BTS: Andrew Bikichky Nov 8-15

Here are some of the things Castle crew member Andrew Bikichky tweeted about in November…

  • Castle in the Final Frontier hid in the same closet Beckett did in After the Storm.
  • The floor marks are picked up after shooting the scene. However they are removed it they can see them in the shots.
  • In 4×22, The Zombie Hoard was shot in Downtown LA.
  • Studio days somewhat run smoother than on-location days.
  • The freezer scene in 3×17 looked real due to acting, make-up and lighting.
  • To shoot a burning building, they use a special set and the fire is controlled by SPX dept.
  • The actors rehearse their lines in their own time and on set.
  • There were 4 dolls broken in “Secret’s Safe With Me”.
  • Beckett playing with the pen in Gates’ office was not scripted, that was Stana.
  • The “hey” at the end of “Swan Song” was not Andrew but his partner Steph.

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