BTS: Castle_Pa

Castle_PA The Castle Production Department started a new “Production Assistant” account on July 28th, 2011 They like to share Castle fun facts including the following:

  • The ‘wanted’ ads in the precinct are actually the crew and apparently Castle_PA is still at large.
  • The name of Alexis’ school is Marlowe Prep, named after the show creator, Andrew Marlowe.
  • Some of the food on set (Craft Services) is served from the precinct’s holding cell.
  • The morgue is a utility room, used for everything from background actor holding, to a quiet place to work on the murder boards.
  • Most of the dead bodies are stunt people due to the level of concentration and compromising positions.
  • The woman’s restroom in the precinct actually leads to the sound department.
  • Sometimes foilage is added behind the windows to avoid showing the landscapes outside.