Don’t miss Nathan Fillion’s TV Appearances Friday

Don't miss Castle's Nathan Fillion this Friday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America and LIVE! With Kelly.

Just in time for the breathtaking season finale Nathan Fillion has made a whirlwind trip to New York and will be appearing on the 3 talk shows.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Friday 12:35am on NBC

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Good Morning America

Friday between 7-9am on ABC

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LIVE! with Kelly

Friday 9am (check your local listing)

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  1. I’m torn… if I watch, there’s sure to be a sneak peek at the Finale! I’m trying to go “spoiler-free” until Monday! This is a tough decision! ARRGGGGHHH!

    • I don’t think Nathan will give up anything. He likes to tease us. I would hope – for your sake Shena, that they’ll warn about spoilers.

      • belle_lover says:

        I remember watching shows at certain times where there wasn’t really a hint that there was a preview for a spoiler, though, which disappoints me when they do that. Hence why I tend to wait until after the episode to see these sorts of interviews, unless I know they won’t discuss spoilers ahead of time. While Nathan may not give huge spoilers, the show could, which is why I’m cautious. Glad to see he’s doing this, though!

  2. Filatic says:

    Any chance you could put out links after the shows? I would much like to see them when I get back home!

  3. jennymac says:

    I would really appreciate if somone could put up links as being in the Uk no access to them and it will be interesting to hear Nathan about the finale and what hints he gives ussmilesmile

  4. oznute says:

    Nathan has just finished on GMA. He looked great (as usual – beautiful blue shirt!) but didn’t give much away. They showed Sneak Peek #1 (coffee one) with the audio and Sneak Peek #5 (Alexis) without audio. Nathan also presented an award to a Top Dog and talked about how he loves his job and that the days he works with Molly and Susan are like having a day off. He also said, if he could be a superhero, that he’d like to revisit “The Greatest American Hero” (a statement he has made in the past).

    Live with Kelly starts in 15 minutes. Hopefully we’ll see/hear a bit more.

    I’m sorry I can’t do video but I’m sure someone will soon have it all on YouTube!

  5. Here’s the GMA appearance from Youtube:

  6. And here’s the link to the LIVE with Kelly interview:

  7. lulu12345 says:

    Both the interviews were gr8! I got up early to see them live!!! Loved his ‘bare all’ tease with a sly smile!!! Excellent promotion for always! See him be so optimistic about caskett made me really happy, being the uber shipper that I am. 

    Loved the kelly one too. All the canada talks were funny and nathan is adorable! Loved his fav eps too – Headhunters and Heartbreak Hotel!! 

  8. oznute says:

    Just finished watched Nathan on Jimmy Fallon. What was great was that once he came on, he stayed for the rest of the show!

    Nathan, as usual, was just so-o-o-o funny. Taking off his Dad ‘OTRC’ was gorgeous. His little spoiler for “Always” was cute.

    Loved the bow and arrow ‘tournament’, loved Nathan in the Duke cap. Loved how he was laughing so much at the guy from SNL. All-in-all a good, fun show!

    Sorry I had no way to download/save the show.