Castle Among Most Google’d TV Shows for 2013

Castle Beckett Caskett Season 6Google released its annual list of most searched-for items on the web this year and one of the categories “TV Shows, Most Searched” featured our very own Castle at number 9.

10. Scandal
9. Castle
8, New Girl
7. Big Brother
6. True Blood
5. South Park
4. Good Morning America
3. Big Bang Theory
2. Duck Dynasty
1. Breaking Bad

Source: Google



  1. says

    I’m really happy about this! and it got me thinking. Castle barely does any promotion; I mean, actors do not do as much PR as the Scandal cast, they don’t tweet as much, and I can go on. Still, the show got the 9th. place and is so overlooked by the press..
    I’m just happy as can be

    • says

      I could not agree with you more.

      This program has gone into syndication on tnt.
      Where I live I get repeats on Sunday afternoon 4-6.

      I am sure ABC is making much from this show, yet the press rarely mentions it.
      TV Guide ca occasionally give it some PR- a little praise.
      But with ABC we fans hardly get a nod.
      Thank goddness the fans know its there.

  2. Beth says

    I think perhaps it suggests a passionate fan base. The show has an excellent cast, the acting is terrific, and the chemistry between the characters is electric. When I first became interested (just last summer), I’m sure that I googled ‘Castle.’ I did so because I wanted to know more and I wanted to discuss the show with other fans.

  3. Rev. Newton Hinckley says

    Castle is NEW to my wife & I and we are very impressed with the talent of everyone from the writers on. The two stars are made for each other and it has made our lives more interesting with every episode.
    Keep up the great work and continued success to all!

  4. cuppycake says

    Castle was, is and will ALWAYS be the number one show for me. There are very few shows that u get emotionally attached to and no doubt castle tops the list. The sizzling chemistry between the protags, father- daughter relationship, the bromance between the boys and the way all the characters back each other…just makes anyone fall in love at first sight with the show!! So definitely cheers to being the most googled tv show!!! 😀

  5. Castle_CutieIN06 says

    I absolutely love the show! The acting is tremendous compared to numerous other shows. I feel as if the cast truly indulges in their character. Props to the writers as well, who are always keeping fans on our toes.