Fan Favorite Returns to Castle for Season 6

When she joined the writing staff in season 2 Terri Miller quickly became a fan favorite writing episodes including "Vampire Weekend" and "Poof! You're Dead" and co-writing the season 4 finale "Always" and the special 100th episode "The Lives of Others".

For the past two seasons Terri has taken time away from Castle to work on other projects, returning briefly to co-write a few episodes but we are happy to share we have learned Terri will be returning to the Castle writing room for season 6.

Terri Miller won an award for her short film DysEnchanted and is a winner of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship In Screenwriting.

On behalf of Castle fans around the world we are happy to welcome Terri back to Castle.

Writers Terri Miller & Andrew Marlowe Cameo Appearance in "The Lives of Others"

Writers Terri Miller & Andrew Marlowe make a cameo appearance in 100th episode "The Lives of Others"

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  1. This is wonderful news, not only because she’s written such wonderful episodes, but also because from what I’ve seen of her tweets, she’s a sweetheart.

    so, yay!

  2. Great news!! Really love terri so super excited about this

  3. A family member has returned. Welcome back. Well played-

  4. In Terri we trust so I now feel happier about season 6.

  5. mari_guerra says:

    Amazing news!

  6. Fantastic, fantastic news!!

  7. Terri is my favorite writer so I am thrilled as all Castle fans should be.

  8. Alana, I met Terri at the first Castle Con a couple years ago and she is definitely a sweetheart, and like her husband, very appreciative of the fans.

    Glad to have her back!

    • TracyLee55 says:

      This is such great news! To have another writer who knows Castle from the beginning and has helped in the growth of the show and it’s characters.

      And Nev827, it is so cool that you met her. They really do appreciate the fans and periodically give a nod to them. Never making fun of us, but understand us.

      Terri has seemed like a nice lady. As is is her husband.

  9. Tycho657 says:

    Wonderful news! I think she adds a lot of the fun to the scripts. Looking forward to her contributions for season 6!

    • And that’s what we desperately need after all the dramas and traumas, I miss the humorous banter between our favourite couple.

  10. Candace Punch says:

    With Terri on board season 6 should be very shiny!!! totally approve!

  11. I am happy to see a good writer come back.Hope we have a good fun time next year with lots of humor and laughter,joy also sadness because life has all of that.Glad to hear Terri your are coming back to write some or lots more episodes.

  12. Trueheart says:

    The Heart and the Soul of Castle United. Wonderful news.


  13. Ethereal Muse says:

    I am elated to hear that Terri has decided to rejoin the staff.

    Thanks to great writing, it’s already been proven that the adventure has only just begun with Castle & Beckett’s pairing. I feel Castle, as well as Caskett, are at their best when Andrew & Terri team up together. So in their capable hands, I trust this beautiful story will continue to defy the television odds, and demonstrate that love can endure.

    Welcome “home” Terri :)

  14. SYLVIA F says:


  15. Genda Shearman says:

    This is just the BEST news! Love Andrew, but Terri and Andrew GRRRReat! So excited and can hardly wait for season 6! Hurry Sept. Please, hurry!

  16. Super exciting news! Are Terence Paul Winter and David Grae staying?

  17. I am loving the re-runs…until the 6th season comes back!

  18. This is great news. I love all the episodes Terri has written! They have a ‘magical’ quality somehow…
    Bring on season 6 :)

  19. CarlagUK says:

    Excellent news. Welcome back Terri

  20. LA mejor noticia que nos podeis dar .los capitulos escritos por TERRI son puro AMOR …saludos

  21. OMG!!! I knew that that was Marlowe but my sister wouldn’t agree with me! Got you there!

  22. I have one word. YAY!!!!!

  23. Kathy1948 says:

    This is welcome news. Terri and Andrew collaborating always gives us the best Castle episodes. So Excited for Season 6

  24. What has happened to Castle here in Australia? Where did it go and why is it not on? Thanks.

  25. Terri always writers very shipper happy eps.

  26. marilyn johnson says:

    Great news love her episodes after 6 1 let’s turn the banter back on love this show best I have ever enjoyed

  27. Lynne Lemons says:

    This is fantastic news for the show. She is one of the best writers and she and Andrew together are awesome writers. Besides, this show is close to their hearts and they both want the best that can be written for it. Since Castle has the actors who are outstanding performers, it is the writers who really make the show a success by giving the actors the words to deliver with the special abilities they all have. IMO, it is the writers who made season 5 so successful. They will be the ones who will affect the success of the show for season 6.