Fascinating Interview with Castle Composer Robert Duncan @RobertDuncanMX


  1. degunther says

    Thanks for posting. I love how he creates the music that reinforces the emotion of the scene. I hope he never lives the Castle family!

  2. Toronto says

    Excellent, detailed interview. One of the best and subtlest things about Castle is that everything in it is a class act. There’s an almost subliminal quality to it — you know you are watching something extremely well crafted at all levels — and Robert Duncan is one of the reasons.

  3. Kathy1948 says

    Wonderful interview. Robert Duncan is a genius. His music truly evokes both emotional response and often informs the listener of what is going on in the characters mind, even if it is not represented in the visual. The motifs he has created with their variations identify both the character and the emotion that character is actually feeling in that moment. His music truly serves the story and when the episode is over, you are left with feelings that he has imprinted on you without your realizing it. Everything about Castle is done with excellence. Can’t wait for Season 6