Castle Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Cards Available in March

It’s been some time since we first shared the news that Castle trading cards based on seasons 1 & 2 were in production. There have been a few hiccups with the release dates since then but we’re happy to announce creators Cryptozoic have set a new release date of March 5th.

The retail price for each pack of 5 cards is $3.50 and rare, randomly inserted Autograph, Wardrobe (cards with attached fabric from costumes) as well as character cards, crime scene “evidence” cards, behind the scenes cards and more. The Base Cards feature amusing titles based on various scenes within the series. See below for a complete list of available cards.

We will have more details and information on where to purchase cards soon so check back for more.

Autographs cards available for the season 1 & 2 sets are as follows:


castles12_auto_a7_-_dana_delany_a1 castles12_auto_a2_-_jon_huertas_a castles12_auto_a10_-_michael_trucco_a castles12_auto_a5_-_tamala_jones_a castles12_auto_a4_-_susan_sullivan_a1 castles12_auto_a3_-_seamus_dever_a castles12_auto_a12_-_monet_mazur_a castles12_auto_a11_-_juliana_dever_a castles12_auto_a8_-_arye_gross_a  castles12_auto_a9_-_scott_paulin_a castles12_auto_a6_-_ruben_santiago-hudson_a

Some other cards from the sets:


castle-70 castle-44 castle-28 castle-63 castle-52 castle-20 castle-13 castle-1

Product Details

Release Date: March 5, 2013
Packs: 5 Cards Per Pack
MSRP: $3.50

Castle trading cards

Base Set: Features episodic images from Seasons 1 & 2
Chase Sets:  Scene of the Crime (1:12 packs), Character Bios (1:12 packs), and Behind the Scenes (1:12 packs)
Inserts: Autograph cards (1:24 packs),Wardrobe cards (1:18 packs) Dual Wardrobe cards (1:57 packs)
Confirmed Signers: Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Dana Delany, Arye Gross, Scott Paulin, Michael Trucco, Juliana Dever, Monet Mazur

Promotional Cards:
P1 San Diego Comic Con
P2 Non Sport Update Magazine
P3 Licensing Show


To play without purchase, mail a postcard with your name and return address, to Castle Trading Cards Season 1, C/O No Purchase Necessary, 16279 Laguna Canyon Rd, Irvine, CA 92618. (US Residents only.)

Available Cards:


episode cards

01 Castle
02 Golden Goose
03 Flowers for Your Grave
04 ere’s Always a Story
05 It’s in the Details
06 Apples
07 Inspiration
08 Flu Cycle
09 Horn and the Storm
10 A Chill in Her Veins
11 e White Whale
12 Inner Beauty
13 Saved by the Bell
14 Daddy’s Little Girl
15 Up a Tree
16 Castle’s Blu
17 Back to Basics
18 Airtight
19 If Looks Could Kill
20 e Grumpy Beaver
21 To the Extraordinary KB
22 Here Kitty, Kitty
23 If You’re Listening
24 All in the Family
25 Diabolical, Cool Dad
26 White Collar Pimp
27 Too Many Wives
28 All Grown Up
29 Ice Bullet Mystery
30 Benets of Literature
31 A Night for Martha
32 Always a Bridesmaid
33 Shining Stars
34 Crime and Punishment
35 Fatherly Advice
36 Rathborne
37 Goldilocks Squatter
38 Drago Double Date
39 Third Strike
40 Fallacious Arguments
41 Slick, Not Sticky
42 Carry-On Baggage
43 Tongue Tied
44 Love Shack
45 Desperately Seeking Venom
46 A Crime of Passion
47 Federal Heat
48 In the Light of Day
49 Eagle Eye
50 Smell the Coee
51 Death Awaits the Robber
of Graves
52 Castle and the Curse of Kan-Xul
53 Want to Buy a Mummy?
54 She’s Armed. He’s Dangerous
55 Bobby Mann FTW
56 A Steady Bag
57 Mystery’s in the Box
58 54th
59 Dirty Cop
60 Misdirection
61 Literally and Figuratively Cool
62 Becks and Maddy
63 Demming, Schlemming
64 A Tale of Two Leads
65 Back to Square One
66 Two Good Suspects
67 Two-for-One
68 Kissing Kate
69 A Father’s Trial
70 A Game of Envy
71 Ships in the Night
72 Checklist

BEHIND THE SCENES (1:12 packs)

behind the scenes cards


CHARACTER BIOS (1:12 packs)

character cards

C1 Richard Castle
C2 Kate Beckett
C3 Javier Esposito
C4 Kevin Ryan
C5 Martha Rodgers
C6 Alexis Castle
C7 Lanie Parish
C8 Captain Roy Montgomery
C9 Cast of Castle

SCENE OF THE CRIME (1:12 packs)

crime scene cards

CS1 Flowers for Your Grave
CS2 Hell Hath No Fury
CS3 Nanny McDead
CS4 A Chill Goes Through Her Veins
CS5 Double Down
CS6 Inventing the Girl
CS7 Famous Last Words
CS8 Fifth Bullet
CS9 Mistress Always Spanks Twice

WARDROBE CARDS (1:18 packs)

costume cards

M01 Javier Esposito’s Suit
M02 Alexis Castle’s Green Coat
M03 Kate Beckett’s Green Jacket
M04 Richard Castle’s Suit
M05 Lanie Parish’s Grey Coat
M06 Kevin Ryan’s Suit
M07 Kate Beckett’s Red Dress
M08 Richard Castle’s Burgundy Shirt
M09 Martha Rodgers’s Dress
M10 Kate Beckett’s Black Leather Jacket
M11 Alexis Castle’s Sage Jacket
M12 Javier Esposito’s Jeans
M13 Kate Beckett’s Jeans
M14 Lanie Parish’s Pants
M15 Richard Castle’s Lavender Shirt
M16 Kevin Ryan’s Grey Pants
M17 Alexis Castle’s Green Polo
M18 Javier Esposito’s Grey Pants
M19 Captain Roy Montgomery’s White Shirt
M20 Kate Beckett’s Green Shirt
M21 Alexis Castle’s Pajamas
M22 Richard Castle’s Grey Pants
M23 Kevin Ryan’s Grey Suit
M24 Kate Beckett’s Brown Leather Jacket
M25 Lanie Parish’s Scrub Pants
M26 Kevin Ryan’s Pinstripe Shirt
M27 Richard Castle’s Pinstripe Shirt
M28 Captain Roy Montgomery’s Navy Suit
M29 Richard Castle’s Navy Pinstripe Suit
M30 Martha Rodgers’s Coral Top
M31 Javier Esposito’s Polo

We will have more details and information on where to purchase cards soon so check back for more.


  1. rovianne says

    So this is a game you can play with 2-4 people? And a collector’s item as for the autographs and cloth? And an online game as there is an option to send a card for playing without buying (how does that work?)?
    How many cardpacks are there?

    To bad you don’t know which card are in the specials.. lol

    Wow, that is fabulous!!

    • says

      It’s not that strange, they have three more seasons to cover yet, I’ve no doubt there will be Stana in the next release but no Nathan :)

      • Maayan says

        I’m sure they will. It just looked weird at first glance ’cause all the other main characters are there.. but I guess they are saving them so they can be with Penny.. :)

  2. Netsrik says

    How fun is this going to be! :) How many packs are in a box? Knowing me that’s what I’ll be getting!

  3. Jennifer says

    There are 24 packs in the box. Based on the odds, you should get 1 autograph card, 1 wardrobe card and 1 base set per box. One in every 3 boxes would have a dual costume card. In a case (12 boxes), you would get 12 autographs, 16 wardrobe cards and about 5 dual cards.

    Looking over the checklist, it looks like you are missing the part about the dual costumes and the binder-exclusive cards. If you can’t afford a box, you could at least try to buy the binder (because you get a Beckett/Castle costume card guaranteed).

    • says

      We have left some things off but we’re already working on a followup with more information, likely for our next podcast episode so watch the site for lots more info!

  4. Liz says

    Available in Australia ?????????????? Or online where I can buy heaps of packs so I can get them all???????

    • Jennifer says

      It would depend on where you get them. I’m getting mine from my normal card dealer, but there are other card sellers who will sell by the box. You may be able to find single packs from auction sites, but more likely you’ll find boxes or single cards there.