1. kathy brumbalow says

    i hope the one who has always play kate beckett she will still be playing kate alway’s and in the 6th season

      • kathy brumbalow says

        i am so glad she is thank’s because her and castle are great togather. very glad for another season

        • Marion says

          spielt sie wirklich mit oder spielt castle nicht mehr. Oder geht becket nach DC und Castle bleibt bei der Crew.

          • Emy says

            Stana tweeted this today “Ok,ever1.My talented castmates of 5yrs &wonderful crew r the beneficiaries of ur luv n dedication.I wish u all n enjoyable season 6! night S”

            So do we have any reason to worry? I mean I Love Castle but Castle without Beckett it’s like a Cheese pizza without cheese right?

            Bad English sorry, french here?

    • Denise says

      Eu quero assistir Rick e Kate juntos. Eles se amam. Eles já sofreram por quatro anos e agora tem que ser só amor. Não tem que brigar mais nem sofrer por amor. Agora é só casar, continuar trabalhando em NY e ter os bebezinhos.

  2. Europa says

    Yay! 😀 And I love your typo, “Congratulations to the *Castle Castle* and Crew.” LOL! That’s okay; you’re probably just overly excited like the rest of us at the good news. ;D

  3. HesterMonk says

    I am glad that it is official. Congratulations, Castle cast and crew! It going to be another great year!

  4. Misha says

    Do we know how many episodes are ordered this time around?
    Still hoping they’ll actually renew it for two seasons straight – would be fantastic for story arc planning!

    • says

      It will be a standard 22 episode order, unless they announce something different on Tuesday at the Upfronts

  5. Lisa B says

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My summer will be bearable now that I have Castle to look forward to!!!!

  6. Nev827 says

    Yay! Congrats to the cast and crew! Very well deserved. Now onto sweating about the finale.

  7. Shena says

    BEST. FRIDAY. EVER. Woohoo!!!! 😀

    ‘Castle’ renewal and Nathan at Comic-con… all in the same weekend!

    I can’t stop smiling!!! 😉

        • castle2cute says

          You r very fortunate…just hope he doesn’t cancel his appearance like what happened with the Philly Wizard Con. I am still crying about that. I can’t see him doing that to his fans so it must have been something major that came up. Surely he wouldn’t do that to his fellow Canadians.

          • little monkey says

            Right with you there about Philly! I was having bad day on Thursday when I got the cancellation/refund notice. Anyone know what’s up? It was his only appearance that didn’t require plane and hotel arrangements, aka affordable! At least the bad news was tempered with another season to look forward to!

  8. TracyLee55 says

    Very happy. YAY!!!!

    My day was going from bad to worse todat, and then I could not even find the renewal notice on home page, everyone kept mentioning. So I thoght.. I must be blind… well enough of that. (I still wish I knew how to make smileys here :-})

    I never had a doubt it would be renewed, but to finally see it officiall? ALRIGHT!!!!!

    Shena, I can see your smile as I write this. Have a great time.

  9. Alie says

    Just think… Now Marlowe is off sitting somewhere jotting down ideas for the next 23-24 episodes. Such a great feeling. I bet the cast is super excited. Castle is such a solid show and it seems to be hard to find those anymore.

  10. Kassle says

    This is awesome news! But I have a question. I’m very late to the Castle party and didn’t start watching until mid January. I’ve been able to catch up on most of seasons 1-4 on TNT (why won’t they show Tick, Tick, Tick and Boom!) But anyway, I noticed on May 20 a new show is in the time slot. Won’t ABC show Castle reruns over the summer?

  11. 5oyberraka says

    This is so exiting and has giving me some comfort while a wait for the season finale. Congrats to all of the cast and crew and may there be many more seasons.

  12. Karen says

    Hi, wow, that’s good news. Firstly because there’s a new season and secondly, whatever happens in the final, they will still be together.

  13. says

    I am very pleased that my favorite show is forging on. Thank you Marlowe, Cast and Crew. You do a great job, Always!!!

  14. kieran82 says

    Congratulations to the cast and crew for a great job.the great news made my day.

  15. Kathy1948 says

    WooHoo!!!! We all knew this was inevitable but it is nice to have it official. Now we can all breathe more easily, that is once we take the roller coaster ride with the finale. I am sure Andrew Marlowe already has a rough arc as to how the story will progress in Season 6. I think the theme is going to be “complications, consternation and compromise leading to commitment”. LOL ; )

  16. Genda Shearman says

    This is Fantastic News! I was sure it would be,but needed it to be official! Congrats to the cast and crew and wishing you all safe journeys and lots of fun during the hiatius! You are all AMAZING and we love you all! Thanks, ABC! Best show on tv! Perfect news ! Heres to a great season 6 and more!

  17. Lucille Rowe says

    So happy to find out that this show has not been cancelled! It is one of my favorites, next to NCIS and NCIS LA! Now, I can relax and wait for the finale on Monday and know that I will see it again in the Fall!!!!!

  18. says

    Congratulations to the whole Castle casts!!!! Nice to know it’s official. My favorite show ever. Will be looking foward to the new season every season seems to get better if that’s possible. I love the show and looking foward to many more seasons.

  19. LivK48 says

    Best birthday present cast and crew,you are doing a fantastic job.
    It so good to know that is official ….hurray

  20. Jackie says

    Congratulations Castle cast and crew! Now I can watch Mondays Finale knowing there will be more to come this September! This makes me VERY VERY HAPPY !

  21. Lexie says

    Hey Admin, do you know if the 7 Network here in Australia are going to show the remainder of the episodes for Season 5? (14 – 24) Or do we have to do more letter writing/messaging? Do you believe that the Network advertises this show enough?

    • Tvos says

      Lexie, you should be used to the programming ineptitude of Channel 7 by now, they have an excruciating history of this practice, if memory serves me correctly, I think they have done for the last two Castle seasons, defiinately occurred with Season 4, they do it with Bones as well, we are expected to sit through waffle about a train robber’s wife, and Grey’s Anatomy, while being a fine show, not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, we are a very small market with extremely limited recourse, so we have to put ourselves in the hands of the programming gods. I will make a bold prediction that we will probably get the rest of Season 5 about the time Season 6 begins in the US. I yearn for the day when the Castle goes to pay TV, we may get series continuation then.

    • Tvos says

      In answer to your other question, Lexie, Channel 7 would rather promote inane cooking and “talent” shows and mind numbing “realty TV”, than quality drama.

  22. says

    best news ever. we just knew the show was going to be renewed-but ABC just made (my) our day
    thank you-ABC.
    Congrats to the entire crew!!!
    so happy.

  23. Marion says

    Ich freue mich, aber müss länger warten, bei uns läuft erst die 13. Folge. Und eine Woche ist ganz schön lang, wenn die immer nur Freitags kommt. Das kann man ja nicht aushalten.
    Cool freue mich auf Saison 6 oder gobt es noch mehr? Was ist mit Stana wenn sie nach DC geht, spielt sie
    dann noch bei Castle? Super, geil es gibt noch mehr von Castle, ich liebe sCastle, bisher ist es die beste Serie die ich an schaue. Die Bücher sind auch gut, man kann gar nicht aufhören zu lesen.

  24. Vicki says

    I am so glad that the renewed the show! There is so much chemistry between beckett and castle! Whatever happens in the season finale! We know that kate and beckett will be back in the next season the same actors and actresses we hope! and hopefully eventually going to the alter! so glad that it is comming back! it made my day! castle and beckett rule crimefighting

  25. RAG says

    Let me also send my congratulation to the Castle team, you deserve it. We live to fight another day. There will be debates, speculations, confusions, excitements, and romance, to help us in through those rough times.

  26. mutha_nite says

    I had no doubt that the renewal would be announced, but it’s always nice to have official confirmation. As for Kassie’s query about ABC showing reruns of Castle over the summer, they use the slots left vacant by established shows to show “summer replacement” shows like “Motive.” Remember that Castle ‘s 1st season was only 10 episodes shown in a “replacement” slot. Sometimes the network strikes gold. Meanwhile, congrats to Castle crew and cast, writers and production staff. Thank you ABC… and thank you, Q’Min for rent of the hall.

  27. Kurnia Prawitasari says

    Finally..glad to hear that officially renewed for a 6th season. I really love this show, congratulation to all cast and crew, thank you so much ABC, you made my day

  28. Eljh55 says

    YES!!! Congratulations to the whole Cast and Crews and to all the men and women behind this very good show. Kudos!!

  29. Eagle James says

    I am so happy about this news I love the show. I wasnt sure what I was going to watch anymore on Mondays. Can’t wait till fall to see were they go from here. Congratulations to the whole cast and Crew.

  30. Gaz says

    congratulations to the whole castle team, you’ve gone so far since the first episode!

  31. Kings Mountain says

    Good news!!!! Congradulations to all the cast and crew and to everyone else who enjoys watching “Castle” The interaction between the characters and the acting (especially Susan Sullivan) is more attractive than the actual story line. The majic of what I’ve seen so far has been in the writing and acting. People like to see good, clean entertainment. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to view next season.

  32. Carol says

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband & I love the Castle series. Wouldn’t know what to do without you. The whole cast is so perfect, everyone just matches exactly who they are…fantastic acting, but I am sure all of you are somewhat the same people in real life. Thank you all, the cast, the crew, and most of all
    Mr. Marlowe for writing the books. I think I will have to read some of them this summer so I can stay connected to “Castle” and crew. Suspense until last minute “Katherine Beckett, will you marry me?”… I actually screamed yes out loud…”Yes, the are coming back!” Thank you again. All of you enjoy your vacations, much love to all of you!

  33. virg salvo says

    Will be in withdrawal until Sept. Hope we don’t find out the job in Washington came through Sen. Brackett and we are in for real trouble.
    Absolutely best combination of cast members ever, who do great justice to best dialogue ever.

  34. H DOWN says

    Yay! 6th season. Just hope its not going to be a boring predictable season because its just taken them 4 seasons to get together!! Love all the cast :-)

  35. Sebastian says

    That’s great news! Congratz to the Castle cast & Crew :-)

    After i been seen the Season finale episode i cant wait for season 6! Going to be so awesooome!

  36. Leach says

    Congratulations & thanks to each & every member of the cast & crew for bringing so much pleasure to so many millions of Castle fans.
    I have never been so addicted to ANY series ever & even buy the DVDs as they become available in the stores, can’t wait for season 5 to come out in DVD. Thank you ABC for renewing Castle for season 6.

  37. cbg144 says

    My son the master in computers has just told me That Castle is renewed for two more years. He is doing his thesis in Computer Science and does a lot of research for his thesis .He keeps me informed . My husband and I also watch this show fatefully.It reminds us how we were. It reflects quite like our lives were before the two kids.It is how my husband was before the demands of life got serious. Now by watching Castle he is becoming the guy I married.He is more romantic now.Yes I too had a dilemma.I was going to be a head nurse I had planned to go back to school for one more year to improve my status and become a head nurse. I was accepted to take the course in september 1979 .My husband asked me to marry him. I really had to think about it.He even asked me if I really loved him. I said I do not know.I had to choose .My first love was nursing. Did I love him enough to give up my life as a nurse with seniority and move to another town and start at the bottom again.I said I had to think about it. The next time he visited he said I know you love your work here what is your answer. I told him I can not decide I do not have a ring.The next friday he showed up at my door and said lets get a ring.I did say yes and was married that September 1979 .There went my dream job as head nurse that I truly wanted .Gave it all up for love.Therefore watching Castle Monday night reminded me of the time he asked me if I would marry him sitting in his car before he left to go back home.

  38. andhikadjuli says

    Great news, i have been waiting to hear and read this news. Finally, Castle S6 will be on ABC TV in September 2013

  39. Johana C. Diputado says

    can i just ask if there’s an exact schedule when the show will return? i mean, we all know now that the show will return on september but what day on september?

      • zed_faculton says

        oh how i wish it’s sooner, not watching castle in a month is like not watching castle in a year

  40. Lyn Bockmiller says

    i have watch the finale show 5 times to get all i missed first i think her dad and Martha gave them poor advice age difference. She went and talk to that Senator? and when she left he had Hate in his eye’s now in washington we have sen. Brackett do we see big trouble for her? Are they the big power that no one can touch? HMMMM is she in danger and don’t know it ? Kate is hard to talk to she said so herself I think she has been happy the way thing have been going with them But this Job offer has put her in a bind What do I do now? And when she told that killer that room was her home and walk out and looked at the officers and Ryan’s and Espo Desks what was she really thinking do I want to leave this? This is Family this is friends who I Love. Was she going to tell Rick she was not taking the Job? Now here is the whole show her and Rick on the swings. And said it all. And he was right and she agreed but I know she was not ready for the Ring WOW Does she say yes,no, I need to think about it, lets talk about it, lets talk about us. The End. See you next season!!! :-)

  41. Esther says

    I’m counting down the days to season 6. I love castle and caskett soooooooo much! Castle show is the best show on tv!! I hope Beckett will say yes!! I want Castle and Beckett together!!!

  42. Jackie says

    Thank you ABC for realizing a great show when you have one!
    I am truely amazed at the following this show has. Not one of my friends or family watches this show.
    So it is so great to have websites like this for those of us with OCD !

    Congratulations to the Cast and Crew for yet another season to come. I anxiously await your arrival in September !

    CAN’T WAIT !!!!

  43. liltmaclean says

    AWESOME!!!! Great news to a bad day. i can not wait until september. i loved the ending of season 5 did not see that coming!!!

      • sbL says

        I just seen before on other TV series that it have been change or something (-:

        I pay for my Hulu account so i can watch Castle, so wanted to be sure if they change it or anything

  44. Saskia from Germany says

    Best news ever! Castle official renewed for season 6! Congrats to the complete cast of castle! You are all amazing. Till September it’s too long, definitely, but we have to wait. We will have Caskett on the next season, because without one of them it will be not the same and i think A.M. knows it.
    I think, we will experience a roller coaster, but not only for caskett.
    So let’s wait and see what happens. Until September I’am crazy. :-)
    Greetings to all the other fans out there.

  45. LoganBear says

    Where might I be able to get Season 5 on DVD now instead of waiting till
    sept??? Or for that matter DVD’s for Castle books?

    • says

      You can’t. It isn’t released yet. You could buy the episodes on iTunes but it won’t have the extras

  46. Little moon says

    I’m so happy!!! Castle is my favourite show, nathan and stana are my favourite actors, so i can’t wait!!

  47. Ani says

    I miss Castle!!! And it’s not even mid June :( I am addicted to this tv show…
    I don’t even have people to talk about the show and re-enjoy the episodes. Buuuuuuuuuuuu.. :(
    The whole cast rocks!! I think the show is what it is because of all the team including the ones off the screen… but the actors do such an incredible work. I want more episodes like Still!!! Many jokes, and happy moments… Can’t waint till September arrives.

  48. Renny from Rome says

    Yessssssssss I can’t wait!!! Hope the actors won’t change!!! 😉 😉 😉