Promo: Castle 7×21 “In Plane Sight”


Did you miss the promo after tonight's episode or not have the opportunity to watch it yet? Here's your chance. As Castle and Alexis travel to London, their routine flight turns deadly when the plane's Air Marshal is found murdered. With the help of Beckett on the ground, Castle and Alexis race against time to find the killer before he carries out his fateful … [Read more...]

We get some answers (spoilers)

Castle Logo Scalpel

Thanks to TVGuide's interview with Castle producers David Amann and Andrew W Marlowe we have some more information about the future of the show just what we will learn about the mystery surrounding Castle's disappearance which has been unresolved all season. Amann says of this week's episode titled Sleeper, "There are some outstanding questions that remain at the end of all … [Read more...]

Castle Season 7 Finale Spoilers

Connelly Castle

We learned last week that fan favorite writer/producer Terri Edda Miller and Castle creator Andrew W Marlowe will co-write the final episode of season 7 but what else do we know? It has been quite some time since we were part of one of Castle's poker nights with his writer friends, the tweet below gives us good reason to believe there's one coming up in the season … [Read more...]

Castle Finale Spoilers

Wallace Langham

The season 7 finale is fast approaching. We've already heard that the episode is written by Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W Marlow but now we know it's titled after the "code word" Castle was told he used during his disappearance "Hollander's Woods." In addition we have this bit of guest cast news thanks to TVLine. ‎TVLine has learned exclusively that CSI vet Wallace … [Read more...]