Breaking News: According to TVLine ABC is preparing to Announce Castle Renewal

ABC is on the verge of issuing formal early renewals to nearly a dozen scripted series, including freshman hits Once Upon a Time and Revenge and established players Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

Although an ABC rep declined to comment, TVLine has learned that the network’s prelim pickup list also includes Castle, Suburgatory, Last Man Standing, Happy Endings, The Middle.

It should be noted that until this news is made official by ABC anything can happen, but this fan who literally just woke up at 5:50 in the morning after having dreamed Castle was cancelled is relieved by the news which we have always been confident was coming.


  1. Charlize Matthee says

    Castle is the most amazing show ever… I would die a slow death if it were to be cancelled .

  2. says

    I agree 100% CASTLE is the best show ever. Lots of people would be very upset if they cancelled the show. So looking foward to Castle every week and rewatch it over and over.

  3. forever_castle_beckett says

    Fans castle in Spain :)

    castle 5 season please

    ABC Renews Castle we want season 5, Please. show an castle awesome cast, the entire cast are extraordinary fantastic, I love you … :) Always castle.


  4. Elli says

    They just HAVE to renew it!
    But really why shouldn’t they?! Castle won awards and all of our love!!!

    Season 5 we want you!!!

  5. Shena says

    Only one year??? They should be renewing this show for AT LEAST the next 5 years!!! Best show EVER!

    I agree with Laura… there would indeed be a mutiny if is was not renewed! I can just see a sea of protesters outside ABC with pitchforks and torches if Castle were not picked up for next year! …and I’d fly down from Canada to be there in that angry mob!

  6. kelkoe says

    we should really start a trend again on monday with renew castle or some other hashtag. i think abc needs to see that we really care about our show and doing another trend might help them finally give us the answer that we have been waiting for.

    just an idea…