Don’t Miss Your Chance to Meet Nathan Fillion!

NathanFillion-CastleTVPeople are always asking us how they can meet Nathan Fillion. Appearances these days are rare (outside of Comic Con) but the good news is there’s not one but four opportunities coming up!

In addition to being at SXSW Music & Film Festival this weekend to promote the Joss Whedon film “Much Ado About Nothing” (Nathan plays Dogberry) Nathan Fillion will be appearing at: Calgary Expo (Apr 26-28) Dallas Comic Con (May 17-19) Philadelphia Comic Con (Jun 1-2)

Also, don’t miss the chance to “Spend the day with Nathan Fillion”! Bid on the upcoming charity auction, Click Here for details.



  1. Pamela J. says

    I’m getting my tickets as soon as I can afford them for Philly! I’m so excited over this I want to cry and jump up and down all at the same time. I even got my husband to agree to go!

  2. aussiecastlefan says

    The previous comment should be in the win a day with Nathan Auction section.

  3. aussiecastlefan says

    Does anyone know how much the auction to win a day with Nathan ended up? Last time I looked it was over $9,000.

  4. MAC says

    Come on Andrew Marlowe why don’t you auction a day with Stana? I am sure she would draw a very large $ number.
    Its great Nathan is always doing special appearances, but why don’t you let Stana get out there with the fans too. She doesn’t get promoted as much as Nathan I feel, and show hit with out one or the other – how come ???