Castle Demographics

Following recent discussions around Castle’s ratings we’re curious to see how our site visitors compare with the Nielsen figures.

Castle always rates very well in overall viewers, frequently having the most viewers for the 10pm hour and  even on occasion Castle is the most watched network show of the night however the “key demographic” of 18-49 year olds often tells a remarkably different story.

Obviously this poll isn’t going to present any kind of accurate figures in terms of overall viewership because we’ll only reach small number of viewers but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being curious right?

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  1. Noblelox says

    That doesn’t surprise me at all. Especially with the gender split. In fact, I may have expected even more women.

    • maryploppins says

      I just re-read this comment and realized that it sounds like I barely made it into 35-49 on the high side, but what I meant to say is that I just barely did NOT make it into 18-34 anymore, LOL. I’m 35 now, so that means I’m officially OUT of the “young cool” category. Sniffle sniffle. 😉

  2. dirkstd says

    I’m a 49 (just this month) male and it is my favorite show. I watch the ratings every week. Castle is suffering from two things. A weak lead in. DWTS helps, but this last season was it’s weakest. CBS has a powerful Monday night line up wich helps H50. I like H50 too but I watch Castle live and H50 taped the next night. Castle is for a more mature audience. That is why the 18-49 rating is always lower. H50 attracks the younger audience. Castle has always drawn more viwers over all. Only since DWTS went off did it start losing that race as well but always respectable numbers. The second thing Castle suffers from is adverstising/exposure. ABC does a terrible job of letting people know it is out there. I work in a office of 100+ people and maybe five even know the show exists. Just think what it would do if a little money and exposure was paid to it from the network. I hope season five is on ABC’s to do list.

    • southerngirl says

      I concur that ABC does not promote this show. I had never heard of it until I saw a couple of episodes on TNT last summer. I liked it so much that I purchased the first 3 seasons from Amazon. The writing and cast are unparalled by any other show in the ABC family. It is such a quality show that I don’t understand ABC’s willingness to all but ignore this show. Don’t the the powers that be realize its potential especially in light of the results of the People’s Choice Awards? Perhaps ABC feels the opinion of fans is not important. I guess they just don’t get it…….

      • hrhighness says

        The “problem” is that Castle does not fit neatly into specific boxes with pre-printed labels. It is neither pure comedy nor drama. Also, compared to the popular ABC programs like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and such, it doesn’t rely on salacious stories. Unlike Lost (which they’re obviously intent on replicating with The River), it’s not overly serialized (the kind which makes it difficult to catch up when you miss enough episodes- which lead to more consistent viewing habits) and it doesn’t have monsters and all kinds of supernatural elements which tend to fascinate people a whole lot. It’s also not in the CSI mold of glamorizing forensic work, unlike other procedurals (Bones, in my opinion, still falls into this category, despite their character-centric approach). Sure, it’s a show that involves cops, but it’s not strictly a cop show of the Law & Order kind either. Take Rookie Blue, for example. It’s a cop show, but if you’ve seen ads for that show, they’re selling it like Grey’s Anatomy: Law Enforcement edition. I don’t watch it so I don’t know how accurate that description is. As someone who watches the network, however, that’s the impression I get from their frequent promos over the summer.

        What Castle does have is good old-fashioned storytelling. It’s a show heavy on subtext, and innuendos, not explicit (at least by broadcast network standards) sex scenes. It’s a show that values delayed gratification, not instant. Richard Castle, a self-made millionaire, teaching his daughter Alexis to earn money to buy herself a scooter comes to mind as a clear example. She even gets chastised for selling her dad’s gift just so she can get what she wanted right away. How often do you see that in the media these days? It’s also Romance that’s depicted on the show, with all its knots and complications, not just a brief passionate affair.

        The bottomline is ABC doesn’t know how to properly promote their own show because A. it doesn’t have enough gory crime scenes/bodies to dwell on the forensic aspect of a typical procedural; B. it doesn’t have enough sexy scenes to sensationalize the romantic aspect of a love story.

        Sorry for the long-winded rant. This issue just really irks me. I may be in their coveted demographic, but I’m not much for brand loyalty. I’m not the easily impressionable kind either.

        • ivane71 says

          i agree with all you say, another example of a similar programme is body of proof which is apparently going to be cancelled because of the low demo. i know abc have to make money, thats what commercial stations do, but i stll think this responding the all powerful demo is spoiling american tv. we`re lucky we have the beeb, who sosn’t a toss about demos, just numbers, i dont even know ifthe commercial broadcxasters use it – i`ve never seen it mentioned.,your point about promotion is also valid here. ALIBI who show castle do very little promo work on it. but one of its compatriot stations is taking half page adverts for something called GRIMM – lots of monsters. channel 5 is starting season2 of castle next week and they are prom oting it like mad – alibi – nothing. perhaps abc should find a new home for uk shoeings of their product.

  3. jrabbit says

    Don’t worry about not being in the “young cool” category – still having birthdays beats the alternative!

    Why are the 18-49 year old’s the “coveted” demographic? Because they are starting to earn money and their brains are not fully developed and therefore easily swayed by hip / cool advertising and advertisers and have a better chance of influencing them to purchase their products. Those of us in the over 50 age group are more set in our ways and have established spending patterns / habits – it’s harder for the advertisers to get us to switch from our product of choice and to their product. They live by the motto: “hook them while they are young, and they will continue to buy my stuff.”

    There was talk on the forums of basically “the aging of the population” and “why don’t Nileson / Advertisers reflect this change” I think that I’ve explained why they are not changing what the “Key Demo” is because this is where they feel they have the greatest impact in influencing how and where we shop and can TELL US what we “NEED”.

  4. bamsaidthelady says

    I’m not necessarily surprised that more females watch Castle but my dad and my brother are really big fans of this show as well.

  5. ivane71 says

    I don`t understand the way the `demo` is so important. Currently the largest group of un employed fall into or close to this demo. The 18 t0 24 group are far more likely to be surfing the net on facebook/twitter not watching tv. i speak from experience, i I have 5 in this 18/49 group, and the only thing they watch is sport – the rest is out the window. mostly they play on their consoles, or rent movies. they have responsibilities, and if they watch tv it is likelly to bo on a dvr, and they will skip the adverts. Any spare cash is not spent on avertised products, but takeways. they don`t have great spending power, the people who do have and do watch tv are the 50+ plus group. What i have written is true of the uk, and I suspect the same applies in the States. Our BBC had a documentary this week on American unemplyment, nearl every family featured were in this `fabulous ` 18-49 demo. Come on Neilson wake up to reality you needto move with the times

  6. umad80 says

    This is kind of interesting. According to press releases from ABC, they actually go after the 18-34 demo with Castle. Also the women demos. I know this site has a small sampling, but it seems that their decision to go after these demos pays off. Obviously they’d get even more advertising money if they had higher 18-49, but still.

    Of course the other important thing is that ABC makes money… so everyone needs to continue to buy the books and anything Castle related.