Member Article: DRIVEN: Bring Them Home


This is a member contributed article. Would you like to submit an article or episode review? Use our submission form to contribute. ——— Kate runs to him so frightened yet relieved; she cannot assuage her fears without his touch. He whispers, “Come here. “ She leaps into his arms, her fettered hands encircling his neck, […]

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monday yet

There’s just ONE DAY TO GO till the Castle Season 7 premiere. Are you ready!?

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With only 3 days to go before a brand new episode of Castle airs on ABC at 10pm (9 central) anticipation is building to a whole new level! Todays countdown is a never seen before photo from Castle’s loft.

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Castle Cast Season 6

Today’s Castle item was submitted by Ccmessina. “Wife and mother of a beautiful black cat (Puddin’). All three of us have been following Castle and love the entertainment it provides.” ——— I am a wife and big Castle fan. Unfortunately, I am homebound, and am always looking forward to Castle on Monday nights. I came […]

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Today’s Castle item was submitted by FredBC77. ———   I am French, married, with 2 sons and a dog! I watch Castle since the beginning and I love this show! Completely addicted since 2009! I tweet a lot about it! Love this “unreal great world!” I have a very stressful job and Castle makes my […]

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Today’s Castle item was submitted by Daniela. “Daniela, Brazilian, 28, fan of Castle, TV series, movies, games and everything nerd.  The gifs are from my tumblr” ——— The thing about Castle is that I fell in love instantly. I already had watched 2 times and would start for the 3rd. But then my mom […]

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133 days 7

Today’s Castle item was submitted by Twelfthprecinct. “Hi, I’m a Castle fan since the pilot aired and didn’t really turned hardcore until I found this site. I devoured the articles and subscribed to many of the threads. By then, I was doomed. I am a pro photographer and since I need to edit lots of […]

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133 days 9

Today’s Castle item was submitted by Writers_Muse95. “Hey I’m Abby. I love writing, making fan art, and especially Castle. The first episode I ever watched was Close Encounters of the Murderous kind and I have been hooked/obsessed since. I love Castle and it’s my favorite show. I love this show and especially Castle & Beckett […]