Castle Trading Cards Now Available

Castle trading cardsSeason 1 & 2 Castle Trading Cards by Cryptozoic are now available.

The retail price for each pack of 5 cards is $3.50 and will be available from your local hobby store. You can also buy cards by the box. Each box contains 24 packs (288 cards total) and will contain 1 autograph and 1 costume card.

Rare, randomly inserted Autograph, Wardrobe (cards with attached fabric from costumes) as well as character cards, crime scene "evidence" cards, behind the scenes cards and more. The Base Cards feature amusing titles based on various scenes within the series. See below for a complete list of available cards.

We will have more details and information on where to purchase cards soon so check back for more.

For more details on cards available in the season 1 & 2 sets see our earlier article.


  1. Mandy says

    Of course doesn’t ship outside the US :( And I haven’t found any other online-seller to purchase the cards.

    On the bright side it seems like I’ll be saving a lot of money 😉

    • liltmaclean says

      where did you get yours? i order my binder online. Can you give me some names of stores we might find them in. Thanks

  2. Tycho657 says

    Mine are on their way. I bought them from Dave and Adams Card World. I didn’t even try Amazon and I love Amazon. Hope they get here soon :)

  3. castle2cute says

    I pre-ordered mine through Dave and Adams Card World. Mine came 2 days ago. I already want to buy another box! I got (1) wardrobe card and (1) double wardrobe card as well as a signature card for Jon H. I want one of Nathan’s big time. I have tried every comic book, hobby store in my area, including Target and WalMart and no one has them. I want to find some place local that I can buy them by the pack.
    I’m outside Atlanta, GA.

  4. Europa says

    Ooo, ooo, ooo!! 😀 My box came in the mail yesterday! I totally forgot I pre-ordered one way back in September! In fact I recently ordered a box and binder from Amazon (still waiting on that to arrive) not remembering I pre-order from Dave and Adam’s Card World in September. Finding an unexpected “Castle” gift from me to me (lol) when I got home from work last night was like Christmas in March. 😀 So now when the Amazon order arrives I will have *two* boxes! Yay. I think I’ll open one and save one. ;D

  5. Angie says

    Just an FYI: There are only 120 cards in a box (5 cards per pack times 24) . Some have even less because if you get a wardrobe card in a pack there is only one other card (so 2 total) as the wardrobe cards are very thick. Opened 4 boxes so am well versed. Thanks.

    Also I thought there was to be a trading site of duplicate cards for Castle fans. I can’t find it on the site or am I just missing it.?

    • tycho657 says

      If you bought a whole box you will have the 72 cards from the basic set. No trading needed. You will not have any duplicates of the remaining 3 nine card sets. The extra cards from the basic set are not worth trading as you will already have them in your set.
      You can buy a complete 72 card basic set for under $10 on ebay. It was fun opening up the packs with the chance you would find a nice autographed card.

  6. Horta says

    Just have to say, I received my cards in the mail today and I was very happy. I got a wardrobe card of Jon h and I got Nathan ‘s signature card.

    • amyshaw10 says

      I ordered a box early. Received it the week they came out. I wanted a Nathan signature card so bad. I did get a John H. signature card. After looking at how much the Nathan signature cards on in e-bay, it will be my mission to find me a Nathan signature card without paying an arm and a leg and another arm.

  7. Courtney says

    If u buy 2 boxes will those 2 boxes have the same cards in each box or will there be some cards in each package be the same from those boxes.

  8. Aveburygirl says

    Bought my basic set of 72 cards from a uk based dealer and it was reasonable price. I want the chase sets now- auction sites are ridiculous price wise for them and the supplier isn’t selling packs of cards so I’m at a loss!! Heelllppp!