Castle Renewed!

It's been unofficially announced that Castle has been renewed.

News Sources:

"ABC has picked up drama "Happy Town" and "Cougar Town" to series. Additionally, midseason drama "Castle," also from ABC Studios, was renewed for a second season.   ABC wouldn't confirm any pickups until it unveils its fall schedule on Tuesday. --

While only a month ago, this would've surprised us, given the last few weeks we are not surprised to hear that Castle has been renewed.

We are still in shock over Dollhouse, that Castle has us feeling,  Yeah, so, who didn't see that coming? re not surprised, and compared to Dollhouse, Castle's renewal seemed certain at this point! --

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  1. Jonathan M. Thompson says:

    I love Castle, Im glad to see that its coming back.

  2. Sweet….seriously best news this week – thanks for the news!!

    Finally something good on Monday nights – great story line and even better eye candy – thank you ABC!!!!

  3. RobinInSeoul says:


  4. I'm overjoyed! Kiss 

    So much good news in one day! (Dollhouse too! WOO!)  \\o/

  5. gablue1 says:

    Sweet. Hopefully the 2nd of many seasons.

  6. YES!!!

  7. I haven't seen Dollhouse and have no idea what it's about, but CASTLE!!!! YESSSS!!!! I'm so thrilled, even my mom's happy :D

    It's become somewhat of a tradition for us to watch it together.

  8. Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!


  9. A time for rejoicement.  Something to look forward to during college!  ABC made a town of Castle fans utterly happy!!

  10. A time for “rejoicement”  indeed! 

    Official news about the renewal will be made by ABC on Tuesday

  11. OK – can you now say it with me…this is Great News!!!!!!


  12. utahgirl says:

    Excellent! I'm looking forward to the second season with pleasure.


  13. marie alueta says:

    Just read and watched on line an article from Dave Lake on MSN TV called Kings of the “Castle” that had videos from (soapbox) that were lol funny. check it out on

  14. marie alueta says:


  15. Marilyn Szat says:

    Castle is a great show. I am thrilled that it will be returning next season.

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! Cant wait for next season.

  17. Twilight2000 says:

    Just showed up in my twitter feed:
    NathanFillionI can’t remember the last time I had a second season of ANYTHING. I don’t know if I remember what to do. Step one: go to Canada. Relax.

  18. nalissa2 says:

    That is great news indeed! KissKissKissKiss

  19. maurece says:

    I am tickled pink that CASTLE will have a second season. Now I can look forward to the fall season.

  20. Nathan Fillion posted on his twitter that he can't remember the last time any of his shows have been renewed, so there's even more 'unofficial confirmation' haha. I'm still overjoyed about this, now we just have to find the patience to wait for September!

  21. Miss Jane says:

    Finally! This is one of three show I watch so I was upset thinking it would be cancelled.

    That being said…

    When will the next season begin? I can only imagine it starts with tension, silence and fights between the two major characters because of the fact that he delves into her Mother's murder.

    It's rare to find a show where you love all of the characters; Catle, his daughter, Mother and Kate. Wonder how many eps before we have some real action between Kate and Castle. Wink


  22. Melanie says:

    I’m SO glad Castle’s been renewed. Whew! It’s become my 2nd obsession right behind SVU. I just love the interplay btw Castle and Beckett.

  23. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to her that forever!!!! Castle is the best show EVER!!! Whew…I am so happy! :P yayayayayay!

  24. Oh that’s a WONDERFUL news. I so happy about the reneval and can’t wait to see the new season.

  25. Ms. Catsmeow says:

    I’m so VERY glad to hear that Castle will be renewed. This is such a fun show and Nathan is PERFECT for this role! Castle is my Must See TV.

  26. The first episode of Castle was aired on Australian TV on channel 7 at 9.30pm last night (17th of May).
    My response to the show was…
    -Thanks Channel 7!

  27. @TigerMel says:

    very happy to hear this news.. listen up ABC execs…. amongst so much crap… you have produced a gem… so stop looking for greener grass and support this show…

  28. Hang on a minute TigerMel – ABC just renewed Castle which was getting pretty average ratings and the last two weeks of season 1 it bumped another show to give it a better chance and you abuse them for it?

  29. I agree, ABC have been VERY supportive of Castle

  30. This is great news! I love Castle..Nathan and Stana are great together. I’m so happy for everyone on the show. Wishing everyone tons of success!

  31. Awesome news! My husband and I love Castle. It’s the best new show out in a long, long time. Castle and Becket’s timing is very good and Stana can say more with a look than most actresses can speak in 5 minutes. I love that he is so very smart but is still king of a goofball.

    We loved Shark too with James Woods and it just kind of disappeared.

  32. This is GREAT news!!!! Castle has become my favorite show of all the networks!!!! I can’t wait until fall. Thank you ABC!!!!!!

  33. Great news! Castle’s writing is fantastic! Nathan and Stana’s chemistry on screen is palpable. The supporting cast rocks too. The best new show on television. I tell everyone to watch!

  34. L. Raven says:




  35. Wonderful news…..can’t wait till next season. Best show on network TV in years.

  36. amanda cassidy says:

    best show on tv. please don’t cancel

  37. stephanie says:

    I love this show. It is one of my absolute favorites. I watch every Monday nite. Was really bummed to come home tonite and see that it wasnt on. The bachlorette was on instead…ugh! Castle…Is on the of the best shows on TV rt now. It reminds me of alot of books Ive read. I hope it stays on the air, I would really be disappointed if it goes off the air. This maybe a stupid question but is it on this week? Or was last week its final show? Would like to know. Take care, number 1 fan, steph

  38. J. Mello says:

    PLEASE keep Castle in the line up! My family and ALL our friends think it is one of the best on TV. Love the energy and clever dialogue between Castle and Beckett, great supporting cast, too. Love to see a dad and daughter have a positive relationship and the daughter shows her smarts! Congrats to the writers as well for the hook up between the author and the police interaction.Keep it coming!

  39. I love Castle! I am glad that it’s back!!!


  41. Melissa in Seattle says:

    That's terrific news.  I stumbled into Castle this season and was delighted with the slick humor and great chemistry.  This show really works, and I'm glad to see it will be renewed. 

    Castle said:

    It’s been unofficially announced that Castle has been renewed.

    Check back for more details as they become available though official word isn’t expected from ABC until Tuesday.

    News Sources:

    “ABC has picked up drama “Happy Town” and “Cougar Town” to series. Additionally, midseason drama “Castle,” also from ABC Studios, was renewed for a second season.  ABC wouldn’t confirm any pickups until it unveils its fall schedule on Tuesday. —

    While only a month ago, this would’ve surprised us, given the last few weeks we are not surprised to hear that Castle has been renewed.

    We are still in shock over Dollhouse, that Castle has us feeling, “Yeah, so, who didn’t see that coming?”  We’re not surprised, and compared to Dollhouse, Castle’s renewal seemed certain at this point! —

    Read original blog post

  42. So did anyone else do a happy dance? My kids think I'm nuts. I don't watch a lot of TV so I was really happy to hear my favorite show will be back.  

  43. Love Castle was disappointed last night when it was not on…did not realize tha was the first season and it was over…when is it going to start again…Hopefully not after the Bachlorette…Cause I notice that was in Castle time lot now…I can’t wait that long for it to come back!!!!

  44. electrastar says:

    That made my day yesterday! I tape the show because I can't watch it on Monday nights and I watched the season finale yesterday. I was so affraid that it was going to get cancelled that I searched the Internet for news of the show being saved…then I stumbled upon this website…which had the news I was hoping to hear!!!

    I've been a fan of Nathan Fillion since ''Firefly'', I had even seen him in ''Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place'' and I had watched ''Drive'' when it was on. I'm so happy that this show has avoided what I call the ''The Nathan Fillion Curse'' because all of the shows I've seen him in got cancelled…therefore, I'm so happy that this show is getting another season, happy for him and for fans like myself, this is great news!

  45. So glad this show has been renewed.  It's really a super series, love it.

  46. So glad this show has been renewed.  It's really a super series, love it.Smile

  47. Castle by far surpassed my expectations. It quickly moved up to my favorite TV show. I have been on vacation for the past 2 weeks and just realized that last weeks episode was intended to be the season finale. UGH. I am so sad I have to wait until the Fall but, I am pleased it was picked up for another season. The chemistry between Nathan and Stana is pricesless. I looked forward to it every week. I love this show!

  48. Bill C. says:

    I love this show. The interaction between Castle and Beckett keeps me coming back for more. I am so glad to hear that the show was renewed.

  49. Since we didn’t get to see more episodes of Firefly…

    Excellent show..keep it going..Can’t wait for next season.

  50. Great news. ABC will be pleased they kept this show around. It has the potential to be around for a while.

  51. YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Woohoo! Nathan is the man and Stana is the woman! I love them! So glad it’s coming back! Now if we could only get FIREFLY back on the air…ABC???

  52. By far, this is the best program. The cast is superb, and the story lines are totally believable. Terrific adult drama.

  53. How fantastic is that?!?!?! My husband and I are HUGE fans of Castle (& Beckett)!!!! Both are smart, funny, sexy, and the chemistry between the two ~ top notch!

    We love the multi-generational family. The actors playing Alexis and Martha are fantastic, beautiful and funny!

    The entire show is Intelligent!! Witty banter ~ perfectly timed throughout each episode!

    Thank you for providing a show people enjoy so much. Keep it coming!!

  54. Thank Goodness this show has been renewed… I LOVE it.

  55. I absolutely LOVE Castle ! Terrific show and cast ! Castle and Beckett are GREAT together ! Was sad that the season was over already, but excited that it’ll be coming back in the fall ! GREAT SHOW ! Love it !!! Love it !!! Love it !!!!!!!!!! =)

  56. Yay!  I'm so glad Nathan  FINALLY  gets a second season!! It's  So Very Well Deserved  I might add!!!

  57. Kootsie says:

    One of only 3 must watch shows for me. Congratulations to the show. The actors are very good and the stories are well written. Really looking forward to the next season and many more.

  58. Castle-Lover54 says:

    I am a Castle-Lover! The best TV show to come along in a very long long time.  Each episode is sweet and entertaining and sometimes over the silliest things, i.e. the Espresso machine! Loved Nathan's gagging over the office coffee before he brought in the new Expresso machine. I've watched these episodes so many times that I compare Beckett's reluctance at first to enjoy the coffee machine because it came from Castle, to the Chill Runs Through Her Veins episode when she smoothly takes Castle's coffee cup and drinks it herself and keeps his cup.  Okay, a sweeter version would be if they both shared the same coffee cup.  Ooops my affection for this show is showing!

    So, I'm looking forward to the 2nd season! Thank you, ABC.


  60. Castle is a great show. Love the latest Halloween/Vampire episode. The reference to Firefly/Serenity with his costume in the opening sceen was hilarious!

    The chemistry of the characters is great, the show is funny and worth keeping around for years. But like most things, it will probably get canceled prematurely.

    Look what happened to Firefly, Deadwood, BSG, Pushing Daisies, Carnivale…the list of great shows that have died because of the average viewer’s lack of interest is heart breaking.

    Glad to see Castle hang in there for another season but I see the jokes and writing being lost on most idiots that make up the average American viewer…you know the ones…that drink Bud Lite and eat pancakes on a stick?


    This show is great too ;)

  62. I love this show….the chemistry between Beckett and Castle is hot, hot hot!
    Bring it back for the 3rd season……PLEASE!!!

  63. Donna and Annie says:

    My daughter, Annie and I love Castle. Sometimes we write the great lines and try to see who says them the best.
    “Check your six Maverick, this is your Captain, up and on the mouse. Listen up ladies and gentlemen our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes we’re in the fight let’s keep our feet dry this time.”
    LOVE IT so funny. We are big fans!

  64. Bob (Yarmouth, ME) says:

    Picked up the Season 1 DVD set and have been watching it with my family and just love it. This seems to be a pattern for me, as I did the same with Nathan Fillion’s prior series Firefly, which is one of my favorite shows of all time. Again, great characters, character interactions, and stories. Great dialog. Really great. I am glad to be able to become a fan of the show while it is still on the air!!–though I see only one episode is left for the 2nd season. I, too, hope the show is picked up for Season 3, I also note a “Richard Castle” novel is available and even made the top 10 of the NYT Best Sellers list! There has been so little quality entertainment (or intelligence) on television these past 7 years since the rise of brain dead cheap-to-make reality tv shows. Thank you for Firefly and Castle. I feel like Oliver Twist in approaching the networks with my empty bowl: “More, please.”

    • I’m not sure where you got the impression that there’s only one more episode for season 2, there’s actually still plenty more to come. Keep an eye on the Episodes page of this website for details which are updated as the information becomes available. Season 2 will have a total of 22 episodes.

  65. ever notice that every series with nathan fillion is awesome well this is no exception im glad they renewed castle its an awesome show.

  66. I’m watching the last episode of second season of Castle and I’m looking forward for season 3 which I’m dying to see their interactions between Richard Castle and Kate Becket. Also, it’s awesome show and thrilling.

  67. You guys are a little slow. Castle’s been renewed for it’s Fourth Season!

  68. Greg, we’re not slow at all, you’re responding to something that was posted in May 2009!

  69. WOW, what a ending. I love that show. Might kinda say I am always looking forward for Mondays.
    Hated to see that they lost a good actor plus Kate getting shot and not knowing how they are going to fit her back in next season. I am sure she is going to be a survier from that gun shot. It sure wouldn’t be the same with out her. Her and Castle make a great couple.
    Whooopppeeeee they are coming back

  70. thank Goodness. I was just sick when I heard that ” Castle was going to be cancelled,” It has been my favorite… I am so glad it was renewed,,,, I hope its on for a long time…

  71. This is my favorite show by far! I love Stana and the entire cast. I even got my boyfriend watching. Now he just turns it on every Monday and we watch the previous seasons on Tuesday’s. <3 So excited for the new season.

  72. When is castle going to come back in Australia??

  73. OMG! I love Castle. I’m so glad that Channel 7 got this one right by renewing it. Can’t wait to find out what Kate’s answer is. Although I love the show, I do kind of wish that his mom’s find her own apartment. Nothing personal, but is her character really necessary? Don’t want to see an actor out of work, but she gets on my nerves with her invasion of privacy issues. LOL…maybe it’s old Mother – in – law issues popping up.

    • Martha has played a vital role in Castle’s development, she helps him see things he needs to learn, she also helps tell the story of where Castle’s coming from