BTS: Andrew Bikichky Oct 16-23

We take another look at what we have learned from Andrew Bikichky’s recent tweets…

Andrew’s favorite scene to shoot was from the episode ‘Murder, He Wrote’  where Ryan was talking to Castle and Beckett panics about them finding out about their secret relationship. Andrew’s favorite set is Castle’ loft. 

The house used for the Hamptons episode is actually a lived in house.   They cast and crew shot a total of 3 days in San Pedro, CA for the episode.

Beckett’s cop car is a Dodge Charger.  The hospital in ‘After The Storm’ was borrowed from fellow ABC show ‘Private Practice’.

Actors tend to get breaks in between scenes depending on the scene they are filming. The scripts are anywhere from 52- 56 pages.  If an episode is done before the end of the work day. They will start shooting the next episode the next day.

Here are some pictures found on his twitter: