Castle Season 5

After a universally enjoyed and highly emotional season finale that beat out the competition in the ratings last night, the "question of the day" is undoubtedly...

"Is there going to be a season 5 of Castle?"

The best answer we can give at this point is we believe there is!

Frustratingly ABC has yet to announce any of their renewals this year which means that officially, there's no answer about whether or not Castle has been renewed for a 5th season.

The good news is at least as of right now Castle has not been canceled and every indication points towards ABC renewing Castle for another season. The past couple of months we've seen Castle consistently in the top 10 most watched shows in the US. There are new books coming out including the next Nikki Heat novel "Frozen Heat", 3 Derrick Storm Novellas, the new graphic novel "Storm Season" and nobody associated with the show seems to be worried about being out of a job.

We expect that ABC will announce all their show renewals on May 15th at the Upfronts press event.

You can be sure that as soon as there's any official news we'll be posting it here and on Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook.

Season 4 on DVD

In other news, it's reported that the Castle Season 4 DVD set will be released September 11 (a week earlier than usual and the same day as Frozen Heat).

Included on the DVD: all 23 episodes of season 4, "Nathan & Friends: Castle Goes Radio;" "Anatomy of A Stunt;" audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and bloopers.

Pre Order these items now.


    • sean says

      Big difference between Firefly and Castle — people actually watch Castle. Firefly was a great show, but also a very unpopular one.

      • mahesh kosuri says

        ahh..!!! what a finale that was so perfect..i guess castle father must b the 1 behind kates mother death….

        • Celtic Lady says

          I always thought that Castle’s father will come into being somewhere in this quest to find Beckett’s mothers killers. But I think, maybe, he may be the key is saving Beckett’s life from their attempts to kill her. Both are indeed possibilities! But one thing is certain……no one better kill Kate Beckett! Castle would crumble without her!

      • szhooper says

        Actually, I wouldn’t say it was unpopular at all ~ just under promoted. Firefly STILL has a HUGE cult following and is one of Joss Whedons best, I think…. :)

        • nicole says

          Definitely not unpopular, it has hundreds of thousands of following over ten years later–that’s a success, however fox canceled it because of how much money it cost to make it and the special efforts…poor choice for fox because i’m sure it would have taken off and made fortunes…..but i am still damaged by fox as well…hope they don’t cancel another great show with Nathan in it. He’s the man.

      • Malcolm says

        Saying that Firefly was impopular isn’t really telling the entire truth, now is it?

        Fox wanted that show of the air before it even started (for some damn reason), so they aired the episodes at irregular hours and not even in order! It was never given a chance. It later became extremely popular when people actually noticed its existance.

        Also, Fox cancells a lot of things. More than any other network. We don’t need to be worried of any sudden cancelation of Castle. Season 5 is confirmed and I’m waiting patiently for a release date!

      • Borja says

        Are you kidding me?? of course it will be season 5!! those guys are amazing ( i mean kate and rick) but… you all are forgetting to comment the most important think… the las episode was AMAZING! AWESOME OH MY GOD!! i was just jumping in the seat while watching, the perfect ending. i was a little disapointed about how thinks where going on, you know, that “getting closer and far again all the time” stuff.

        • yosanly cornelio says

          omgggggggg……agree with ur coment…..we was in the same situation watching the last episode…….stana and nathan are the best….and all the team to…..waoooooo AMAZING………OMG…..ABC have to do the best…… and the best is. season 5……

    • maira ali says

      of course there will be season five ….i read some stuff about it on a website that its going to be about the hardships there relationship will cope up after they go back to everyday life out of their perfect little world(this is my own summarized form it is a little different from what was written on the website)……..and yes i loved the last epi and ‘m eager for season5

  1. Celtic Lady says

    I am optimistic that Castle will be renewed! However, I can’t wait until it is officially said! Castle has the best Cast, writers etc. I am still awestruck from watching the exceptionally brilliant Always! You guys all deserve Emmys for your hard work!

  2. LindaD1949 says

    ABC is notoriously …….no, wait, they’ll renew! Last night was great!! Loved it!!

    • Tongue-Tied says

      Arguably Castle is one of the best shows on TV. I haven’t missed an episode and is my TV fix each week, and the season finale was what i was hoping for, finally the passion is surfacing for Beckett and Castle, the show just grabs you. I’ll be positive, i can’t wait for season 5

  3. fstop says

    If ABC doesn’t know they have a big hit here, they are crazy. I’ll be shocked if they do not renew Castle. Terrific season finale! Where will this relationship go now that they’ve done the deed? What will Kate do next, go back to the NYPD, become a PI, ??? Since the target on her back is now bigger than ever, how does Castle protect her? What does Castle do next???? Great job to the whole crew. Looking forward to seeing you in the Fall. Enjoy the summer.



  5. pepperone says

    I was a little disappointed from the season finale. It was more about her mothers killer than she and Castle. Did anyone notice that he told her more than once that he loved her but did anyone hear her reply?????? That was because there was none. I love the show, don’t doubt that but the finale just wasn’t what I had hoped for.

    • says

      I think maybe you better watch it again because you fell asleep after the first five minutes and missed most of the episode

    • lv2bnsb says

      So, what you’re saying is you watch tv for the fantasy – nothing real? Because an ILY spoken would be ok – cliche too though. And what did happen was a million other details that did more than 3 cliche words, but showed the depth of the love between two people and a whole cast of characters. Everything that happened fit like a perfect puzzle – and the episode was about the conspiracy. If you want to watch something unrelated to the JB murder – watch a re-run. How about Poof? Or any of the other 70 something eps.

    • Celtic Lady says

      Are you kidding me? This was, without a doubt, the most wonderful episode ever! Castle and Beckett needed what happened with Beckett’s mothers case to finally drive Beckett into Castles arms! Without out it, how could Beckett have had her epiphany? She was about to fall to what would have been certain death and all she could think about or yell for was Castle! Did you miss the look on Detective Ryan’s face when she called him Castle? Go watch it again and pay more attention to how everything falls in to place! Brilliant writing, brilliant acting – I pushing for an Emmy for all of them !

    • AlisonG says

      You need to watch it again. It was heartstopping from the second it started. Best TV show I have ever watched. The finale came together and Kate and Rick finally met in the middle there. Kate saying she just wanted him and also saying she was sorry three times over to him was also her way of telling him she loved him. Her physical approach to him said it. Can’t wait to see season 5 and if the ABC doesn’t pick it up again (which I doubt) I am sure there is another channel that will. To quote Castle, the episode was a shipload of Awesome for many reasons.

      • Michele Scott says

        You all did an amazing job! Thank you! ps. I agree 100 – percent with your comment!

  6. pjw says

    From the commencement speech forward, it has the feel of “change is inevitable.” It feels like a final episode to me.

    • brh says

      Andrew Marlowe has been talking about how excited he is to work with ideas for next season. That means it is NOT a final episode.

      • says

        It means Andrew is being hopeful and has no reason to think that ABC won’t make an announcement soon :) You’ll not that in his interviews even he says nothing is 100% certain. It’s definitely good to just stay optimistic though.

    • Mat422 says

      Loved the way Alexis ended her speech with “always”!! Totally addicted to Castle and love the whole cast, especially Stana and Nathan.

  7. says

    This HAS to be the last Castle season. How can the show even work if there isn’t that tension? Seriously… it will jump the shark if there is a Season 5. I love Castle.. enough to wrap it up and call it good.

    • says

      Oh don’t you worry, there will be plenty of tension, it’s only lazy/bored writers who can’t make a relationship on TV work.

    • john b says

      they’ll be a season 5….best that my summer will not be on edge waiting for her to be rescued..but with good writing they should be able to blossom the relationship…what is the over/under on how many of the characters say “about time” ‘

    • Shena says

      Why does the sexual tension have to die just because they are a couple? I don’t know why people always say that! With that kind of sentiment, there should be no loving relationships in the world nor any marriages that last longer than a few months. That may be the case in Hollywood, but my parents have just celebrate 41 years together and there’s lots of stories still to be told in their lives… so why not Kate and Rick’s?

      • Borja says

        i agree with you Shena, well not at all.
        It’s not about sexual tension, it’s about virginity ( with the whole meaning of the word, not the meaning we use nowadays).
        Virginity is the way you treat things when you take intoaccount the mistery they contain.
        There is mistery in everything much more in couples, wich means they cannot be predicteble, determinated or mesured.
        Castle is for me a great personification of virginity because he knows deply to conserve the mistery of things, such a book story or a murdered investigation, and knows that this is what really gives flavour to life, the mistery it owns.
        It’s not about sexual tension, the sexual tension is the last thing remaining as a mistery in the nowadays, thats because they exploit it that much.
        It’s not about theorics, it’s a awesome phenomen to see, it is much more interesting to see a couple with a relationship with no possesion, a virginity relationship, not talking about sex, talking about allowing to be a distance between the couple.
        why rick get borred of all womans but not of kate?
        it’s just because he haven’t has sex with her yet?
        i thinks it’s is about allowing the mistery to form part of the relationship.
        Because what happens to us, mankind, is that when we know deply a person we end thinking we can put that person in a box, that we can mesure what that person is, then it becomes borred, monotony, there is always a distance in front of a master’s piece in wich we should stand in order to see all the beauty of the piece, if we get closer deleting this distance then we start to be unable to see what really is what we ar looking at. Just like a painting, you can see it at 1 meter of distance, but if you put yourself at 1 milimeter you won’t see anything.
        That’s the interesting, wheter people accept or not the importance of virginity, we all can see that things looked with virginity at much more interesting.
        the eyes of our girlfriend are awesome the first time we look at them, and we fall in love, and with time, we didn’t even remember that their eyes are awesome.
        To see your girlfriend everyday with new eyes, thats virginity.

    • AlisonG says

      When there is tension between Kate and Rick as there was in The Limey and Headhunters, I didn’t really enjoy the show. When they are niggling each other but the group is generally cohesive, along with the humour and the good stories, the show is great to watch. I look forward to seeing their relationship develop along with the story re the oversized target on Kate’s back. However, if Kate dies, there’s no Castle. If Rick dies, there’s no Castle. Its their chemistry and the groups chemistry that make the show successful and drives us all emotionally crazy.

  8. says

    Where to start? First let me pick my chin up off the floor. My emotions are all over the place today same as they were last night. I seem to be inbetween uncontrollable giggles & silent tears.

    MILMAR, they sure do know how to go out with a bang! this may be one of my absolute favorite Castle episodes ever…for obvious reasons (wink)
    it’s a wrap for season four of Castle, and I’m sad. but I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

    oke going into castle_hibernation, xo

  9. desertstar says

    Please, please, please, give us a season 5! This show is about the only tv that I watch! Love this show!!!!!!!!

  10. tere_castle says

    5 season, if I want more episodes ,please. castle
    I love this series

  11. Wilma "Willie" Van Roessel says

    I read before that when Stana and Nathan were asked if they want their characters to get together romantically Stana gushed with much enthusiasm that yes she wanted them together. However the twinkled eyed Nathan said No! It will ruin the show. Maybe if this show was called Bones, or Moonlighting it would kill the show. Not Castle! They know what they are doing. I haven’t seen smoldering passion and chemistry like last nights season finale in a very long, long time. They have to renew this show! I know the writers of this show have such talent that they will have a million ways to go with this now. It will not jump the shark! These 2 actors-who happen to be Canadian-yeah-will carry these stories for a long time to come. That being said, just the though of last night has me all hot and bothered and ready for a cold shower. Way to go!

    • AlisonG says

      Mmm… I thought the kissing was alot more passionate between Stana and Nathan (Kate and Rick – M Rating here) than Stana was with the MP in For Lover’s Only which was less restrictive with its rating of course.

  12. Toronto says

    fine episode.
    It is interesting that in discussions about Alfred Hitchcock and the creation of the romantic/murder thriller (starting with the 39 Steps, a Castle touchstone), among the central themes are:

    1) The man who is playful and teaches the blocked woman to be playful as well;

    2) The woman is put into danger by an assailant, and the man is unable to help her until the last possible moment; and

    2) the woman is sometimes rescued by the man just as she is falling from a building or perch (cf. North By Northwest). In this episode, A and TM paid homage to this moment, but did that great little trick with Castle’s voice.

  13. Toronto says

    I was particularly happy with the return to the swing set, because (as I wrote in a piece last year) it had extraordinary symbolic weight (the two of them as children educating each other, and swings are, well, always in movement, but heading back to where they started; also reminded us of that lovely nanny scene in Nanny McDead way back in season 1). The other most famous swing set scene in the rain is from Kurosawa’s Ikuru, which is one of the masterpieces of the cinema.

  14. Dave says

    Castle is THE ONLY program watched in this household. Calendars and schedules are set so that Monday night is set aside for CASTLE. Great writers. Great cast. Can’t wait for season 5.

  15. says

    I think after four years this is the most logical step to take. Waiting another season would have driven people away from the show. Somehow, Kate will find her way back to the NYPD because she needs their resources to protect her and Rick but also to find out the deeper mystery of her Mother’s death. There is something very sinister happening in this story that will surprise everyone down the road. I think another season is needed to possibly wrap up that storyline or to go in another direction.

  16. George Redding says

    Castle is one show I have virtually never missed. After four seasons of watching it, with its wonderful blend of intrigue, romance, and occasional comedy, I personally would be frustrated and very unhappy if there is no Season 5. Last night’s ending is one of the most touching ending I have seen in any movie/TV series episode. Bring it back!

  17. Michelle Buoy says

    What I really love about this show is how they developed the relationship between Castle and Beckett. As the show progressed, we could see little hints being dropped by the two of them that let us in on their feeling for each other. The actors did a superb job of making the TV relationship look and feel so realistic. It’s also obvious that this wasn’t just a modern relationship. In that case, they would have just said to each other, ” Hey, I like you.” and the they would have done “the deed.” It was actually a refreshing touch that they actually built their relationship up and really knew that they loved each other before getting together. The emotion in this show is so well portrayed that even the audience feels it. The cast has to have an abundance of talent to make that happen, so I congratulate EVERYONE who had any part in the making of this series. Y’all did a fabulous job!

  18. casubieowner says

    Castle is the best show on TV (hands down). It would be an outrage if ABC decided not to renew it (I think it is highly unlikely but stranger things have happened).

    As others have commented, it is a terrific blend of great chemistry among the cast, wonderful storytelling, and a nice blend of comedy/romance/drama.

    It’s an oasis in the desert of reality TV on the air

    One other thing, there’s a great community of fans on this site

    Come on, ABC! Say the words we want to hear …. Castle has been renewed for season 5

  19. Madhiya says

    What an awesome episode and bitter sweet ending. I have to admit, I shed a few tears by the middle/end of the episode. As everyone has already mentioned, I really hope there is a season 5 and it airs real soon!

  20. Love says

    Totally love this show… there should be a season 5… cried at the end of this episode…. beautiful way of ending season 4 but now i can’t wait for season 5….

  21. aubreyclair says

    I see no reason why the writers would have included the final scene last night if there was going to be no resolution to it. If this was the end of the series, we would have just watched more of the love scene, not seen more threats to Kate’s life.

  22. up in the adiirondacks says

    Last night’s episode was fantastic. I can’t wait for season 5. This is the best show on tv.

  23. Sue Paulinski says

    KUDOS to last night’s episode. I can’t imagine the network not continuing this incredible show. The networks need to get rid of the “lame” reality shows, wanna be sit coms, etc, and stick to this series which touches so many our lives in so many different ways. People can relate to Rick’s relationship that he has with his mother and a daughter ,who we have seen grow up over the past 4 seasons, is now going off to college. His relationship with Kate is so real and genuine–starting out as coworkers, to best friends and to lovers. The entire cast is awesome and season 5 IS going to be just as amazing!!

  24. Melanie Davis says

    Loved the finale episode, the writers were wonderful with this last show of the season – – congratulations! And the cast you were “outstanding”. I had to watch it twice it was so great.

    Best wishes for another season – – “it has to happen”. The best show on television by far.

  25. aussiecastlefan says

    I can not wait for the season finale but living in Australia I like to watch it as it comes on Channel Seven. I guess I am a bit strange. Sounds like a good finish to the season. Come on ABC please renew Castle…..

  26. mina says

    hey it was an awesome awesome brilliant perfect episode, loved it like anything, dying to see season 5, writers are great but stana n nathon rock rock rock……….

  27. Mack says

    Dear Whoever-is-reading-this,
    I want to talk about the subject of Romance in Crime/Drama shows, (not that I know anything about romance, I’m only fourteen!) but these Crime/Drama’s have it in them in some way or another.
    First I would like to thank the shows Castle and The Closer for making the romance believable and following through on the romance and (for Castle I hope) giving more story. I can only now ask the Castle crew that they put a ring on it, quickly. If I’m missing one, I thank you too, but these are a rare breed. I’m speaking in my point of view when I say this, but I’m sure plenty of people agree that the long delays, endless conflicts and boyfriends/girlfriends being pulled out of nowhere gets very dull and annoying. And extremely annoying when they finally get together, but it’s the series finally. I feel cheated. I waited forever for them to do that and then you’re done, the end, bye bye and now we’ll give you a new show to start the whole thing over again.
    Second the “we’ve told each other about our feelings, but an old boyfriend/girlfriend is hitting on me, a conflict has come up or I’m not ready” is the most irritating because it’s just pointless drama. You’re just delaying something that everyone wants. It’s like showing a dog a treat, teaching him a trick and then telling him, “You can have it tomorrow”. And you keep saying that until finally the dog doesn’t sit anymore. I’ll grant that drama for a little while is fine. For one thing you need a story, what would the knight have done to earn the princesses hand? And they aren’t called Crime/Drama’s for nothing. Even worse that you don’t have the treat to give to the dog. Just going on and on with it and no means of at any point in time (or waiting till something with the actor changes or situation, getting pregnant for example) to give your fans the full story is almost mean. You’re even wasting their time sort of. I realized that if I started watching TV show when I was ten then (If the show made it that far) most of them end a six seasons, maybe if they’re really good they make it eight to ten. That’s six to ten years! Not that that’s a problem, I hate goodbyes, but if that’s the main story then there’s more story to tell even after they put a ring on it. That’s another thing too. If they know that they love each other, truly love each other, then they will put away thoughts of “I’m not ready” and know that there is no real “ready” to be married emotionally. I’ve never heard of a hand book to being married. You most likely learn while being married.
    My third point is best said in the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. If you think about it a lot of entertainment is living someone’s story,”to forget about life for a while”. Books, TV, Music, Movies, Video Games and even make believe is living as a different person. Do you really think everyone wants the romantic bit to constantly be conflicted? I would watch sopapra’s if I wanted that (No offence to any sopapra lovers, it’s just not my cup of tea). I hope this is not encouraging people to get two married and divorce them again. That’s just as bad if not worse and depressing.
    By no means am I blaming the actors of such shows what so ever, if anything I praise them with their patience. I just hope that if this gets into the hands of some creators of these shows, they will think about why they like their Crime/Drama shows and what frustrates them about it and maybe think about changing their stories for the better.

  28. Erin says

    In your article it says that Castle season 4 will be released on Sept 11. But when I clicked the link to take me to … the site indicated a release date of Sept 18.

    • says

      Yes, the original release date was the 18th, ABC said today it was the 11th so I guess Amazon just hasn’t updated yet.

  29. Anna Lourdes B. Waga says

    please please please!!! LET THERE BE A SEASON 5 OF CASTLE!!!
    I’M REALLY ADDICTED TO IT it’s like a PART of my life!!
    please!!! PLEASE!!! :))

    • lilmac says

      I agree ABC would be stupid not to renew the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!! I LOVED THE FINAL EPISODE it was what i was waiting for and i sure the writers will still keep us on our toes :)

      • Anna Lourdes B. Waga says

        the last episode was very lovingly!!!
        in my dialect we call it KILIG!! (TAGALOG) BTW I’M FROM THE PHILLIPINES!!
        my sister and I are very excited for the renewal of the BEST SHOW on ABC!!! :)
        I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 5!!! :)
        I CAN’T WAIT FOR MAY 15!

  30. Castlefan29 says

    I have never posted a comment about anything anywhere online before, so I must really love this show to do so now! (I’m hoping an ABC person reads this.) I discovered Castle about a week before Castle Season 4 began, when I saw a Castle marathon on a cable channel on a day I happened to be sick and on the couch. I was hooked immediately and had to buy the previous 3 seasons in order to get up to speed with the show. I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV, and this is the only show I now watch without fail (and I’m picky). I don’t worry about a Season 5 because the ratings were top for the time slot and it would not be smart for ABC to turn their backs on that, when so many other ABC shows are failing.
    As for the greatness of the show, of course the Castle/Beckett relationship has been frustratingly wonderful. However, let’s not forget the whole ensemble. I love Martha and Alexis and hope that we’ll see more of their interaction with Beckett. And will they be in danger now by Castle’s new relationship with Beckett. I’d also love to see more of Lanie’s no nonsense truth and her relationship with Esposito and with Beckett. And how will Espo and Ryan fix their friendship after Ryan went to the Captain? So many things to explore for next season (and maybe the season after that too)!

  31. wish4always says

    I just received notification that the new Frozen Heat Novel will be released a week earlier. ABC and TPTB wont spend so much time and effort on novels, e-novellas. board games etc if they weren’t certain that there is something more sustainable in the future.
    I do feel for the actors and cast and crew, because planning long term projects will go out the window. Castle will be here for a few more seasons in my opinion, so they can’t get too involved in other long term stuff. We need them here. Always!

  32. Celticlady_51 says

    Can you say EMMY’S ALL AROUND? I was totally blown away by ALWAYS! I couldn’t breathe, I was right there with them watching them – nothing else mattered..reality disappeared….nothing but the end of the show could bring me back, but it was slow withdrawl! Stana is simply the best actress I have ever had the please to watch! Nathan took his acting skills up to 15 on a scale from 1 – 10! My own heart skipped a few beats when Castle reached out and touched the scar from Beckett’s gunshot wound! Then he also put her hand there…heart to heart! – unspoken but never so strongly said! Beckett’s epiphany while hanging between life and death over the street below, crying for Castle! (I loved the look on Ryan’s face when she called him Castle! Spectacular…excellent, stupendous all cut the episode short! I cried when Beckett cried at her mother’s grave! The tension of their finally coming together!!!!OMG – there are no words for what I felt except to say I felt the electricity flowing through my own body! I wanted to be in Becketts place…but I couldn’t have cared if I were in Castles either and I want to feel that passion myself! Talk about messing up someone’s head! But in a wonderfully erotic way! Rath De’ ort! (Irish blessing) and THANK YOU ALL!

    • says

      I totally agree with how it really gets your mind going! I loved, loved, loved the finale. You couldn’t have put it into words better than you did! Nathan and Stana totally rocked that final scene and made it seem to real. The passion they portrayed was amazing. Can’t wait to see what the writers do for next season!

    • rosedustyhoney says

      A la passion, Roquer, aimer! ABC has a real winner with Castle, and it’s my hope and wish to see it get the acknowledgements that it deserves, which is more than a few EMMY’s. This cast is gifted, and Stana (Kate) and Nathan (Castle) can only be viewed as belonging in a class held for the greatest cinematic relationships, that someone just wrote about. This level of chemistry and writing has been missing from the “Big Screen” and the “TV Screen” for far to long! I am glad that Marlowe and the writing team on Castle have restored the lost art of “active and creative imagination.” I am blown away by the depth of the characters, and the actors who portray them; such as Martha – who figure out back in Season 1 of Castle, that Kate would be good for her son (most people think Castle sent the dress, it was Martha), and then there is Alexis who quietly supports her father’s relationship with Kate, as Alexis and Kate form a closer bond. My heart beats for Season 5 (6,7, 8, 9. and 10) of course, let’s hope there are more part 1 and 2’s to come as Kate comes to understand who she is and her life with Castle. “100 Episodes is coming with this season”…Yah!!!!



  34. Mary Kay says

    Nathon Fillion rocks my socks. The scene where he told Kate he loved her? Oh My GOD!! I could barely breathe. Every single person in the entire episode was PERFECT. If this is cancelled it’s going to be a HUGE mistake. But, hey, Eureka is getting cancelled, and they’re climbing in the polls. It’s all about money…..

  35. DB says

    OMG ABC you would sorry,so sorry,so very sorry if you don’t renew. This show rocks!

  36. Vick says

    ABC is you guys cancel CASTLE season 5 then we RIOT!!!!
    Loved the final episode…. I am sure the writers will still keep up a awesome story line..

  37. says

    I’ve watched and rewatched the season finale. The final scene between Kate and Rick was fantastic. It’s one of those great moments where you get lost in the characters and the scene becomes reality. It’s a testament to the writers, but especially to the actors! Nathan and Stana played the scene brilliantly and were totally believable. Great job. For an avid fan, thanks for a riveting, exciting and truly satisfying way to end the season. Congratulations!
    See you on the air next year! No doubt!

  38. Richard Rickard says

    Well, I agree last night’s show was great. I taped the show, and for some ungodly reason deleted it. The comments so far have been intriguing. Hate to this but have to throw a new twist into things. I have some observations and questions!

    1. Season 5? Absolutely!
    2. I don’t see Castle and the gang as P.I.s. I hope Becket returns to the police force.
    3. Did you see the first thing Castle looked at before the love embrace was the bullet wound? Is this going to change their relationship. A shooting is on thing, seeing the results everyday is another.
    4. We saw the door close, but we don’t know what happened next.
    5. Did they sit down and talk about their true feelings or did they acually do the nasty?
    6. A lot of comments about virginity. You know once you lose it, you never it back. Again this opens up a can of worms with the way they feel after.
    7. The Mayor is very close to Castle. Is he going to intervene?

    Well, this is my take on things. A great season! Hope there are many more.

  39. up in the adirondacks says

    I caught Castle for the first time during season 3 and was hooked immediately. This show is fantastic. I do not have time to watch alot of tv but I always make time for Castle. I have purchased all the dvd’s and the books and have pre ordered season 4 and “Frozen Heat. “Always” was the most emotional episode that I have ever watched. ABC has something rare and special with this show and I hope they give us a season 5.

  40. RJ says

    Well, my whole view is I have no idea why they wouldn’t unless ABC is not excited about the show. Being a viewer since the show’s first airing, I loved it, but ratings were terrible. Fortunately the bigwigs in ABC went with the second season anyways because they liked it and felt worth a second season, we all know the rest.

    Reason I am pointing out, is well that was an amazing ending, it will be quite intruiging to see how they fit the relationship into the good story. Would be insanity not to continue what I consider to be the most refreshing drama on tv. Humor, traditional crime stories with twist while taking into account modern stories and interests. Current long term developmental writing says this has been planned for a while of course. I really am curious of if it will start with a rogue cop story or a needed back in, I really am on edge, the possibilities of direction are endless.

  41. BONES KLR says


  42. Castanti says

    Kate has taken Castle for granted, and assumed that Castle would “always” be there no matter what! Even Castle couldn’t take the level of emotional rejection that Kate dished out – taking a knife to Castle’s heart would have been kinder. Even with the smoking hot season end – Kate still needs to find who she is (emotionally and personally), and what loving Castle really means; and that may take almost losing Castle to come into that emotional space. One of the pieces that has worked well with these two characters, along with the realization that this level of chemistry, between actors may occur once in a generation, and that it is pure “magic” when it does happen: Gable and Carol, Tracy and Hepburn, Bogart and Bacall: I can only hope that Marlowe will take us there with Season 5, and maybe a hospital bed confession from Kate, about how Castle’s books helped her deal with her mother death. A brilliant end to Season 4, come on Season5!!!!

  43. sreya says

    this show rocks.Every single member of this show was perfect.stana is a very good actress.i love the way she solve cases,ya i agree nathan has also acted ABC must renew its season 5 ,otherwise ABC would regret upon its decision.