Spoilers: Castle Alternate Universe Spinoff

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The success of the Castle episode Time of our Lives which aired earlier this season and featured an alternate universe timeline where Castle and Beckett never met has paved the way for a new Castle spinoff series. The new series, called Beckett, will continue this theme with new actors cast in the roles of Castle, Beckett, […]

The Future of Castle… Will it be renewed?


Fans have been wondering why we’ve been keeping quiet about the future of Castle so we thought it was time for an explanation. It must be noted that ABC has not announced any show renewals yet and this is perfectly normal. For the past 5 years no announcements have been made by ABC until right […]

Review Castle 7×16 “The Wrong Stuff”


This review has been supplied by an author who wishes to remain anonymous. 5 Word Progression Review: Space –> Family –> Fun –> Revelation –> Change. This Monday’s episode of Castle “The Wrong Stuff” is a fun look at what just a few years ago may have been seen as an incredibly unrealistic plot.  As fans […]

Seamus Dever “The Extraordinary Farewell”

Seamus Dever in The Extraordinary Farewell

Seamus is starring in a new film, The Extraordinary Farewell with Marsha Thomason. It has just launched its IndieGoGo campaign and your support could result in some seriously good perks. If you’ve ever wanted to spend some time with Seamus Dever (There’s an option for Dinner with Seamus for a bargain price of $1250!), be […]

Castle Cast & Writers Live Tweets “Reckoning”

Castle 7x15 Reckoning

Some of the Castle cast and writers took to twitter last night to live tweet during the episode “Reckoning”. If you weren’t able to follow the tweets live we’re happy to provide them for you so you can catch up below. (The following tweets are from the East coast viewing) Okay. I'm gonna try to […]

Stana Katic Meet & Greet and Items for Auction

Stana Katic Meet & Greet Auction

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for 2 lucky Castle fans. Castle star Stana Katic has placed a Meet & Greet opportunity up for auction in support of the Alternative Travel Project charity. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, Katic announced she would be offering a number of items up for auction […]

Help Us Congratulate Andrew Marlowe

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If even a moment of Castle has brought you some kind of joy, please keep reading. Castle creator and Executive Producer Andrew W. Marlowe will be one of five Columbia College alumni to be honored with the John Jay Award for distinguished professional achievement. The award is a great honor and one I’m sure you […]

Drive to get Another Castle Writer on Twitter

Castle Writers Season 7

UPDATE: We’re happy to see that Castle fans more than doubled the target of $10,000 to support this great cause.  We are also happy to say that Terence Paul Winter is now on twitter and you can follow him at @OldManWinter14 —– As many of you will already be aware, most of Castle’s wonderful writing […]