Castle Creator @AndrewWMarlowe to Judge Crazy Castle Carving Competition!

It’s that time of year when things start getting a little spooky. Nathan Fillion is working on his next awesomest-ever costume and pumpkins start appearing all over the neighborhood.

In years gone by we’ve seen some wonderfully creative fans producing some fun Halloween projects so this year we thought we’d have a pumpkin carving competition!

The theme for your carving needs to be Castle inspired!

If you’ve never done it before, give it a go! Here’s my first ever pumpkin carving attempt – Admin.

Only new creations will be eligible (no pictures from previous years) and entries will need to be submitted by Sunday October 28th using the form below.

You’ll need to submit at least one good quality photo showing off your creation via the form below along with a brief description of your project.

The best part of this competition? Champion pumpkin carver and Castle creator Andrew Marlowe will be our judge!

The winner will receive a trophy.

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  1. says

    May I ask you about this competition
    Can we do it digitally or we have to do the real one??
    The reason why I asked this question because I live in Malaysia and it is very hard to find pumpkin around here :):)

    • says

      That’s a fair question. I think we’ll say no to digital, but it doesn’t HAVE to be a pumpkin, perhaps you could get creative with another member of the squash family or something?

      • alanapaints says

        I’ve hollowed out a daikon radish before. They’re interesting to carve, and they’re pure white.

  2. trise79 says

    This is a awsome idea! I cant wait to go ah craving with a huge knife in honor of castle. Seems fitting.

  3. Sean says

    Will there be stencils available to the publi? I found a picture on your twitter acount that I would really love to do.

    • says

      I did think about that but thought people might be inclined to copy so decided against it. We’ll post all entries online afterwards though

  4. alanapaints says

    When will our esteemed judge be making his decision?

    P.S. Happy Castle Monday ! I’m anticipating/dreading Probable Cause. :-}