Castle Paley Event on DVD

The “Evening with Castle” event held by the Paley Center for Media is now available on DVD.  This was a fantastic event and would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any Castle fan.  The DVD is available from Amazon for $19.95 and is available to ship right away.

All of the cast of castle including Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones and Molly Quinn participated in the panel and were joined by creator Andrew Marlowe and director Rob Bowman.  The event was moderated by Castle guest star Tom Bergeron.


  1. Fran Scanlon says

    What on earth are they doing with the Castle series???? It’s the best show on tv and they are (to put it politely) constantly messing with the scheduling. Isn’t anyone powerful enough to capture a slot for this show? I know I’m not the only fan – Can someone tell me where they are now???

  2. Nate says

    When your’e a Stana Katic addict, breaks aren’t appreciated! Actually my 12 year old daughter is the driving force for our concern. She loves this show, as do we. We just wish it was on an hour earlier so she wouldn’t be a drag in the morning. This is the only show we have followed religiously since the first season of Star Trek Voyager. A true highlight of the week. Keep up the great writing.

    So, any chance I can get a signed 8 X 10 glossy of Ms. Katic??? for our daughter of course!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Love love love this show;
    Loved Moonlight, too; but that’s gone.
    I’d watch anything Castle is on;
    He would have been a great Steve McGarrett!

  4. castlelover1212 says

    My Castle obsession is beyond the point of turning back 😛 My mom makes fun of my withdrawl symptoms from last week and this week seeing as Castle is not back on until Dec. 6. No one gets how much I love the show, I understand they need breaks but for people who have OCD( Obsessive Castle Dissorder) its killing us! 😛

  5. Nate says

    I don’t know about McGarrett, I only watched a little of the first episode of the new show and couldn’t do it. I guess I am a bit of a purist. Steve McGarrett was a serious dude. The new guys seem too “Magnum PI”. Could Nathan pull off ultra serious? Maybe, Dan Akroyd did a pretty good job as a Joe Friday type.

  6. Dick Hohman says

    Castle is our favorite show. Awesome cast. Are there signed photos available of the dynamic duo, Beckett and Castle?