Castle Wins at People’s Choice Awards

We’re happy to share that Castle won the People’s Choice Awards category for Best TV Crime Drama again and also actress Stana Katic won an award for Best TV Drama Actress.

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Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
Julianna Margulies
Mariska Hargitay
Pauley Perrette
Sandra Oh
Stana Katic

Favorite TV Crime Drama
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

For a full list of the winners visit the People’s Choice Awards blog.



  1. Glenda Shearman says

    So very happy For Stana and Castle! THIS is what happens when you have the best show, cast, writers…. on tv! Congrats to all of the winners.

  2. rosie4paws says

    Stana looked great – wish they had actually presented her award. All the winners they ignored deserved better, but I am most upset about this one.

    • Edie Schrader says

      I am very upset for the coldness! Also no acknowledgement of her win by the Castle cast. Where are the congrats for her?

  3. katillion says

    Stana Katic looked so lovely. I saw her quick thanks when she came out to introduce some act or present something….di I miss her speech?

    • says

      that was it katillion LOL I think there’s a back stage thing floating around but it’s literally about 3 seconds long.

  4. sbL says

    That’s amazing! totaly deserved it! & ofc. u gotta win when your the best TV show ever! 😉

    & Stana win to is so awesome! she deserved it aswell! Congrats to Stana!

  5. Leigh says

    I agree. The award show presentation set-up was weird this year. It seemed like they were catering to young people and CBS shows to get air time. I have this theory: If the PEOPLE are supposed to vote then they should get to see the winners they voted for.

    Since the show won best crime procedural, is there any information if the cast was there and received the award as a group, or at least if anyone from the show was there besides Stana to support it?

    And don’t get me wrong – I am very excited for these awards as they are deserved. I am just disappointed as to how it was laid out, not just for Castle but for all the people who did not get the chance to be shown on TV.

    • Shena says

      According to a tweet of someone who was there, Nathan, Susan and Molly were also there on the Red Carpet. Yet to see confirmation of this, though.

  6. mercia says


    Congrats to Andrew, cast and crew 4 winning this award 3 times in a road-if I’m not mistaken?And to Stana, well deserved and long overdue. Enjoy and let the castle flag hang high 4 seasons to come

  7. Manuel Schuster says

    Congratulations to Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion for winning the PCA 2014. I am very happy, espacially for Stana. She is really great!

    Many greetings from Cologne / Germany.

  8. Shena says

    FINALLY! *breathes heavy sigh of relief*

    So thrilled for Stana — so deserved and long over-due! 😀

    Also thrilled for the entire cast and crew — a three-peat is no easy task at the PCAs. Bravo! :)

    (Kudos to the most awesome fandom for making it happen! Well done!)

  9. Kari says

    Congratulations to Castle and Stana! Next year, fellow fans, let’s sweep the boards, though! These people deserve it all!

    Oh, and Stana – you looked gorgeous!

  10. says

    Congratulations to Stana, Well deserved! She deserved better than to thrown up to introduce something and we didn’t know she had won. She deserved to get her award called up from the audience. She was lovely, best dressed then the majority of the performers. Congrats to Castle as best crime show. Little did we know she had given her thank you for the award. Not Peoples Choice and Mark Burnetts finest hour

  11. says

    Congratulations to Stana for winning MDA. I agree with the comments that she should have been presented her award . the format of the show was terrible and not Mark Burnett’s finest hours. Stana looked beautiful and her acceptance speech which we now know that was what it was was classy. Contrats to the show ,cast writers for Best Crime show. It is the best show on TV. Fortunata

  12. SA_NanceRose says

    Really happy that the show and Stana took home awards because everybody on Castle deserves the highest of recognition, but last night’s experience with the People’s Choice Awards really left a bitter taste in my mouth. First, I tried to watch the red carpet live streaming video online but couldn’t find any that stayed on for more than a couple minutes. At one point, they were streaming video from the 2013 show! Second, was Fillion even AT the awards? I never saw him in the backstage shots, and of course, since Castle isn’t on CBS, the Best Crime Show and Stana’s awards were given surreptitiously. Because his photo was used in the advertising for the awards show, I just took it for granted he would make an appearance. I don’t understand why they didn’t make the show 3 hours so they could give all the awards on camera and up the star power quotient instead of running two episodes of 2 Broke Girls. I read recently that 2 Broke Girls has lost some viewership so maybe that’s why they had its two stars host the awards and used those two episodes as a lead-in. A lot of my favorite shows are on CBS, but since I’m a Castle fan, not all of them are. I was also disappointed that so few people from NCIS were there, because it’s my second favorite show, and if I remember correctly, the website for the PCAs said Mark Harmon would be there. It was great to see Michael Weatherly (on at the very end!), Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. But, hey, Castle beat out NCIS for Favorite Crime Show–I love that! And nobody connected with Castle has anything to be upset about; none of this mess was their fault! The worst Castle episode (if such a thing exists) is better than any awards show!

  13. says

    Nice job Castle cast and crew. Castle is the Best of the Best. Next year lets go for a win in all catagories. Must say was really disapointed in the show. Not enough of the people who worked so hard for these awards and too much of the two broke girls show.

  14. Lucy Granger says

    Stana finally won! I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t win bromance and on screen chemistry, but there’s always next year and another chance!

  15. Maria Valdez~Paz says

    FANtastic! Congratulations to the entire CASTLE team. Well deserved Stana! The PEOPLE have spoken loud and clear~~we choose Castle. Shame on CBS for not airing the winning moments. Glad Stana was brave enough to sneak a quick comment to thank everyone (she seemed touched and genuinely emotional). LoVe Castle!

  16. Terri says

    Stana, Congratulations, well deserved!

    First time I watch PCA in its 2 hrs show – just because of I read that Stana will be there and will be a presenter, but never thought that CBS will take away that moment – no acceptance moment / speech and glad that Stana sneak a quick thanks to the fans and the entire Castle cast & crew for all the hard work and dedication. As she said, without them, there will be no Castle!, she is so humble!! . You can see and feel that she is a bit emotional – but shame on CBS for not giving enough air time for those well deserved awards!

  17. Kathy1948 says

    FINALLY – Stana Katic gets the award for best Dramatic Actress. That was long overdue. Third time for “Castle” getting best crime show is amazing, but we have great fans who Vote! Vote! Vote!. The way Season 6 is going, I think we have a shot at making it 4 in a row. Season 6 gets better and better with every episode. Love this show and all it represents. Congratulations to Andrew Marlowe, his team of amazing writers, the entire crew, Robert Duncan for his amazing music and a fabulous cast of actors who deliver every episode.

  18. Livus48 says

    I so agree with SA_NanceRose,the show was a strange experience, very disepointed that neither Stana Katic nore anyone from Castle ‘s where called up on stage to receive they’re price.stana got 1,27 min to present a song….hello !!! ……If this happens to other winners ,then something is very wrong with the show set up.
    If they run out of time,then the show should be extended,so all the winners could be treated with the same respect…..

  19. lebilic11 says

    Sorry for my english, but I’m very desapointed seeing Stana KATING with such short her speech time was.
    It’s really too bad that an actress like her with all that we know and have seen from her, has not a little more time !!

  20. Martha says

    Stana completly deseved this! She is finally etting all the recognition she deserves. She is the new face of olay and she is in the febuary issue of Elle magazine… I hope that she lengthens Hey Blue Eyes and records it and gets some gramnys for that(; and maybe she can voice in a disney movie cuz we all know she can sing like an angel. I want her to one day have a star on hollywood blvd.

  21. Livus48 says

    Martha,I do agree in all that you said,that song of hers “Hey Blue Eyes” is so great,so yes try to make a single,and I’m sure She knows a person to arrange it for a band….That would be so super.Also I wich she would make a follow up to the fantastic film For Lovers Only (FLO) together with Mark Polish,and his brother + the rest of that amazing crew.. I know she is a busy lady,but what can be done…..we will wait…

  22. LivK48 says

    Martha,you are so right,Stana so deserved the PCA,both she and Castle should have been called to the stage,to receive their price like the others winners….shameful that,and so unfair.
    You mentioned Stana’s song “Hey Blue Eyes,someone ought to arrange it for a band,and maybe she could give out a single…..that would be so nice.
    Also can we which for a FLO 2…. That really would be super.She and Mark Polish , and the crew did such a great job with the first film,For Lovers Only ( FLO 1)

  23. Gerard says

    I am really happy, because is true that Castle is the best Drama series and the best serie in this world. Congratulations, Stana Katic. Your paper in Castle is the best, you are incredible actress. And, I explain one thing. I like crime, I like mistery, I like New York, I like books, I like police, I like Martha, Alexis, I like Ryan Exposito and others. I like cases, I like investigation, I like Caskett, I like Becket. I LIKE CASTLE.

  24. katelynn says

    That is awesome i wish I could meet them both I would murder someone just to meet them if I could