Castle: We get some answers (Includes spoilers)


Thanks to TVGuide's interview with Castle producers David Amann and Andrew W Marlowe we have some more information about the future of the show just what we will learn about the mystery surrounding Castle's disappearance which has been unresolved all season. Amann says of this week's episode … [Read more...]

Castle’s Future

Castle Season 6 Castle & Beckett

Good news for Castle today as we move one step closer to a season 8 renewal. News concerning the future of Castle has spread like wildfire this morning with various news outlets confirming that Nathan Fillion has signed a new contract for the show. Stana Katic's contract is not yet signed but we … [Read more...]

Member Article: “Castle” vs Social Media

Castle cast Stana Katic and Seamus Dever sit tweeting between scenes. Image posted by @Castle_PA

This is a member contributed article. Would you like to submit an article or episode review? Use our submission form to contribute. ——— As highlighted in the episode 'Meme is Murder', social media is everywhere. And there is no putting the Genie back in the metaphoric bottle. People have … [Read more...]

Member Article: 10 Reasons Castle Will be Renewed


This is a member contributed article. Would you like to submit an article or episode review? Use our submission form to contribute. ——— Note from the Editor: Despite what various websites and individuals are trying to make you believe, there's no reason to think this will be Castle's last … [Read more...]

Daily Castle Quotes via Behind Castle App

quit looking at the girls castle

We're trial running a new app feature that includes a Castle quote sent to your phone every day. It might take some playing around to get it working well so we ask for your patience. If you do not wish to receive quotes & notifications through the app you can turn notifications off in your … [Read more...]

Castle Final Episode Details… (minor spoilers)

featured caskett

The end of Castle's seventh season is fast approaching with filming for the season's finale episodes well under way. When it gets to this point fans are eager for details about those final few episodes and we are happy to share with you some writer, director and title information. The next … [Read more...]

Interview: Jon Huertas on Afterbuzz TV


If you missed Jon Huertas' appearance on the podcast Afterbuzz TV you can now watch it here. This episode features spoilers for the episode that aired on Monday. … [Read more...]

Spoilers: Castle Alternate Universe Spinoff

beckett spinoff featured

Edit: If you haven't already figured it out from the comments below, yes, this article was an April Fools joke. The success of the Castle episode Time of our Lives which aired earlier this season and featured an alternate universe timeline where Castle and Beckett never met has paved the way for … [Read more...]