Castle’s @NathanFillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight

Nathan Fillion will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight.  The episode filmes at 5:30 this afternoon in Los Angeles and will air at midnight on ABC.

Josh Hutcherson will also be a guest and Far East Movement will perform

Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Website for more info (it's nice to see them feature Nathan's picture!)

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  1. Good show. Nathan was his usual funny self. Some Castle moments (a sneak peek after the break if you’re avoiding them), Jennifer Beals on set, PCA stories, sharks in Bora Bora, what to do when the Google Earth car comes your way and, of course, his cat! His cat stories always make me laugh because I just can’t picture this big guy as a cat person!

    A promo for Castle just before Nathan came on. However, personally, I can’t see the value of a Castle promo at 12.30 am doing much for increasing viewers!

    Anyway, it was all good fun and Nathan and Jimmy worked well together.

  2. My morning laugh and morning smile!  He's such a charming man.  Thanks for the links.

  3. What a great interview!  And he looks good – he looks a bit thinner than the last time he was on Kimmel (still noticed the middle aged belly though!) He is really really funny… the google map and the shark stories were priceless!

  4. ticklemetuesday says:

    Watched and enjoyed always a hoot, now about that google pose hmm!