Castle Syndication News – Castle Thursdays Are Coming!

In June last year Castle was sold intosyndication for the first time. TNT picked up the series and on September 1, 2011 they aired a 7 hour Castle marathon featuring episodes from the first three seasons. We’ve known for some time TNT were planning to begin airing Castle on a regular basis but until now we weren’t sure when that was going to happen.

We can now reveal that starting Thursday, June 7, 2012, TNT will air repeats of Castle season 1 and 2 every Thursday night back-to-back at 9pm and 10pm starting with the the pilot episode “Flowers For Your Grave”.  This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the series and encourage new people to discover it for the first time!

People will also be able to watch Castle via TNT’s TV online viewing options including mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices starting in June.

In other syndication news, Castle has been syndicated to air on weekends this fall on broadcast networks the country! We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

Thanks to Sitcoms Online for the lead on this news


  1. connieluvscastle says

    Great!! I don’t have cable,so I can’t watch the syndication of Castle. Why can’t they put it on regular mondays at 10pm instead of cable? So like me the ones who don’t or can’t afford cable miss out?? That’s not fair to other die hard Castle fans. So when are we going to find out bout Season 5??

    • racheygirl says

      If you were really a die hard Castle fan, you would already have all of the seasons on DVD and watch them each once a day :)

      • says

        noo… if you’re a REALLY die hard fan you already have all the seasons on DVD and watch them once a day and watch them every time they’re on TV ANYWAY just because you can’t help yourself 😉

        • lilmaclean says

          already do that !!!! Yea Castle come on ABC renew for season 5 already its stupid if you dont!

  2. Trueheart says

    This is wonderful news. Let’s all tell our friends to get with the program and join in our OCD.

  3. Christ says

    It’s sad TNT is not available in Canada… I would love to be able to get a weekly fix of Castle during summer

  4. Kellie says

    Yay! This is wonderful news for so many reasons. 1) CASTLE! 2) Thursday TV is an Arctic Wasteland 3) Thursday nights I have the house to myself so I get remote control CONTROL! 4) I have the DVDs, but I want to see them on the 52″ TV and our DVR sucks. 5) nearly life size Nathan Fillion! etc, etc.

  5. henry baker says

    when is the official renewal of castle, we have been kept waiting longing hoping for the best crime drama to continue, i have series 1&2 on dvd already as i am in the uk i love castle especially stana katic shes awesome but the drama musttttttt go on, far too many get dumped after a short stint.

  6. says

    Sorry Stana! I wish you the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one!!!!!! Sorry, I forgot to mention it in my last message!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!! Good jab and making the best show ever!!!!!!!

  7. The Pirate's Paw says

    BRAVO in Canada airs Castle eppies on Sunday night, 8pm EST. Usually the previous Sunday’s show but maybe we’ll see some Season 1 and 2 over the summer?