Castle at the People’s Choice Awards

Congratulations to Nathan Fillion and the cast and crew of Castle for winning "Best Actor" and "Best Crime Drama" in the People's Choice Awards!

Castle wins! Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Andrew Marlowe Thanks Castle Fans. Photo Credit: Peoples Choice Awards


The Red Carpet event is over and fans watching via the Reelz Channel and via streaming online through ustream were happy to get a glipse of Stana Katic and a short interview with Nathan Fillion.

Castle has been nominated in the "TV Crime Drama" Category and Nathan Fillion for "Best Drama Actor". We'll update on the winners as the categories are announced.

Also attending the event are Andrew Marlowe, Terri Miller, Susan Sullivan, Penny Johnson Jerald and Tamala Jones.


Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"We are here... Because of you! " Tweets Terri Miller

Terri Miller. Photo Credit: Andrew W Marlowe

Andrew W Marlowe. Photo Credit: Terri Edda Miller


  1. NZCaztleFan says

    It is good to see that the people were heard and the best show and actor won on the day :)

    Buggered they weren’t showing the PCAs in New Zealand

  2. Nicky says

    It is certainly well-deserved! They are a group of awesome actors, writers, artists… I’m so happy they won!

  3. Vocalcreature says

    That was so amazing that Nathan and Castle won! I was doing the screaming thing the fans really made themselves heard tonight . SO COOL

  4. pluckysidekick says

    Congrats to the entire cast, crew and especially the writers!! You all have earned some recognition for the outstanding performances and writing. Winning!!

  5. Elaine says

    Woohoo! Missed the show as I had a meeting to attend but logged on to see if Nathan and/or the show won. Am so stoked they both did that I don’t even care that I missed the show. Just so happy for Nathan and my favorite show. Congratulations to all involved.

    Also have to say Stana looks amazing in that dress, and as for Nathan…love the purple tie (it’s my favorite color) and as always, he looks absolutely gorgeous in a suit. Always!

  6. jamabu says

    So glad Fillion and Castle show won but was very surprised the Favorite TV Crime Drama award was presented in the seats rather than on stage…that’s a big category. It’s obvious the networks really push some shows while others have to make it on their own…Castle has made it to the top on their own. Great show.

    • says

      There was no bias, any show that got more than one award only got one of them presented on stage. Some awards didn’t even get mentioned never mind presented on screen but off stage so it’s not as bad as it may seem

  7. Dinie says

    Did Nathan presented any awards? I’d really love to see photos of him during pca OTHER than at the red carpet and of course his great victory.