Final Derrick Storm Novella Coming Soon

The third of Richard Castle’s Derrick Storm novellas “A Bloody Storm” is due to be released next week. Available as an e-book download we are hopeful the third and final book in this set will follow the previous two by hitting the New York Times Bestseller list. The e-books can be downloaded via Amazon and while a Kindle is recommended it is not required, you can download to your PC or use the Kindle app on your mobile device.

The first book “A Brewing Storm” entered the NYT bestseller list at #13 for the e-books list after being released on May 1, this year. The second book released a  month later entered the list at #19. The novellas join all Castle’s other books released over the past 4 years including Heat Wave, Naked Heat, Heat Rises and the first graphic novel Deadly Storm.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of “A Bloody Storm” yet? Let’s see if we can get it to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list!


  1. ACF says

    I sure hope it’s coming soon. That was some cliff Castle left us hanging from in Raging Storm. My fingers are getting tired! :)

  2. Shena says

    Admin, do you happen to know if there is any plan for the novellas to be released in print… perhaps all three together? I’d love to have a copy in my library to accompany my Nikki Heat novels.

  3. Marie says

    I’m looking forward to reading the Derrick Storm series. I’ve read all of the Nikki Heat books, but none of the Derrick Storm novels. I’ve enjoyed Nikki Heat very much so I know I’ll enjoy Derrick Storm as well!