Christina Applegate Gushes About Castle

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week, Christina Applegate gushed about her “favorite show on TV” Castle and her encounter with Stana Katic. This little segment was  a great promo for Castle… thanks Christina, we love you too!


  1. callmeshane says

    I have to agree Klover .. :) can’t help but laugh when she tells the audience in the studio so applaud for castle and how she was reluctant to approach Stana on the awards show… CLASSIC Caskett fan when she says she’s rooting for Castle and Beckett.

  2. Shena says

    I love that she’s such a shipper! 😀 (Too bad she didn’t pronounce Stana’s name correctly… oh well…)

  3. Europa says

    Okay, I’ve always like Christina but now I LOVE HER!! Okay? If she raises a flag I will go to battle with her. 😀
    How cool was that? Talking up an actress and a show on another network, heee. I would have loved to have seen the looks on the NBC executives. LOL.

  4. Kathy1948 says

    Castle has this effect on people, even other actors and celebrities. Why didn’t Castle get an Emmy Award? Injustice. Stana Katic has grown so much in the role of Beckett and this once unknown actress has shown that she has some serious acting skills and can play opposite someone like Nathan Fillion and not be overshadowed by him. She is his equal in every way and they are so perfect together. I love it when an unknown actor/actress gets an opportunity like this (similar to Nathan Fillion with Firefly) and the world gets to see a new face with so much talent. Stana Katic is getting her first taste of “being famous”.

  5. angelika says

    Okay, I feel like I’ve been on another planet! Recently discovered Castle — love, love, love it! Have been Nathan Fillion fan since One Life to Live. Firefly was terrific!
    I’ve not previously purchased boxed sets of any television series, but Castle & Firefly are worth it. The show is not just well acted & well written; I’m with Christine Applegate — it’s real…….
    The only problem with great TV, especially with ‘grass roots’ support like Castle, is that some arbitrary ratings figures dictate the future of shows regardless of an obviously solid fan base, including support in those oh-so-important demogaphic groups.
    Oh, well — please count me among the number of crazy Castle fans hoping for just one more season, one season at a time ;>}

  6. GF101010 says

    I’ve have previously purchased boxed sets of many television series, but Castle is mine, they are my friends. I have a weekly window into their lives, adventures and passion. I’m with Christina Applegate the show is not just well written the whole crew is committed and the main characters {Nathan & Stana} plus, the excellent actors who are great in their own rights.

    PLUS Christina is right IT’S REAL!

    (Firefly is excellent and I have all episodes on DVD’s. Again Nathan ‘Rocks’ but in the genre of SYFI.)