Deadly Heat Cover Art Revealed

deady heat cover artCastle has been hard at work on the 5th book in his best selling series based on Nikki Heat. The book titled "Deadly Heat" will be released on September 17th.

While we had a sneak peek at some possible options for cover art for the next installment in the hit detective series in the Season 5 finale "Watershed" we now have confirmation that Castle decided not to re-write the story to include a "giant green lizard attacking the city".

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  1. Nikki’s hair get progressively longer each book. That’s obviously a reflection to Beckett’s hair at the time.

  2. mediwiz says:

    I liked the green lizard version better. I do not like pink. Nikki Heat is really not a pink kind of woman.

  3. Admin said
    The book titled “Deadly Storm“…

    Has Castle lost his Heat?   Oooooops…headslap   hehhehehe


    Looking forward to the newest book, whatever the title may be!  grin  Thanks for the release date, Admin! thumbsup

  4. aussiecastlefan says:

    Green cover for me. As Piper said the other one looks like the cover for Heat Wave

  5. Yeah… But green doesn’t say “HEAT”, as in Nikki Heat. I think it was a wise decision to have “Frozen Heat” be blue, but blue makes you think of cold. Green makes me think of the Hulk, or a serious mold problem.

  6. i also like the pink cover.
    green for nikkie heat just doesn’t work for me.

    I don’t think we will get the two cover mixed up.


  7. Heathcliff says:

    Did it strike anyone odd that Castle displayed the covers to Alexis at a crucial point in the episode, and that one was green and one was red? Go and stop? And he picked the red one. The whole bit seemed oddly timed unless the main point was to signal that whatever happens with Beckett, like it or not he’ll have to be on tour promoting his new book come fall.

    • Nope. Slight flaw in your thinking. It’s not red, it’s pink aka magenta. Also.. why would a moment between Alexis & Castle have anything to do with Beckett?

  8. Little moon says:

    the giant lizard seems exiting but i prefer reading a non-lizard book :P

  9. castlefan87 says:

    I personally like the green cover better. But understand that the pink cover fits more with Nikki Heat. And just glad to have a newest installment to a great series. The eyeball would have been awesome though.

  10. I’m so excited about no. five!happybounce With the cover so dramatically placed in the eps, I think we gonna see Rook popping the

  11. kittycat says:

    I like how Nikki’s hair length on the cover seems to reflect the length of Beckett’s hair at the time it was written. Notice how Nikki’s hair is longer in this newest cover just like Beckett’s was this season. Nikki’s hair is shorter on the cover in earlier books, just like Beckett’s.

  12. I’m more excited to what the dedication says…

  13. Green… cant wait for sept 17th…hey guys..umm who is the real author of these books?

  14. Honey Apostos says:

    Y’all need to move the release date up or send me an advance copy for my birthday. ;)

  15. Honey Apostos says:

    I’ll take something bigger and more exciting if you’ve got it. ;) ;)