Castle Season 7 DVD Review

Castle S7 - 1

Call it fate... Call it a sign from the Universe... Call it magic... Whatever you decide, there is no arguing that one of the great joys of pre-ordering anything is that once in very special while, the item you are anticipating (much like a child anticipates Christmas) arrives a few days early! And so it was -- for me -- with the Castle Season 7 DVD! As it goes … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Castle Forum AMAs

Seamus Dever AMA

We are excited to bring you the Castle AMAs! We have one guest to announce and are working on lining up some others in the coming weeks. AMA means "Ask Me Anything" and it is an opportunity for fans to engage with members of the Castle cast and crew leading up to the beginning of season 8. Monday Aug 24 at 9pm Eastern (6pm LA, 2am (Tue) London, 11am (Tue) Sydney) We … [Read more...]

Castle Cast & Crew on Social Media

Image via @NathanFillion on Twitter

In anticipation of the Season 8 premiere on September 21 we've recently updated our list (verified by us) of official social media accounts for the cast and crew of Castle. Show your support by following them and letting them know how much you're looking forward to the start of the new season. Social Media Official Twitter Accounts Characters Richard Castle (this is … [Read more...]