode 3 “Secret’s Safe With Me”, our beloved costume designer Luke Reichle couldn’t do a live tweet as he likes to do with every episode, because he spent that time in hospital, recovering from surgery. During the recovery time we received several interesting tweets from Luke: “Tweetlings! Won’t be with you tonight. All is well but the surgeon accidentally amputated my tiara!!! Can’t work without the proper tools!” and “@MsLagerfelt Caroline Lagerfelt is AWESOME. Truly glam and gorg. Or should I say, “hlam and horg.” That’s “horg,” with a hard G.” After a short pause he let us know that “My nurse has taken my phone and told me, “I’m doing this for your own good. Tweeting and painkillers don’t mix.” Wait! I’ve been tweeting?”

When Luke was asked about Kate Beckett wearing more red/pink shades in this season and this being no coincidence, Luke answered: “I have to take in consideration all the developments in character’s arc when I put together the characters for a segment, episode, or season”. One of the most asked questions from Luke concerns about the budget of usual Castle episode. He answers gracefully “There is always a budget and I have to be very mindful of prices. We develop a budget for every episode. There is a separate pool of $ for the main cast’s clothes. The cost depends on the story/action/scenes.” When asked about the time spent on shopping, the answer is “As a department we spend upwards of 80-140 hours a week shopping from various resources to fill the closets at Castle.” One of Luke’s followers asked from him does he ever run into trouble finding season appropriate clothing for episodes. His answer: “The challenge is finding winter clothes in LA at ANY time of year. Plus, it’s 90 degrees and we’re shooting with fake snow. We make a lot.”

Question: How on earth is Kate supposed to afford all of her coats? And, does she have to rent storage space?
Answer: As my granny used to say, “You buy good, you have.” Kate buys one or two key pieces a season and takes care of them, mixing old with new. …and remember y’all, it’s fiction, it’s fiction, it’s fiction…

Murder, He Wrote

Fortunately for us, Luke was back on the game when the next episode, “Murder, He Wrote” aired and graciously explained all the costume details to us via twitter. Apparently Beckett’s necklace in the episode was a combination of two necklaces from Free People and a thrift store necklace. The bandana print chambray shirt in was as well from Free People. The dress she wore at dinner with Vinnie “The Scar” Cardano, fabulously played by Don Stark is designed by Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Marc Jacobs dress was worn right off the rack without alterations. “That’s what you get when you’ve got an actress who’s built like a model!” Another outfit worn by Stana Katic in the Hamptons episode – a blue and white halter top, was from Ella Moss. It’s heaven paired with blush pink S-1 Capri pants. The cutest deck shoes on the pier are from Rock and Candy. Beckett’s knit top was really a warm charcoal. It looked purple in certain light – from Hartford, a jeans line. Although Martha’s tunic looked a little like Desiqual in Murder He Wrote, it was pure Trina Turk. Amber beads were from Luke’s collection.

Probable Cause

In the next episode, “Probable Cause” Beckett’s “leather coat of perfection” is from Andrew Marc and her white shirt is from Burberry. Clean, well fitted and deceptively simple. Beautifully cut white cotton poplin. We learn that Luke also dressed the victim. In fact, he had to make her dress himself because it had to fill so many requirements. He uses a lot of Erica Courtney’s jewelry whenever he can in the show. But the show can only afford to borrow from them. Gorgeous red carpet bling. And they’ve always very helpful. Gate’s fierce red trench was from DKNY. “The girl knows how to give good outerwear. Love where she wore her badge.” Last, but not least, you have to love Luke live tweeting, just for this tweet “3XK!!!! “Standing in your living room.” Eyewwwww. Someone is going to have to sage their loft.”

Final Frontier

Before the crazy and adventurous Final Frontier aired, Luke warned us all: “A friendly warning for my male (or female for that matter) followers: You are NOT prepared for the new look for Molly Quinn.” As the episode took us to the new heights, Luke explained where the costumes were for Nebula-9 crew: “#Nebula-9 crowd costumes a polyglot of make, borrow, cobble together from household items – Sssssspandex. The real Final Frontier!” He worked through a few versions of the crew uniforms before arriving on the best balance of color a shape. Beckett’s camo top was from Thakoon. Dead-on trend and the neutral palette is the perfect foil for the sci-fi surround. Luke also let us know that they created the “Han Shot First” T to look homemade, like he did it at Kinkos. “This was the episode about inside sci-fi jokes.” May the fortune guide your journey or as Luke put it “As we used to say in New York, “And may Fortunoff’s guide your journey.”

Swan Song

“Richard Castle, camera ho,” opens another live tweet from Luke. Later he adds: “Okay, “Camera Ho” seems to be a virus that is spreading through the precinct.” With the new interesting way to make an episode, Luke tried something different on Beckett this time. Her green leather jacket was from Hugo Boss the Boss Orange line. Seamus Dever’s look was a mixture of Theory, Hugo Boss and Banana Republic. Penny’s look came from Hugo Boss aswell. Lanie (Tamala Jones) changed her top and she dumped the scrubs. She’s got the chain print from Michael Kors. “Can u say neckline?!” Stana Katic wears a claret colored trench from Burberry. “She is SO the Burberry spokesmodel.” Most of Beckett’s scarves came from all over as Luke likes to shop at small boutiques with unique merchandise. And flea markets & fabric stores.
“Don’t know if @AndrewBikichky has noticed but I’ve based a few of our (more chic) on camera men on his outfits. Thanks AB!”

After Hours

“Totally awesome Stana Katic in some pretty awesome Burberry. Very Dior New Look. Stunning!” started another live tweeting round from Luke. Martha’s dress in this new episode was a fabulous number from Etro. And Martha’s hotter than hot pink shoes? Christian Louboutin bien sur! Jim “Hoof in Mouth” Beckett’s country look was from Banana Republic. Luke also used some Etro at Stana Katic during dinner as well. He loves Etro’s fabrics and colors. “Best. Scarves. Ever.” Instead of “Day Into Evening,” Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion had wardrobe that went from “Dinner Into Crime Scene.” Ryan’s plaids were a visual throwback to his Catholic school uniform days – which were clearly traumatizing for him. Also, Luke points out that if we have questions about Seamus’ knots, you will have to ask him about the knots. He is becoming king of neckwear. Gates’ red blouse was a repeat from Always. The repeat of outfits depends on how the episodes roll out. Some scenes call out for familiarity.

The next episode in the line is “Secret Santa” that airs in December 3. Can’t wait for another live tweeting round from Luke, the costume designer!

Like we did in last article, we are bringing up this month’s favourite tweet from Luke:

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