Do You Want Castle at San Diego Comic Con This Year?

In 2010 Castle made its Comic Con debut and thousands of fans turned up, some having lined up overnight, for a chance to hear from the Castle cast and crew.  ABC gave each person attending a very nice water bottle and some lucky fans had the opportunity to attend an autograph signing after the panel. In 2011 Castle returned to Comic Con with another packed room full of fans, many having lined up outside the convention hall all night so they didn't miss out on a seat.

Sadly last year Castle was removed from the Comic Con schedule to the disappointment of many. While there was no panel there were still things of interest to Castle fans over the weekend (See our report here) but it just wasn't the same.

With Castle having one of the "gods of comic con" Nathan Fillion as its lead, and having released not one but 2 graphic novels plus a new comic series and another graphic novel on the way later this year in addition to soon to be released board game and trading cards it seems an event like comic con is the perfect fit for Castle and we'd like to see Castle return full force this year!

We would like to gather responses from fans to take to ABC in an effort to encourage them to bring Castle back to the San Diego Comic Con this year.

So, have you attended one of the Castle panels at SDCC in previous years? What did you think? Did you attend last year only to be disappointed at the lack of official Castle presence? Are you attending (or trying to!) this year? Do you want to see a Castle panel at the convention? Please comment below and we will take your responses to ABC!

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  1. says

    I attended SDCC for the first time last year and the one thing I wanted to see more than anything was a Castle panel. It was so disappointing when I learned there wasn’t going to be one. I’ll be attending again this year and it just wouldn’t feel right to not have a Castle panel two years in a row. I know it would make my SDCC to ba able to attend a Castle panel with all the amazing cast, crew and fandom! Feed the birds.

  2. says

    After years of wanting to go, a group of friends and I are making the trek from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego for Comic Con this year. We are massive fans of Castle, especially Nathan and Stana who are not only incredible actors and people but proud Canadians like ourselves. So we would love it if the cast from Castle would reclaim their rightful place behind a shiny Comic Con table for a panel. It would mean the world to us to be able to see them in person (and if we could meet them, double rainbow!). Please someone out there who has powers that I don’t, make this happen :)

  3. Jay says

    This would be the PERFECT time for the cast to go back to Comic Con for 2013. It’s 100th episode is coming up and this season it’s making a lot of milestones the season hitting a season high during the two parter, another book getting released this year. Why wouldn’t you wanna bring the cast of Castle back this year?! There will be plenty of people wanting to attend since the cast is all very likeable, i mean LOVEABLE. It would be cool to see them this year since they missed out last year. And this show hardly gets to do any events together as a whole with the whole cast so it would be cool to see them. Pretty please ABC, let the cast and writers of Castle attend the 2013 Comic Con and have a panel!

  4. Marisa Burns says

    I would plan a trip from Australia to San Diego for ths year’s Comic Con if I was absolutely sure the Castle cast were taking part. Please ABC make it happen.

  5. says

    Of course! We all know that Castle is hitting the most viewed show of today, raising more than 10M viewers not counting those fans overseas. I say a Castle panel in San Diego Comic Con would be a big way to come up with their fans all around the globe. And we all know that Castle Comic Con will always be a big hit for we all know that this show is well-loved by fans. So I say “We want Castle at San Diego Comic Con this year!”

  6. Flick says

    I can’t go due to where I live but ABC hardly promote Castle, and this is the best opportunity!! Hope to see the whole cast there!!

  7. Erin says

    The thing is, I HAVEN’T been able to see them at Comic Con and I want to sooooo badly. Their second year, I walked up to the line one minute too late. They JUST closed it, and I couldn’t go. I would LOVE to see them!! I may be moving, so this may be my last Comic Con for a while and REALLY want to see these guys just so much!!

  8. says

    I went to SDCC last year on the chance to see Castle… But ended up very very disappointed when I found out that there was no Castle panel. I knew it was a chance going in, and I love pop culture in general so I didn’t mind going all the way from Sydney Australia to USA to attend, but I knew some people bought tickets and went to SDCC purely for Castle.
    I’m going again this year to SDCC and I really really hope that there will be a Castle panel, I have bought all the books, graphic novels, comics and I really enjoy reading them. I was lucky to get my first graphic novel “Deadly Storm” signed by Brian Michael Bendis when he came to Australia, but would love to get the others signed as well.
    Please ABC, Castle would be great at Comic Con with Nathan Fillion as the king of Comic Con, it is a choice that can’t go wrong, the hall will be filled up and fans lining up the night before to get good seats. With the new graphic novels coming out, the Derrick storm novel and the Nikki Heat novel this year, and celebration of the 100th episode, it would be great for fans to interact and see the whole cast and crew, and promote the new merchandise coming out.
    So please, please, please can we get a SDCC Castle panel this year? Pretty please with cherries on top? Always.

  9. LARISA says



  10. dandan2220723 says

    Please get the Castle cast there this year. I’m planning a trip to SD and want to attend Comic Con, but won’t unless Castle’s there. It’s to ABC’s advantage to get them there…it will add so much to their advantage when a nite leader comes out for their fans. Having NF & SK there would just put a seal on a great convention!

  11. Sandra says

    Castle at SDCC 2013 would definitely be one of this year’s higlights. The cast is so much fun. The panels are always hilarious. We need them there, please!

    • lucy says

      yes yes and yes i was so desapointed last year is not clear to me why ABC forgot Castle from one year

  12. Lesley says

    Though I cannot attend Comic con (yay, Europe).. I love watching the interviews, panels, reading the responses from the people who went and obviously all the hyper active fan responses who weren’t there. It would be wrong for Castle not to attend this year… Please let them come back!

  13. Em J says

    I have never been to Comic Con even if I really really want to if I ever go I hope a Castle panel is because they seem to be so very fun! 😀 <3
    Soooo pretty please with sugar on top can we have a Castle panel this year!?

  14. Kari says

    Even though I don’t get to attend ComicCon being from the other side of the country I think it’s vitally important that Castle be a part of ComicCon and have a panel – as well as other fan-centric events. Heck if Castle were to go so far as to be part of DragonCon and have a panel I can assure you – it would be heavily supported!

  15. Anna says

    I would love to see the cast of Castle at SDCC, because I think it is very interesting to hear the thoughts of the actors and producers behind the scenes. Plus the more Castle the better!

  16. Annalise says

    I have always wanted to go to comic con to see many of my tv shows panels so last year I went ahead and got tickets but castle didn’t go.

  17. Kate says

    I, too, am an european fan who can’t go there but I love this show so much and have very good time at watching the 2010 SDCC in youtube (and rewatch it sometimes). It’s a panel worth of the trip and they bring at Castle’s show a personnal but lovely touch that everyone appreciate.
    So please, let them come back this year!

  18. Michelle says

    Please bring Castle back to Comic Com! I got tickets last year so I could see their panel and then they weren’t there. I really hope they aren’t left off the schedule again this year. We did have a Comic Con episode this year so perfect timing!

  19. Ari says

    Last year I was really disappointed that Castle wasn’t at the Comic Con.
    This year I’ll be flying all the way from Brazil to the Comic Con and I really really really hope there’s a Castle panel!
    I love the show and I’ll be looking forward to see all of them there.

  20. Guadalupe says

    Of course! This is the best show on tv and they deserve to be there, but could you,ABC, make sure that the whole cast is there! I would love to see them together.

    • says

      This is the BEST show on tv and the whole cast deserves to be there! I am unable to attend, but love Monday night and through the week, I re-watch on On Demand, ,. I buy dvds, am a faithful watcher on Monday nights. I love this show and its cast. I love watching thier interviews and Castle Comi Con on you tube. Since I cant attend, I wish they would sell these on dvds as well. Please ABC! Castle Comic Con 2013!

  21. Coco says

    I have attended Comic Con for the past three years, for the sole purpose of attending the Castle (and Castle-related) panels. I live in NYC, so for me to invest in a badge, flight, and ridiculously overpriced hotel rooms is a huge expense – in fact, I work a part-time job during the year just so that I can afford to go. The hotel and flight must be booked well in advance of knowing which panels will be featured that year; you can imagine my disappointment when Castle didn’t make the cut last year how upsetting that was (thankfully Nathan made my trip worthwhile).
    To the people at ABC who hold the power of the Comic Con lineup, please note that CC attendees are not interested in attending a panel for a show that nobody has seen yet. Please do not allocate a panel to one of your new shows in development. The room may have people in it, but they are not there for your panel- they are simply holding their seat for a future panel in that room. Also, CC is not all about the 18-49 demo. Plenty of older (and younger) people attend each year, so why not give them a panel for THE MOST WATCHED SHOW ON MONDAY NIGHTS?!?!?! Also, if you’re only going to make one booth on the floor of the convention hall, don’t devote it to a single show that again NOBODY has seen yet and will likely be cancelled before the year has ended (i.e. Pan Am and The Neighbors). Give the people the swag they actually want.
    We, the devoted fans of Castle, humbly ask you to consider adding a Castle panel to the Comic Con line up this year. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  22. Violet says

    I have watched and rewatched the videos of Castle at SDCC over and over again. I love seeing how the actors have such a great time, and as a fan, I also really enjoy learning things I never knew about the show. Comic Con would also be a really great way to get new fans for Castle, and for old fans to connect with each other. Especially considering how well Castle has been doing lately, a panel at SDCC would be a great reward for us fans. Please, ABC, we need them there!

  23. Jenn says

    I was lucky enough to attend both Castle panels. Each one was entertaining and very fan friendly. My favorite memory is that of Nathan and Stana reading out of Heat Wave. Nathan is always a staple at Comic Con, so Castle is sure to draw many fans (like it did in the past). Maybe it doesn’t fit the traditional Comic Con mold, but neither does Glee. Castle fans have built a community via Twitter, and it would be nice to have a panel for us to come together at to show our love for the show.

  24. Bruce Mohler says

    Yes, please bring them back. I was able to meet Nathan Fillion (while wearing my Castle costume) last year and he signed my _Heat Rises_ book. It would be even to have a panel with the entire cast.

  25. musiclover says

    I would love to see the cast of Castle go to San Diego Comic-Con it’s a thing that makes the hiatus bearable. While I was not able to attend San Diego Comic-Con the two years that Castle was there (2010 and 2011) I was able to see clips and pictures of the event. Castle deserves a chance just like a lot of other shows to be at San Diego Comic-Con.

  26. says

    I’m not sure if TPTB over at ABC know just how popular Castle was with the SDCC crowd the two times they’ve been there. I was definitely surprised (and disappointed) when it was announced that there wasn’t going to be a panel last year.

    ABC should bring Castle back this year because it’s a show that people actually want to see. My friends and I were prepared to line up overnight last year and answer countless questions about what panel we were crazy enough to sleep on the pavement for.

    I understand that Comic Con is a huge opportunity to promote new shows but it’s also wise to bring veteran shows back. When networks show that they support the show you love, people are more likely to give freshmen programs a shot. I’ve always thought the best strategy to Comic Con is to bring new and returning shows. SO BRING BACK CASTLE, ABC.

  27. Amy says


    Especially since this has been such an amazing (and the best) season of Castle so far…it would be amazing to see the cast get a Comic Con panel if it can be arranged!

    YES YES!!!!

  28. Mari says

    YES please…even though I won´t be able to attend in person, it´s always great to see videos and maybe even live-streams of the actors and the whole Castle family (writers, crew etc) interacting with the fans…I feel it´s a great chance to show the cast and everyone involved with the making of Castle just how much their hard work and crazy long hours are appreciated…THEY DESERVE THAT :)…
    And for the fans it´s an awesome chance to meet their idols/role models up close…to say THANK YOU in person…show their appreciation!
    So, please ABC invite Castle to this year´s ComiCon :)…Thank you!

  29. says

    comic com 2013 sin CASTLE (Stana-Nathan-Susan-Molly-Jon-Seamus-Tamala-etc) ya no es comic com. Se han convertido en piezas fundamentale. Espero que estén, se lo merecen, se lo han ganado.

    Translation: comic com 2013 without CASTLE (Stana-Nathan-Susan-Molly-Jon-Seamus-Tamala-etc) is no longer comic com. They have become fundamentale pieces. I hope they are, they deserve it, they’ve earned it.

  30. Kathrin says

    Just… yes. It’s always fun to see them out and about, and it can only be good promotion for the show.

  31. says

    Having a Castle panel will only help increase Castle’s fan base, especially since you’ll have books and graphic novels to tie in. ComicCon attendees are smart people who like smart stories, but not all of them love murder mysteries (in general, I don’t… I can smell a plot hole a mile away, and often the stench resembles red herring).

    However, 90% of them probably love Nathan Fillion. The other 10% are just… a little confused 😀 and may just be actual trolls living under actual rocks.
    Stana has a history with Bond and the Librarian, PJJ has a history with Star Trek, and Molly has her Winx and Supergirl connections.

    Share the Castle love, and reap palatial benefits.

  32. Icy_devil says

    Yes. Please have a Castle panel at SDCC! It’s so popular why do ABC always undermine it so much? I just don’t understand. Can’t wait to watch Stana Katic to be at the Castle panel. I’d watch for her!

  33. Sarah says

    Castle totally deserves its place at such a big event like SDCC. It has a strong fanbase, devoted fans, a strong audience rating, wonderful cast and crew who do their bestest to make that fabulous show. Castle is one of the rare clever dramedy currently airing and it deserves respect and honours. I am originally from France and I would definitely make plans toattend SDCC if I am *SURE* that Castle will get a panel. So please ABC, as an homage to our mystery writer and his muse, give them justice and give them a panel (or a dinosaur will eat you-and I will be really sad if you don’t). Warmest regards. Sarah

  34. Georgina Cassidy says

    It quite simple… The fan of castle have the mind set of “ain’t no mountain high enough!” So they will be there if there’s just one cast or crew member there! Plus there isn’t a funny and more entertaining bunch of people then those involved in Castle!

  35. hug-me-now21 says

    I would love love love Castle to be at ComicCon this year! There hasn’t been too much group promotion this year and I am missing the cast and all the laughs they bring us!

  36. Dawn VanKlaveren says

    I actually got tickets last year for San Diego Comic Con for the first time, in hopes that Castle would have a panel. When there was no panel I was crushed. It almost ruined the whole experience!! I am lucky enough to be going again this year. It would be a dream come true if Castle had a panel for 2013.

  37. Moonlight Fan Forever says

    How can you not invite one of the hottest shows on television? Please send Castle to San Diego Comic Con.

  38. Nicole says

    I have my heart set on going to SDCC this year – missed out on 1st round badges but will be trying desperately for the resale badges. Would be an absolute dream come true for Castle to have a panel again this year – came to LA from Australia for PaleyFest in the hopes there would be a Castle panel so all my hopes are now riding on SDCC or at least Nerd HQ!

  39. Megan says

    I haven’t been able to attend a Castle comic con in the past but this year I am desperately trying to make it. I love Castle and in the past their panels have gone well . So please let there be one this year!

  40. Ophelie says

    Castle was forgotten last year and I was surprised and disappointed. Furthermore it’s the year of the 100th episode. I think that would be brillant if Castle would belong to San Diego Comic Con.
    That would be an honor to bring Castle again. Isn’t it the TV show the most watched on Monday ?
    A mass of people are ready to wait for hours outside and come to San Diego no matter where they come from.
    My friend and I live in France and we attend to see Castle at SDCC. So please may you come true a dream ?

  41. Clarisse says

    This will be my 3rd Comic Con. LOVED the Castle panel in 2011, it was my favorite panel of the entire Con. Last year I went again and I was really disappointed that there was no Castle panel. I really hope there is one this year, if there is one it will get my priority over any other panel.

  42. castle_fan16 says

    Pretty Please!!! Castle has just recently had a milestone, 100 eps, not to mention the graphic novels and the progress in Caskett’s relationship let us celebrate it!!! The cast has ALWAYS been amazing in the past, answering our questions, which is much appreciated. It’s promotion for the show. Unfortunately i live in Australia and cant make it but it doesn’t mean i wont be camped out at my computer watching videos and the livestream. Please Pretty Please let Castle come to SDCC!!!!

  43. Gina M Zarcone says

    I have never even been to any Comic Con, but I would most deff. make a first time trip if Castle would be on the panel. I just need to find out how you go about getting tickets for something like that. If anyone could help me I would be very thankful!!!!!!!

  44. Susan says

    We’ve had a sci-fi episode this season, we’ve had Jonathan Frakes, we have the graphic novels and most of all……….we have Nathan Fillion!! Why in the world wouldn’t ABC have a Castle panel at ComicCon this year!! Particularly with the 100th episode! Castle fits ComicCon a whole lot better than most other shows. And I would bet money that any Castle panel at ComicCon would outdraw any other TV show!

    Yes please, ABC!!

    • fishy says

      Why in the world wouldn’t ABC have a Castle panel at ComicCon this year indeed. Nathan is Awesome. Guest directors like Jonathan S Frakes and an X-Files crew? I wanna see them in Comic Con, ABC.

  45. Jenine says

    Going to Comic Con has been on my Bucket List for a long time. This year I get to make the awesome trek, from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, happen with a great group of friends (uber excited)! We are HUGE Castle fans (especially Canadians, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion) and would LOVE to have the opportunity to see the entire Castle panel in person versus clips of bits and pieces of previous panels on Youtube. To have the opportunity to meet the cast would be even better double rainbow! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK TO COMIC CON!!!!

  46. Nishant says

    Although I am from India I want castle to be in COMICON. At least we get to see all of them together….:)

  47. Adrienne Y says

    I’m miles away from san diego but i definitely want a Castle panel for this year’s SDCC! Even I cant attend there in person, I’d want to watch the panel online. Haven’t had an interview with both Stana and Nathan together about the show ever since castle and beckett got together.

  48. Trinxy says

    It has been a sad year with Castle not being in SDCC. I know lots of my friends had tickets for that event last year and they were dissapointed Castle not being one of the shows on the line there. I really hope that this year will be different. I know lots of my good friends already have tickets to that event and they are highly anticipating the Castle panel, so I really hope that Castle will be there this year. Cause, you know, Nathan just loves this event and I am sure the actors and actresses of Castle love it too. Give them a chance to see how many fans adore the show and will be there for them. Castle to the SDCC! :)

  49. says

    Живу в России, но очень хочу, чтобы в 2013 году состоялся Комик-Кон с участниками телесериала “Касл”, но ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО СО ВСЕМИ АКТЁРАМИ и РЕЖИСЁРАМИ!!!! Смотрела в 2010 году и в 2011 г! До сих пор под впечатлением и просматриваю отрывки и в настоящее время ! С уважением

  50. says

    My chemo and radiation would not prevent me from flying to san diego and spending the night outside to secure a seat to view Castle. ABC make it happen!

  51. Carrot931 says

    The evolution of the characters and the show has been great this season 5, the creator, the producers and the entire cast are working very hard to make it better and better. They have a lot of things to tell to their audience about the season, and all the fans got a lot of questions about it. This interaction between the cast and the audience it’s very important, specially at the Comic Con, it becomes something special and unique, a kind of interaction that wouldn’t take place in other location. Also, “Castle” has a special link with the Comic Con due to the creative interaction between Andrew Marlowe (creator) the scriptwriters and Nathan Fillion, who enriches so much the plot with his talented presence (just amazing to see him in action playing Richard Castle), hard work and ideas for the show. The entire crew has a great chemistry between them, they are a genuine group of people that work for the best results, and the writers put their best efforts to create deft and witty dialogues in plotting situations which involving a true evolution for the characters with amusing and sometimes, intense results.

  52. Laurel says

    I was so bummed when Castle wasn’t at SDCC last year but at least we got the Firefly reunion for the Nathan fans. I’m waiting to see if they’ll be there this year before I make my travel plans.

  53. Julie says

    Definitely would love to see Castle at San Diego Comic Con!!! Especially since they won’t be at Paleyfest!!

  54. Ryu1 says

    I’ve never been to Comic Con, cuz it’s a long way from Japan and I rarely have enough vacations to make a trip that far, so sad… But I always enjoy the videos of Castle Coimic Con that everyone put up, thank you so much! And I know millions of pelple not just in US but all over the world are dying to ask questions about this season’s stories so far and how it’s gonna be from here, just as I am!!
    And more importantly, we Castle fans have to thank every cast and crew in person for the hard work and many many great episodes, and we always love to see all the casts joking with each other and having fun on the panel. Lookin forward to see ya!


  55. KeriC11 says

    …a resounding YES!!! I attend Comicon every year and def missed seeing a Castle panel. Luckily there was a big Firefly anniversary panel to substitute…though nothing can replace Castle!!!

  56. DramaWonder says

    I have never attended Comic Con (sadly) but I have watched it via livestream and It was a thrilling experience getting to see this amazing Cast and crew gather together in front of all of us and talk about the season, what’s coming up, sneak peeks (which were always so much fun and made the wait that much harder) and it would be such a shame to deny that to the fans that love the show so much. I also love that fans can ask them questions as well and it really makes them feel a part of the experience. I think Castle absolutely deserves to go to Comic Con this year and years after to experience the fun, thank the cast and crew for all their hard work and just seeing them have fun together.

  57. m_hanh says

    I really hope to see Castle at ComicCon. Its a relatively moderate investment by ABC that could generate significant publicity, hype and goodwill. If ABC doesn’t want to foot the bill, how about TNT, since the repeats are doing so well for TNT?

  58. Brittany Reid says

    I’m unable to go to comic con because I attend college in Florida, but the only time I ever watched Comic con panels is on live-stream when the cast of Castle is there (or Iron Man). Me and millions of other Castle fans will be so disappointed if we go another year without seeing the amazing cast of Castle at Comic Con.

  59. valeria says

    Yes pelearse go to san diego cómico con!!! And the pelearse come one day to Spain!!!!

  60. Wren Schwind says

    I was so disappointed when there was no Castle Panel at Comic Con last year. I will line up super early to be able to see a Castle Panel. Castle has many, many energenic, enthusiastic and loyal fans. Please abc, reward your loyal fans that tune in week after week and bring Castle to Comic Con San Diego 2013!!!!

  61. Sandy says

    Please bring Castle cast to San Diego Comic Con in July,they all bring a smile to my face every day,im coming from Australia to see them.Please Please reward us,we r very loyal fans,and love to put Castle No.1 wherever we r.

  62. casubieowner says

    It would be great if there was a Castle panel at Comic-Con. The one in 2010 was awesome and the water bottle was great. Unfortunately, getting tickets to Comic-Con has gotten more and more difficult every year. I was only able to get tickets for Thursday and Sunday. I’m hoping that if there is a Castle panel, it will be one of those days

  63. Shazelle says

    I usually can’t make it out to comic con but I have watched the Castle panel from 2010 and 2011 on you tube so many times its nuts. I would even be happy to pay for a DVD of the panel.

  64. says

    I’ve never been to ComicCon and will only consider going there if there will be a Castle panel. Obviously if there are any other events where there is a possibility of having the Castle cast in a panel, I would be interested in those too, but I’ve heard great things about ComicCon…and I hope to experience it this year with a Castle panel even though I will be travelling several thousand miles to get there…and possibly couchsurfing since I can’t afford expensive hotels after paying for my plane ticket!

  65. Allydale says

    LOVE Castle — all of ’em! Please get them to Comic-con — be sure to make a video , so everyone who LOVES Castle can see the video, even if they can’t attend. And–thanks, ABC, for this Show –you need to adverstise its excellence a lot more! Maybe getting Castle to Comic-con is a good deal for ABC, too.

  66. James Pack says

    I can’t travel to San Diego, but Kate Beckett can come and visit me in Garden Grove anytime she wants. Not that she would mind you.

  67. Jessica says

    I convinced my family to let me go to the SDCC last year, and they told me they would let me go if I gathered the money. So, I worked very hard to get it. When I finally got it, I discovered Castle wasn’t going to the event and I didn’t buy the tickets, I am still saving the money to see the cast at Comic Con! Please, let the show go!

  68. Mary Charlotte says

    yes please is one of the best show in TV , they deserve a panel with the full cast at SDCC, i think will the be perfect present to all fans and the perfec way to help us wait for the new season because the summer hiatus is sooooo long. I love the show so much and i want to see the cast at SDCC, they are perfect!!!!

  69. Chyon says

    I really hope so, I went to SD Comic Con last year with the hopes to see the Castle panel. I travelled all the way from Australia but no luck, but can’t afford to attend this year so devastated. But for all the rest of people that can go absolutely

  70. chyon says

    I really hope so, I went to SD Comic Con last year with the hopes to see the Castle panel. I travelled all the way from Australia but no luck, but can’t afford to attend this year so devastated. But for all the rest of people that can go absolutely. Or Castle come down to Perth oz con next year or definately be there next year so I can start saving. On the bright side Nathan Fillion did sign my Castle book

  71. Tina Lai says

    I really hope that Castle could be back in SDCC this year, first and foremost because I’ve got tons of questions I need to ask the Cast I adore, and second because I love them and I have tons of questions and third Castle attending Comic Con really is a given, what with the show’s nature and the lead (and anchor) being Nathan. A good show attracts the hardcore fans and Comic Con is where they give you a good hard look. More than that, physical gatherings like comic con panels are what gives the fans a chance to look each other in the eye for real and talk about the show we love, and such is how a fanbase congregates and solidifies not to mention such events are often where group co-ordinated efforts (which has high chances of show promoting) originate from. For ABC, Comic Con really isn’t a chance to be missed.

  72. Kat says

    I don’t want this…. I NEED THIS! 😀
    Please! I want every single actor, Andrew, Terri… everyone!

  73. Lauren says

    The Castle cast should definitely go to Comic Con this year because the show’s ratings are the best they have ever been. Full cast interviews are the most entertaining experience. I hope to see a Castle panel this year at Comic Con. 😀

  74. says

    Please get castle at the con!!! It is a massive tv show and sure to draw thousands of fans. Sadly, I am not able to attend this years con but would love to in the future and I would love it if the castle cast became a regular occurrence so that not only I can see the cast, but lots of other fans have the opportunity to as well :)

  75. mari_guerra says

    I went to SDCC for the first time last year just because I wanted to attend the Castle panel and for my sad surprise there wasn’t one. I bought a badge again this year hoping ABC bring Castle back to SDCC. I mean how many shows is on air for over 100 episodes? That’s something to celebrate right?

  76. Haily says

    I have never actually been to SDCC, but I really want to go. Sadly, I am one of the younger fans of Castle, and my parents probably aren’t willing to fly us all the way to San Diego. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want the Castle cast to be there! Maybe if I annoy my parents enough with my begging, they might take me there as my birthday present! So yes, there should be a Castle panel at SDCC.

  77. Shay says

    They always draw a crowd and they’re fun to watch! They should absolutely 100% be at SDCC

  78. Sydney says

    Of course they should! They are the best, most fun cast on the planet. They NEED to be there.

  79. Cassie Bones says

    I have been watching Castle for less than a year and it is STILL a big part of my life. I’ve seen past panels and they are probably the funniest cast at Comic Con. Besides that, this is a REALLY big year for Castle since they beat the Moonlighting Curse *knock on wood* and so they should DEFINITELY be there!

  80. Katie says

    YES! Absolutely! With all of what has happened since the last time they had a pannel, and the 100th episode behing them, this one would be amazing! They are always hilarious!

  81. Roxann says

    Going this year again in the hopes that castle has a panel!!! In 2010 when castle went I was there and in 2011 too and was disappointed when in 2012 there was no panel!! Crossing fingers and they go the year because I know of a lot f fans who are going in the hopes they will see the cast ,etc.

  82. says


  83. Jacks says

    I sadly can’t go but I would still enjoy seeing the panel on a livestream and who knows: maybe by some miracle I’ll get there. You never know. If i did get there and there wasn’t a castle panel I’d be pissed.

  84. says

    YES PLEASE! They didn’t do PaleyFest either. We neeeeeed them to do something! (well, it would be much appreciated, rather)

  85. Victoria says

    I totally want this! I will never be able to actually go to Comic Con but watching the panels on YouTube is one of my favourite things!! Pretty please!!!

  86. Sophie says

    CASTLE IS AMAZING!!!!! It was such a disappointment last year when they weren’t at Comic Con!!!!!! I live in Australia and even I think so!!!!!!!!

  87. Veronica says

    Even thought I would LOVE to go to Comic con I can’t because I live in Europe. But for me it’s still a pleasure just to see the panel on YouTube. It’s also my dream to go to comic con❤ so even thought I am not going to be there I would love to have the cast of Castle back at comic con

  88. Michaela says

    Castle is the best show ever, and I really hope they can go to Comic-Con! I might even be going this year, and if I am even in the same room as Stana Katic my life will be complete! Please bring Castle back :)

  89. Loren says

    I would love for The Castle Cast to be at comic con again this year! Please make this happen !

  90. KateBeckett41319 says

    Sadly, I am restricted to watching SDCC on YouTube, as I have been every year, but, hopefully, this will soon change. As SDCC is on my bucket list – conditionally, if the Castle cast attend – it’s definitely something I will do, no matter what. I like in the UK, but I after my studies I will fly out to California just for SDCC, if for no other reason. I don’t even care. I want to be there, and I want Castle to be there. I’ll camp outside overnight. I’ll put the water bottle in a box frame to memorialise the event and I’ll cry until they let me get an autograph. Castle for SDCC!

  91. Rochelle says

    I’m going to the San Diego Comic Con for the first time ever this summer! I’ll be sorely disappointed if Castle doesn’t get invited again. The cast is so fun to listen to, and the panels in 2010 and 2011 were great. Since Nathan Fillion has such a geek following as it is, I think it would be crazy for them to be overlooked again. Castle is one of ABC’s best performers and has a fan following like no other.

  92. fishy says

    Castle has been an amazing experience for me. Going to a Castle SDCC panel, meeting the people who have worked their backsides off delivering this great story, meeting fellow fans who understand the awesomeness of this show is on my bucket list. May be a little ways away as I live in Australia now, but it would make me really happy to have a day I could spend tweeting my pent up hype for Castle and moping about not being able to be there on facebook, then waiting for any footage to come on youtube as soon as the panel ends.

  93. Nina says

    PLEASE, WE NEED THIS AMAZING SHOW ON COMIC CON 2013! Maddening cast, challenging creators, wonderful books – is it not enough to let us see them again?

  94. dtve-beckett says

    i don’t live in us but, i watched some videos of castle’s panel on 2010 and 11′ and it was completely amazing. i think they should be there again.

  95. MysteryObsessed says

    I was soo dissapointed and mad last year, even wrote a meessage to containing some bad words… I live in Europe and will not get a chance to go to Comic-Con any time soon. But I follow the convention every year throughout the entire weekend, watching all youtube videos, following coverages from pretty much every major site and even staying up late to follow the instant scoop live from twitter from the panels.
    I love Castle and I love the actors, so PLEASE a Castle panel and everything else that comes with it, would be very much appreciated. And I don’t want this just for me, the fans who do get to go deserve a panel the most.
    Please invite Castle at this year’s Comic-Con

  96. stanaticID says

    I watched it on youtube. and IT WAS HILARIOUS! THEY absolutely should come back. Besides, they have something NEW and AMAZING going on the fifth season…CASKETT is now a real-deal. so I bet this time, comic con will be thousand times interesting than last year!! BUT, OF COURSE you have to make sure that NATHAN and STANA will be there!! :)