Exclusive: ABC Orders More Castle!

Breaking news just in from our sources!  ABC has ordered two more episodes for Castle this season taking the total number of episodes for Season 2 to 24.

Since Season 2 began viewer numbers have crept up with an increase almost every week, continuing against the trend as other shows continued to lose viewers.  On October 20,  ABC ordered a further nine episodes to add to the initial season order of 13.

Last week the much anticipated episode "Sucker Punch" in which the murder of Beckett's mother was revisited, obtained a season high in the 18-49 demographic reaching 2.8  and 9.44 million total viewers.   Castle also took the number one spot for the hour and gained more viewers than CSI: Miami in the important "women 18-34" demographic.

This week the ratings rise continued with the episode "The Third Man" reaching a new series high of 3.1 in 18-49 with 10.5 million viewers.

No news yet on Season 3 but the signs continue to look positive.

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  1. Oh happy day!!!!

  2. b Dieringer says:

    waHOO ! Thanks, ABC. Castle best show in ages!

  3. sarah_darling says:

    I’m doing a happy dance.

  4. Beckett2.0 says:

    This is just fantastic. Way to go Castle!

  5. Awesome news. The past three episodes have been fantastic and it shows in the ratings. The next news I’m waiting for will be Castle renewed for a third season. :smile:

  6. AHHHHHH!!! IM SO HAPPY! :bounce::bounce:

  7. I saw this on Facebook! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! Bounce Trouble_Maker

  8. Am v. HAPPY!!!! Congrats!! FTB!!!!

  9. DetectiveBeckett85 says:

    so excited

  10. TabloidJunkie says:

    This made my day, ngl.

  11. What awesome news to come home too after a crappy day.

    Congrats to the cast and crew. Well deserved.

  12. Woo hoo! LOVE the show. LOVE Nathan Fillion. LOVE Stana Katic. LOVE the chemistry. LOVE it all!!

  13. sunshine_minx says:

    Season 3 is looking even more possible at this point. It makes me happy. :)

  14. OH This is just AWESOME.
    now the board needs a dancing smiley face :smile:

  15. Woo Hoo!!! Way to go team Castle!!! Keep up the good work.

  16. Congrats to the cast and crew. Well done everyone.

  17. I am so happy for all the cast and crew! This is wonderful news. Congratulations to you all! Jose, was this your twitter teaser?

  18. WOOT! The Season 2 DVD collection is gonna be MASSIVE! :) Go cast, crew and writers!

  19. MereBelle007 says:

    YAY! :bounce2:

  20. ontheriver says:

    S H I N Y

  21. 2 more episodes?! More Castle this season?! Great news!!!

  22. Fantastic show…best on any network!!! Keep up the good work.

  23. musiclover says:

    Awesome :)

  24. Rvandsing (St Louis area) says:

    HOORAY!!!!  I think this bodes extremely well for a Season THREE.  Now, I wonder how this will affect the “end of the season filming” which I thought was supposed to be April 8.  In fact, I believe Stana indicated that she was considering (or her people were in the process of working out details) for a movie at the end of the season.  Of course, this likely means that the two new episodes will carry us through the May Sweeps, which is likely the reason for ABC ordering them. 

    All in all, this is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Incredible News! To the writers, cast and crew…Congratulations! Looking forward to many more. To the “Fans” continue to share your love of “Castle” with others.

  26. That is sooooo awesome!!!! Best news.
    Big congrats to the cast and crew. Great job!

  27. I am totally obsessed with this show right now! 2 more epsiodes ia awesome news!!!! Way to go Cast and Crew and to the writers, Keep it coming!

  28. MnCastleFan says:

    Knock my socks off ABC! There will be even more Season 2 episodes to enjoy!

  29. YAY, thank you ABC! Please continue to renew Castle endlessly!!!

  30. Holy guacalamoly…I’m sewper duper excited! Go ABC!! Keep it up!

  31. Thank you, ABC! Three in our household who always watch it live and then again on hulu to pick up anything we may have missed.

    The leads are magic together and the rest of the cast is well chosen. Good mother/son and father/daughter interactions. Darling cops, who need maybe a little more to do, because the relationships are nicely established.

    Give us lots more.

  32. Awesome news!  It does bode well for a season 3, keep spreading the word about Castle!

  33. A M A Z I N G news! Yay!!! :D

  34. ValkyrieT says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks ABC! :D I hope the cast & crew are as happy as we are! :D

  35. Steeldust says:

    Great news! 24 eps … FANTASTIC !

  36. I’m so happy right now !!! 24 episodes such a great news

  37. What FANTASTIC news to wake up to!

  38. This was indeed my Twitter teaser… although I honestly thought I’d be able to reveal the rumor, like, an hour after I posted about “the rumor.”

    Thanks for all the nice wishes — kickass!

  39. Awesome.

  40. RALPH GARZA says:


  41. Sandy said:

    What FANTASTIC news to wake up to!

    Ditto! Bounce2

  42. Not a problem Jose, as long as it happened, you can tease all you want!

    I can’t think of much better news I could’ve woken up to today!!

  43. Yay! I’m so excited. I love this show.

  44. The only thing that would make me happier is Season 3! So thrilled to get another 2 episodes this year! This is my only must see show of the week and the only one I watch more than once! The chemistry between Fillion and Katic has no match and the writing and supporting cast are amazing!

  45. Nerwen Aldarion says:


    *stands up, reads again then faints again*

    *Gets back up*

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! If there is one sign that points to a show’s renewal, it is more episodes being ordered! Seriously, ABC should just sign up for season 3 NOW!!!!

    *starts squealling uncontrollably*

  46. FANTASTIC news! Bounce2 Now all we need is season 3 renewal decision…

  47. molly_littlecastle says:

    What wonderful news!

    I LOVE that new cast picture! that’s very fitting background for them. :)

  48. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Question: Where is the press release? Is this only from the CAstle crew or is there an announcment from ABC?

  49. The press release will be out some time today.

  50. SciFiHorrorFem says:

    I am THRILLED that ABC has ordered more episodes of CASTLE! The show just gets better and better each week! Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones, and beautiful Molly C. Quinn keep us laughing with the comedic intelligent banter they all do so well and bring us to tears just as easily when there’s a sad moment. Keep CASTLE coming for many years to come and thanks so much for the 2 seasons you’ve given/are giving to us, ABC!

  51. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Thank you, I just wanted to know when the other media outlets will get the news. EW and TVguide are usually pretty good at reporting these things and I hadn’t seen it yet.

    That is neat that you guys got exclusive information like that.

  52. Yeah, the Cast & Crew have been very supportive – they really are awesome and they do care about their fans a great deal.

  53. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    You can really tell that too. Some shows I’ve watched don’t care what the fans think, but the Castle crew always seem willing to answer questions, show you the ropes and everything. So great to see a show that really loves their fanbase

  54. hrhighness says:

    Woohoo! Truly awesome news. But why are they dragging the season 3 pick-up announcement? Or is it some kind of strategy to get more hype, thus more potential viewers? Either way, this is still good news. The recent casting of Delany’s character’s partner is pretty okay too. You’ve all heard about that and the serial killer plot line, right?

  55. If there isn’t a Season 3 I’ll be really sad.

  56. Congratulations to ABC-TV and to the cast and crew of “Castle”. You have truly created a masterpiece of writing, directing, acting, action, adventure, and even humor that makes “Castle” a great television watching on broadcast. Keep up the great work.

  57. When I read this on IMDB, I did a Tiger Woods-esque fist pump at my desk at work. Yay! Good call ABC!

  58. more Castle LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  59. I am so addicted to this show! Its truly unbelievable how addicted I am. I laugh so hard throughout the entire show and am always trying to figure out the case with them. Never loved a show so much! Thank you cast, crew, and writers for such an amazing show. Makes my week and keeps me begging for more!! ABC please please keep renewing this show! I dont know if I could go on without it.

  60. Everyone can relax, ratings are at 10 million & the bubble for cancelation is 6-8 million [depending on cost etc.] We got at least another year!

    • “the bubble for cancellation” is not dependent purely on total # of viewers. Demographics are also very important as other external factors.

  61. Fab. u. LOUSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  62. I>3 Castle says:

    If Castle gets cancelled I think I would die. Go Castle!!!!!

  63. I look forward to the adventures of Ric Castle and Crew every week, it’s a great show. One of the best shows on tv. Thanks ABC

  64. Castle is such an all round entertaining show. The cast really work well together, I would love to see this show renewed.

  65. castlefan12 says:

    Keep it up everybody on Castle! Way to go ABC! You better make a season 3! I can’t get enough of this show!

  66. This show has to come back it’s the ONE thing that makes Monday’s worth getting up for! One of the best, most refreshing shows out there….chemistry for these characters is the best!

  67. mikestofolis says:

    WAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO castle is by far the best show on tv, but a word of advice! they’re evolving the relationship between castle and beckett too soon, maybee the writers are scared of being cancelled and want to reveal an auspicious ending befor going off air for good… but my advice would be not to do this, if anyone follows bones those 2 have been secretely in love for 5 seasons, thats what keeps it going, if they avtually hook up… then what? its the suspense that keeps us glued to the tube! please take my advice!!!

  68. I love the writing and the interaction with the family members on CASTLE..
    I look forward to Monday nights to see Castle and have even watched the reruns. Not many of the other shows on tv are worth watching.

    I also agree with mikestofolis about keeping the cat and mouse
    relationship of Becket and Castle alive!

  69. davidsmom says:

    Read about this tonight (only a couple of days late).  Actually saw it on a couple of web sites (EW being one of them).  Seems like ABC is really supporting Castle (finally).  Their ratings improving is a great way to get to the point of a Season 3 !

  70. Castle is the only show on TV I like, I even watch the reruns because the show is so well written and acted. Please keep the show on, i am sick of good shows coming on and then they get axed.

  71. I can only hope this show is scheduled for a Season 3 – best writing, acting, directing – and the chemistry between the two main characters is soooo great! In fact, the entire cast is fantastic. Love the daughter, mother, captain and the two side kicks. Just love this show!

  72. Highly excited at the prospect of a season 3! It’s time to let the quality shows shine and give them their reign. Castle employs great wit and charm while still delivering the crime mysteries that many of us love. The cast shows great promise of character, and I would love to follow them for many more seasons to come :)

  73. Ess Jay St. Ark says:

    One of the Best shows on TV! Please renew them for next and future seasons!

    Nathan Fallion will make a great Green Lantern!

  74. Sue Phillips says:

    WHY have RERUNS already started????? THIS is absolutely a GREAT TV show PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL; however this is way too early for reruns to start!

    • It’s because of the Olympics. A lot of shows are in repeats right now because the networks know that a lot of people will be tuning in for the Olympics instead of their regular shows. Keep an eye on the Episode Schedule page for info on when episodes (including the new ones) are airing.

  75. Lissa Clayborn says:

    I know I’m probably not the majority, but I would much rather watch Castle than the Olympics. Honesty, I can see the highlights of the Olympics on one of the sports channels or read about it in the paper. I’m not going to dedicate hours of my life to sit down and watch them. As for the Castle repeats, sadly I wish they were repeating the first season instead of season two. Season two is still too fresh in my mind. Instead, I find myself gravitating towards some of the cable station shows that are running new shows that I don’t normally watch.

  76. Mary Sue Sagor says:

    I have DVRs of 8 Castle episodes, which I have been watching instead of the Olympics, which seem to simply be an excuse for more commercials! I love the show. EVERYTHING about it. The scripts are funny, intelligent, and well acted. The actors are perfect for the characters, and I love Susan Sullivan – yes, I am old enough to remember her early career…she was one of the FEW soap actresses whose name I remembered. I was never a soap opera fan, but I remember liking HER. So glad to see her again! I am looking forward to the announcement of the third season signing…!!! (Actually, it is the ONLY show I watch on ABC right now. Dancing with the Stars will be back in the fall, right?)

  77. absolutely love Castle. Long may it run. Great chemistry, good plot, lots of comic relief.

  78. Oh My Gosh! So excited, love, love, love,love, love this show. Thanks ABC for finally listening to the fans! Congrats to the Cast & Crew. =)

  79. Would you please stop putting Castle on the chopping block!!! It is a fun witty show.

    • Castle isn’t on the chopping block. ABC is very pleased with how it’s performing. The gaps in new episodes in the schedule is quite normal for most shows, it’s how the networks extend a show for an entire season (until May).

      Everyone loves Castle, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. If you would like to tell ABC you enjoy the show there are instructions on how you can do that here http://castletv.net/show-your-support

  80. This is the first time I have ever written to ask that a television show be continued! It is great. I was out of the area and missed the last 2 or 3
    shows. Is there a way to view them? Thanks & please keep it on for a dozen more seasons!!

  81. My son called me and told me to watch Castle, he thought that I might like it. I watch a couple of episodes and fell in love with the show and the characters. I then went online to buy the first season to see how it all it began. Now I have my 16yr. daughter watching the show. Thanks for putting a great show on the air. Please keep this one, its one of three shows that I watch faithfully.

  82. Best show in many years. Huge Nathan Fillion fan, and have become a huge Stana Katic fan. I haven’t tried to make sure I don’t miss an episode of any show since Northern Exposure, until now. Networks don’t often keep the good shows, very happy with ABC for this.

  83. I have not been an avid viewer of a network TV show since the West Wing. LOVE Castle! Great cast, great writing! Can’t wait for each episode and re-watch the old ones!

  84. Both my husband and I love this show. Funny, sexy, dramatic. Besides the main two characters, we enjoy Castle’s mother and daughter. Mind you, we watch very few programs; this one is a keeper!

  85. When will Castle return to Monday night after dancing with the stars?


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