Castle Music Composer @robertduncanmx Goes Shopping for “Instruments”

In this day of modern technology it would be easy to assume the unique instrumental sounds incorporated into Castle’s music were in some way digitally produced but the truth may surprise you. This video of Castle Music Composer Robert Duncan going on a shopping trip for Castle season 5 demonstrates that what is behind the Castle score is actually a little more fun and a lot more interesting.


  1. Lilli says

    this is so cool! I never really paid attention to that but I guess I just assumed it would be some generic stuff from some sound company that they decided on in the cutting room… oh foolish me, they actually have guy for that! love it!

  2. alanapaints says

    My TV has a TERRIBLE speaker and I realized just recently that the show has an entirely different feel on headphones. The score really is amazing, wonderful, sometimes haunting, but often so subtle I don’t even notice how it manipulates my emotions. I guess I need a new TV.

    Robert, if you’re reading the comments, I have a 24″ diameter stainless salad bowl that makes the most amazing noises. Especially when it’s half-filled with water and I bang into it with my elbow and it hurtles off the counter and lands with a splash and rolls around on the kitchen floor. So when you get tired of Apex, hit the restaurant supply store.

    P.S. did you try playing the shopping cart?

  3. Toronto says

    One of the geniuses behind Castle.

    Perhaps one day — a la Buffy — they could have an episode that is all silence. Except for Robert Duncan’s sounds.

  4. RunningWithHeels says

    You are so correct, alanapaints! This show *has* different feel with headphones! So compelling and sucks you right in. Maybe that’s why I’m so addicted 😀 these sound/music are amazing.

    Thank you, Duncan

  5. aussiecastlefan says

    Wow there are hot men on that show the one and only Mr Fillion in front of the camera and Mr Duncan doing the music… Wow! who would thought wonderful sounds would come from things people don’t want anymore.

  6. Cate says

    Thanks for posting this – I’m amazed how a diverse range of objects can create Rob’s Castle sound. I love his beautiful haunting melodies such as ‘I Just Want You’ but I will now have to pay more attention to his other ‘textural’ pieces.

  7. Babble says

    No wonder, Duncan’s music is certainly part of the Castle success. The soundtrack is absolutely incredible. It accompanies the action beautifully. I wish it were the same with French TV shows.

  8. HELEN says



  9. Ali, Sr. says

    :) i HAD NO IDEA …!!! CASTLE’s cast & crew is the gift that keeps on giving :) Mr. Duncan you are amazing. I have been aware of the impact music & the right soundtrack have on any given scene – that you use your musical knowledge & “make” music disguised as sound effects…YABA DABA DU!!! It is refreshing to see someone going the extra mile to give others the very best of themselves. You don’t cut corners & that is remarkable. Computers are amazing, but very talented people forego tapping into their “genius” & take the easy way out by limiting themselves to their use alone.
    I often ask myself – what is it about CASTLE that draws us in? You have given me another piece of the puzzle. For now, I will stop asking & “FEEL THE MUSIC”…I HAD NO IDEA…THANK YOU :)