Behind the Scenes with the Guest Stars of “Probable Cause”

“Probable Cause” featured several guest stars that tweeted about their experience on the set.  Gerald Downey who played, Lloyd Kurtzman, thanked the cast by tweeting:

When the episode aired he also thanked fans for their support.

DawnMarie Ferrara (Female Uniform) wrote about being cast in the episode and about her week of filming.

Heidi Schnappauf  (Tessa Horton) also joined in with:

Norman Dessing (Jack Nicholson Lookalike) also tweeted about his experience, “Got booked for two TV shows—I didn’t submit for these roles–they called me. Nice!” and “I’m featured about 3/4 of the way through the episode.  It was fun being on set…”  When the episode was aired again he simply wrote:

For more behind the scenes tweets follow them on Twitter @normandessing, @ButtercupTattoo, @geralddowney, and @ThatDawnMarie.