Castle Poster is a Tease

Fans are going crazy at the first peek of the Castle season 4 poster, and you can see why.  Click to enlarge.

Via TVLine

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  1. This is my new desktop background =D

    • Yours? Oh, no. I think it’s the desktop for all “Castillians.” :D
      Gosh. It’s gorgeous. Thud.

  2. Sorry to say, but that’s alot of make up on Nathan. He ldoesn’t look manly in this picture. And what’s up with the eyebrown trimming/threading. And too much airbrushing. Stana looks stunning. He has more make up than her.

  3. Marbs, you’re seeing makeup, airbrushing, and eyebrow care, I see crow’s feet, uneven eyes, and a slight 5 o’clock shadow. The makeup artists may have cleaned him up and concealed a few blemishes, but he still looks beautifully imperfect to me.

  4. What an awesome pic :) I also need a print of that lovely period-piece pic on the header!

  5. The crowsfeet is fine. Afterall, he is 40 now. That’s what makes a man attractive, less make up and airbrushing. Kinda like Brad Pitt, to me he looks better when he’s out with his sans make up versus all the publicity photos they have.

  6. I’m just saying…finally!, he’s n

  7. Love the cheekiness of the new poster… but wished it was like the others where it had a crime scene theme…

  8. Castletasmic says:

    Where can we buy one? no 2, maybe 3 or even more :D

  9. Stana just tweeted she visted the set of “Rizzoli & Isles” And Sasha Alexander tweeted back. Sweet. Now, I love Stana even more. I wonder if Sasha and Stana spoke to each other in Italian or Serbia.

  10. Funny — I very briefly saw the shadow of a mustache on Nathan…but never thought of airbrushing, make-up, etc. All I saw was a fantastic photo! Love Stana’s finger doing the “shush”at Nathan’s mouth! So cute!

  11. I love it. what a cute poster! and yes! a biggggg tease.
    and I don’t see anything wrong with uneven eyes. after all, they are for a purpose. First thing I think of those eyes is ”oh! this is so Castle”. and no. I don’t see too much photoshop here, honestly.
    they are getting closer and closer every season. make me wonder what next season’s poster will be like…..

  12. Adorable and, hey, what’s wrong with being 40+ and having crows feet?! :)

    The only weird thing about the photo is that he has one languid eye and one intense eye which makes me look at one eye and then the other for some reason.

    One. More. Week….

  13. iwoulddiewithoutcastle:D says:

    you guys care about if his eyes match or if the photo is airbrushed??? i mean, really???
    how does it matter?? they are human too, they cant look perfect! and if they do, you guys will just think the photo is photoshopped.
    i just love the poster. period.

    cant wait for the premiere!! :D

  14. I love this season poster. It really is such a tease. I LOVE CASTLE’S IMPERFECTIONS!!!

  15. That’s exactly my point. That’s why they don’t need to put so much make up and airbrush Nathan so much. He’s fine the way he is. He looks less manly with all that airbrushing and foundation on his face. That’s why I LOVE George Clooney. Gray hair, crowsfeet and lines on his face. He looks so good. Manly and yet classy. H

  16. castle and beckett forever says:

    I like much


  17. simpley adorable (already as desktop wallpaper ofc ;) ) …can’t wait for 19th :D

  18. does anyone know if you can buy this poster?

    • As far as I know it’s not available yet but they do tend to become available on Amazon after a while – you’ll see you can buy the other ones via our store page.

  19. THAT’S COOL!