First Peek at the new Castle Promo

The first new promo for Castle just aired in the East/Central areas of the US and thanks to one eager fan you can now get your first peek at the promo here.

Those of you in the Mountain/Pacific time zones, keep watching your TVs while you wait for this promo, let's show ABC how excited you are for new Castle by getting those ratings for tonight up!

Fans have been SO excited by this promo that they got it to trend Worldwide on Twitter!

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  1. Thank you so much! =)

  2. All I can say is, why is it not September 24 yet??!!! OMG!

  3. Thank you! You’re awesome!

  4. Brittany Manuel says:

    It was awesome!! I can’t wait for the premiere!! Thank you for this spoiler clip!!

  5. Detective Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing Castle season 5 is so worth the wait the promo was awesome, I’m betting on an explosive premiere. hee hee
    the cast and crew must be snickering saying 3 2 1 and the fandom goes crazy booyah

  6. God i love the internet! Instant gratification:) God bless twitter.

  7. molly_littlecastle says:

    Wow, that was an intense 21 seconds! :)
    Is it Sept 24 yet?

  8. meganleigh7282 says:

    Omg thank you, Admin! Didn’t air on my local station! Thanks for getting up so fast! I was about to hurl things lol!
    And, wow! What a promo! I can’t wait!! 28 days!!

  9. annaberg2003 says:

    Still catching my breath, near haert attack


  10. Icebluegirl75 says:

    Love it. I believe the promo showed things out of sequence. It starts with Castle shooting up in bed and Beckett coming in from getting coffee?? Then the rest of the talking about last night happens. I am going to be even more impatient now waiting for September 24th. *THUD*

  11. So you liked it?

  12. George Schade says:

    Marlow said we would pick up where season 4 ended. Castle’s bed pretty much satisfies that requirement.

  13. MSBeckett says:

    27 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

  14. I think the fandom have collectively fainted wherever they happened to be when they saw this. 21 seconds of PERFECTION. These next four weeks are going to take forever!

    • Icebluegirl75 says:

      I totally agree! I didn’t know what to do first once I saw it. Four weeks usually goes by in a flash. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long four weeks!

  15. Wow!!! Thank you for posting! I’m so looking forward to this season!

  16. She’s wearing his shirt! And that smile!!! And her hair!!! )In fact… I think (look away kiddies) sex with Castle turned her hair golden!! That was great great great!

  17. kerren burges says:

    Good to see promo cause its all we get for a while here in Australia.

  18. What?! WHAT?! Oh my lord, Kate and Rick naked, IN HIS BED! KAte asking him “Did you like it?” Bloody oath – kill me now, and come the 24th you may resurrect me… :o

  19. OMG… now I really can’t wait! Thanks for posting!

  20. Kate O'Connors says:

    Oh my goodness! I love technology so much! I didn’t even know there was gunna be this promo on tonight! I’m currently dying at this! I cannot wait another month to see this!!!! RAWR!

  21. omg, thank you!!!!!!! i was impatient for Season 5 before, but now I. Think. I’m. Dying!

  22. I’m SO EXCITED ! Thanks ABC for the promo, and Thanks at Andrew Marlowe, fort created Castle, he’s a genius ! And sure, thanks at all the Castle’s team, for to be extraordinary !

    and now, I need sleep, cause it’s 5.AM !!!

  23. I definitely needed this sneak peak tonight… it’s been too long since I’ve seen NEW Castle material. Wow. Just wow.

  24. Omg! That was amazing! !!!! I can’t wait til the 24th

  25. I think there’s nothing else I can say that has’nt been said already :| ……………………

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    plz tell that 2morrow is Sept. 24 =(

  26. So do you think there is a possibility that we might get the promo pics too this week?

  27. OMG! OMG! Counting down to this AWESOME premiere! Can’t wait! Hurry 9/24! HURRY!

  28. Really hope channel 7 comes to the party this year, so we can what it soon in Australia.

  29. Me with their mouths open, I get eternal wait until September 24

  30. OMG, that was “extraordinary’…thank you so much. In AM I trust! We’re going to see the morning after just as he promised. It’s going to be so sweet and romantic…I just loved Castle’s expression when Kate asked him, “did you like it?” The way he said, “yeah” was so cute. He is soooooooo in love with her!

    It looked like Kate pinned Castle against the wall to protect him in the explosion scene. Did I just imagine that? I can’t see clearly who the other person is. Could it be Ryan? Maybe that’s the first person to find out about C&B.

    S5 is going to be the best season ever!
    Without a doubt, Castle is the best show on TV!!!!

  31. tsquared322 says:

    Her messy hair is back, yay!! Also, I don’t know how to feel right now, besides impatience of course.

  32. THANK YOU! :D
    ohhhh thathair and smile on stana’s face and the glitters in castle’s eye

    i bet when stana ask if he likes it, she meant for maybe… coffee? and he… seeing that glitters in his eyes… he MUST BE THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE! naughty castle :D

    thank you to supervacici who downloaded it to youtube so fast

  33. stargarerjenni says:

    Holly Hannah that is just what my heart needed. All jazzed up for the start of the new season!!!!

  34. Det. Castle says:

    Is it possible to die more than once? Guess it is. The best thing is to remain dead till Sep 24 cause otherwise I can´t make it till then.
    Damn, what a Promo!!!

  35. neeeeed mooooreeeeeeeeeeee :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is air???????!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plese more :O o.O

  36. “liked it”?
    Looks like we are in for a long wait before we get the big “L” word out of her (season 5 finale?)

    • I agree with you Toronto… The ILU is not going to come easily to her, but imagine how much fun it’s going to be watching her get there? That’s going to be the next great moment and I just can’t wait. OMG I love this show! OCD

  37. alanapaints says:

    Happy, happy, happy. It is good to be us, having something wonderful to look forward to. I wonder if this is how normal peeps feel about Monday Night Football?

  38. Jayce Gish says:

    Based on the last scene of the promo, it appears to be that Mr. Castle is a pillow hog (but, honesty, who would mind?). Everyone looks great, Marlowe had previously said the action picks up the next morning (and the man keeps his word!), and I am so looking forward to the return of the banter, especially after the dark mood of Season IV. I also hope no one figures out the change in the Kate/Rick relationship for at least several episodes (Can they be more successful in hiding their secret than Laine/Esposito were?); I still think Martha will be the first to find out, and both Rick and Kate will dread Jim’s reaction to this union, but it is going to be fun as they try to deceive the detectives and family members. So much to look forward to!

  39. MelyCastle says:


  40. Simply “AWESOME”!!! S5 is going to be the Bomb!!! Is it Monday 9/24 Yet!!!

  41. I didn’t play the video yet , I am just staring at that picture Castle in that bed, reading your comments, I am going to wait a little more before pushing the play button…So I was not dreaming all those months, it’s true, we will see them together, together in a bed…september 25th…full episode…

  42. phoenixonfire says:

    I can’t help my self hitting that replay button! For a very long time I have been waiting for just a few seconds of spoiler now I WANT MORE! I wish I can just go to sleep and then wake up on the 24th in time for the season 5 pilot episode! :P