Behind the Scenes with Penny Johnson Jerald (Posted July 2012)

In July last year, Penny Johnson Jerald gave the fans a behind the scenes look at the beginning of season 5.  Penny tweeted about her reactions of reading the first scripts of the season.

She also wrote about her new wardrobe for Castle.

Later in the month, she tweeted about the first meeting of the season with the cast.

Finally, she answered a few fan questions.  When asked whether she had a stylist, she replied, “Thank you! Dani Jade Image is my stylist and has been for 8 years, now. She is also my daughter. Always tells Mommy the truth.”

When asked about shooting on location she answered, “Hope to do more location this season, but for now, Gates seems to love the precinct:)”

For more behind the scenes tweets check out Penny’s Twitter account.